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101Line 6

Line 6 is my best brand because guitar produce great sounds and affordable has a great design.. Comfortable to use.. Strings are very original.. Made up of

102Zachary Guitars

Quality and underrated. Should be tried!


My first ever guitar was Monterey and I would recommend this for anyone as both a starter guitar and a professional one. It's very good quality and produces great sound and this guitar can be relied on to please you

I own a Monterey that I got brand new and I think that it is a great stater guitar

Monterey is a attractive guitar and easy to handle making it t great for beginners

I have one $180 I got it new -

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In mostly all other companies you pay closely 5000 - 8000 $ for a guitar like this. You can compare them with the best guitars out there and they maybe even still are in front. A quote from Wikipedia: "They are generally considered to be one of the highest quality instruments on the market. " And they are still cheap, for the quality they deliver.

Come on. Seriously they are the nicest playing and sounding electrics made. Ashamed something of this superior quality is this far down

Absolutely agree with You.
Under rated, and not so famous, but they sure kick the ass of other higher brand in this chart.
Get one. I have my Horus for about 4 years, and even if I play other instruments sometimes, I still keep comin back to her, and enjoy playing it.

Unbelievably wonderful instruments both in design and playability.

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106Jixing GuitarsV2 Comments
107Saint Guitar Company

Saint Guitar Company, is a custom guitar manufacturer in central california. Saint Guitar Company makes some of the best guitars ever!
Just check one out and play it... You're going to have a very hard time finding a better guitar.

- alexei

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Steinberger guitars are the most innovative instruments I've every played. no head stock, a transposing tremolo and a graphite neck for lots of SUSTAAIN! - nausea_87

Kept the 66 strat and grestch 6120 but...
Rediscovered the early steinberger GM (headless neck, strat style body) and now have three. these are what I play now for many reasons. Not hung up on the guitar must have a headstock mentality, obvious they don't - and they are great instruments. Really wish they would reissue to early design specification... Might get a few more. Think I am the only one seen with steinberger guitars in my entire state and certainly adds to the uniqueness a guitarist should strive for.

Excellence with tuning stability. Really like my Early GM body (strat style) guitars. Balance is outstanding,
Put on a Les Paul then one of these... You tell us what's up.
Materials are top quality. Original and intelligent in design. Although wooden guitars have served other instruments well for decades the graphite neck material is an evolution that really makes sense. "Wood Tone"... Whatever they sound like a Steinberger and I like it.


I own a J&D electric guitar and it is awesome. Not even Ibanez or Leas Paul impresses me as much as this one do.

After owning several brands of guitar I now own an electric and an acoustic JD and they are quality pieces, took my acoustic around the world and I still love both, easy to pick up and get carried away hard to put away. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

J&D? I see they made every styles and figures of electric guitar. I have one, SG metallic blue, Sound great at first time I tough it. This shouldn't be 100th.

111Global GuitarsV1 Comment

Crafter guitars are so underrated. I have one and it produces a brilliant sound and has a mahogany finish. I bought it last year and it produces a better sound than it did before.

I have a 12string with crafter electronics and it is amazing I wouldn't trade it for any other

Purchased one this year great sound plays great got fender but seam to pick this up much more love it

Crafter, the best guitar by far

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I own a Godin Session electric guitar.I love it the quality is very high I am happy I purchased this guitar over the made in America Fender Strat. And paid less money for same quality. Musicians need to take a look before they purchase Fender,Gibson. Godin has more hand crafting in their workmanship, than many custom shops.

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Gremlin's have fantastic tone, as far as I'm concerned. They don't cost much either. Their more for the disorted sound than the clean, though


Why is this so low? These are better than Gibson's and they are number 1? Give me a break.

The original Gibson factory at Kalamazoo. Only way to get a new Gibson that is made the same old way. Heritage is guitar elite.

I own one and compared to most other Gibson copies including Gibson and Epiphone this is a supremely better sounding guitar than all those combined...I also own both Gibson LP and a epiphone LP

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Maybe Tokai did the great copy of Les Paul but BURNEY is more better than Tokai. BURNEY also a part of Fernandes but for Les Paul copy. The sound finishing are great!

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117Drive Wildfire

Very first "decent" guitar I had, still has it and it still sounds great. Pity it can't plug in...

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Fantastic guitar.. Reliable and affordable.. It is medium weight, pretty handcraft, nice sound and the quality perfect..

I like grason guitars... But the ratings are showing that it is not good

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