I have a Gibson and a Taylor. People say that Gibsons are better, bit I beg to differ. I think that the Taylor is way better, as the sound is richer and it's sound is also clearer than a Gibson. I recommend the Taylor as the best guitar. Some people don't even know what a Taylor guitar is. If you have never heard of, or ever played a Taylor guitar, I recommend you do it. TAYLOR GUITARS ARE THE BEST! You will not regret it!

I just gotta say.. Whoever voted for fender is a total idiot who knows nothing about guitars. It's a close tie between martins and taylors for quality. Then it comes down to personal preference in style and sound between the two. Gibsons are overrated. I'm pretty sure most of the people voting on this website are people with no musical skill and only hammer out power chords or little electric riffs rather than devote time to learning the methods of acoustic artists such as andy mckee.

The worse guitar I ever owned. Would not stay in tune, would not fret out and the neck twisted. A Taylor Tech told me that I would need to keep it in a climate control room when it was not being used. This was a 810 model and they would not correct the problem. Went to a concert where a excellent "picker" was re-tuning his Taylor between every tune. He told me that he had to keep re-tuning all evening long. So much for Taylor

Taylor is an amazing brand. It looks, sounds and IS amazing! It sounds richer and fuller and makes every string properly heard. It has brilliant wood made on it, making it sound incredible. This guitar brand is highly recommended for concerts! I am very pleased with my Taylor 314ce guitar. This brand should be number 1, I don't know how and why it got down here.

I have a Taylor 110ce and I love it to bits it has an absolutely beautiful and bright tone which really blew me away. The necks on these guitars are the best you can get making them so easy to play. Surprised that they are only 21st because they sound so much better than many other guitars. Anyone who hasn't played a Taylor go and play one now you really don't know what you're missing! I swear you will want not be disappointed.

For Everyone out there Gibson specializes in Electric Guitars while Taylor specializes in Acoustic Guitars. Now since most Rock stars play only Electric Guitars and because Gibson is the best producer of electric guitars they make Gibson the worlds best brand. But really Taylor makes the best Acoustic Guitar in the World.

Very high quality, attention to detail, and above all the Taylor sound is amazing. I have spoken on the phone with Taylor factory on several occasions, and never got a computer answered menu. Humans all answer the phone and are very helpful, friendly, and know their product. The customer service is absolutely amazing.

Amazing for acoustic guitars - there really is nothing comparable in quality and sound, but they are priced that way too. If you can afford the guitar, which isn't too bad actually, then it is worth the price. If you're just learning, once you're good enough to tell the difference, you'll want a Taylor too.

I love the sound that Taylor guitar provides.. I have a baby Taylor, though it is small, but the sound is awesome.. It sounds as good as a normal size guitar.. No doubt.. =) so yea.. I vote for Taylor guitars..

Taylors have amazing quality, a crystal clear sound, and they seem to last longer. In my opinion I would tell anyone who asked that this is the best brand out there. I would highly recommend taylors.

I bought a taylor guitar as my 4th guitar and I'm so glad I did! It is honestly the best thing I have ever bought, worth every penny! From now on I'm going to buy taylors as I think they just sound so amazing and love them so much!

The quality of sound is just awesome.. Its a great guitar to own as its got a great wood finish..
I would definitely recommend this guitar if you're going to buy one, so go ahead!

Taylor is the best. It is supposed to be on the first. The QUALITY of the music is really great. It has a better finish too. So I suggest you to buy Taylor Guitars if you have an idea of buying one.

Taylor makes good quality guitars. It may be expensive but they make good-sounding guitars just like the Baby Taylor, small in size but has a loud and great sound for a such a small guitar. Taylor should be included in the top ten!

This list is so bogus. Seriously, Yamaha more than 4% higher than taylor? Yamahas make crappy guitars. It's terrible to have both taylor AND martin not in the top ten, let alone both.

Only played one but it played and sounded awesome. Looking forward to purchasing and 814CE. Everything I have read and listened to sounds like this is a fantastic guitar.

Taylor is far better than Gibson, I can say this because I have both Gibson and Taylor. Gibson is good but its sound quality is not that high. Id like to with taylor

I love my Taylor 610ce's rich tone and beautiful finish. Very expensive but worth all the money! I wonder why it was not in the Top 2 on the list? Ignorance is the key.

Taylor. It's sound is gold. Perfect Acoustics. Yeah. If were talking about acoustics, Taylor would win. No contest about that.

The best brand ever in acoustic and they are also good at electric guitars and they are used by hot people like taylor swift taylor rocks

Nothing beats the playability and sound of a Taylor. This company never quits improving their instruments. Quality is definitely their number one priority.

I have owned a couple of Gibsons and a few Fenders (currently rated at 1 & 2). Still own 1 of each. There is no way on planet earth they compare to the quality of a Taylor.

I've been a pianist for over 50 years, and it is with much deliberation that I choose a new piano. I recently decided to try my hand at the acoustic guitar. Don't ask why. I have the onset of arthritis in my left hand. Anyway, my ears still work, and after careful listening and 'deliberation' with countless brand names, I chose Tayler. To date, I still happy that I did.

Taylor is used by many country singing like Taylor swift for example and so if country singer use them I'm pretty sure the brand should be added in the top 10

When it comes to acoustic guitars, nothing like a Taylor. Rich and deep sounds - that's what you get. I played Gibson, Martin, Ibanez, Seagull, Takamine and others... no comparison. Period. Now, if Taylor didn't exist, a Martin would be a close second. But not Gibson... not even close.