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What brand of of guitar and model is most efficient for metal... Also I know I haven't come anywhere near naming the realistic amount of brands so please add whatever you think is the best brand for metal... ps if anyone votes fender as a metal guitar, well that speaks for itself. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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"my ESP kh-2 black ouija is the most bad ass guitar ever when ESP makes guitars, they do it right, the neck through, emg81/60, and ouija graphics not only make It look and sound awesome, but also gives you the feeling that you are holding a true instrument, and it feels dangerous, like you could fight off zombies with it. No wonder so many guitarists are turning to ESP
Absolute best Guitar Brand full stop. Not only are their metal guitars perfect, their other guitars are perfect as well. I own an ESP eclipse II and it is pro. My second guitar was an ESP LTD which I tour with along with the eclipse. Different guitar for different tuning. ESP is pro. Anyone who is looking for a recommendation, I recommend ESP. There is a reason why metalists use ESP.
ESP ans ltd are the best guitars. I have a metallic blue Yamaha Pacifica and a old unbranded black bass with red scratch-plate (plays like a dream) but now I'm gunna get as my 3rd guitar, a ESP ltd Ex-50 explorer because
1: they sound great
2: ESP are my favourite brand (2nd Fender)
3: I used to be into punk (still am, love all music) but moved on to more metal like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Avenged sevenfold, anthrax, papa roach, etc...
But yeah, ESP Rock m/
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How is fender a metal guitar? Jackson USA select for the win! I know most metal bands out there uses ESPs but the USA made Jacksons have the best quality tone. The Jackson Soloist SL2H is the best super strat out there although I'm not such a fan of superstrats. If you're looking for an ultra high-end US made super strat or V shaped guitar (symmetrical or asymmetrical) jacksons are the best. The only reason they're so low on the list is that they're too expensive that not many people now about the brand
You can buy a Jackson for next to nothing, you don't need a USA select - although they are amazing if you have the cash! You can buy a Pro or X series for half the price of a USA model in loads of different shapes. Jackson were one of the first metal guitars you could buy and most other metal guitars are based on their designs, why buy a copy when you can have an original - that's why Fender and Gibson are so popular because they don't steal anyone elses ideas!
Randy Rhoads (r.I.P. ) is who inspired me to become a guitar player, and after trying to figure out how to get Randy's great tone, the only way I could get it was by playing on the a Jackson, just because they have such a unique sound to them. That and they look cool laugh out loud.
Kelly all the way
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schecter is the 1st! especially schecter hellraiser c1 fr
Two weeks ago I played the hellraiser extreme c-1 fr. This guitar is the most powerful guitar I've ever played... And the feeling is amazing. Better than some others that cost about 300 or 500 euro more
I knpw a schecter hellraiser (i forget which model it is but it is top of the line) and lemme tell you, that thing is. Pure blessing from God himself
I couldn't get an amazing tone or an overall great feel of the guitar if I didn't have mine
I've tried put other models as well and they are just as effective as mine
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The Ibanez guitar company focuses primarily on metal music and they have the perfect designs for the metal genre, the RG 7 strings, Ibanez guitars have amazing playability and great sound and in my opinion Ibanez sounds the best. ESP guitars have great playability but I prefer the sound of Ibanez because they balance the high and low pitch perfectly. I think Jacksons sound terrible but they do have great playability and Schecter can suck it because the wish they could make good 7 strings like Ibanez does.
My top 10 is:
4.Jackson (sadly)
5.Schecter (sadly)
9.B.C. rich
If you don't vote Ibanez you're not a true metal head. Enough said.
Although they don't really venture out on the body shapes, their guitars look and sound great, and all 3 of my good guitars are Ibanez. My favorite came stock with good pick ups, a kill switch, and a really sturdy tremolo that doesn't need a retune every week. Aside from that, the neck is great, being incredibly thin as to let you maneuver, yet thick enough to not be awkward.
Ibanez has a really good, heavy sound AND they have the MTM series which kicks @$$ in my opinion
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5B.C. Rich
B.C. rich has the most impressive forms. Just look at classical Warlock! My vote definitely for it!
I have played a lot of guitars and definitively I choose B.C. rich as my favorite. With it's killer shape and great sound, they're the most great guitars I've ever played.
Out of everything I've ever played, my because Rich Jrv Deluxe is one of the best performance guitars I've ever played, ultra fast, ultra hot pickups, and ultra sexy
Because rich is not like any other company it has awesome shapes and good for metal it's not a overpriced les Paul rip of I recommend this brand to everybody
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I agree esp should be first, but my Kramer is really heavy! They should at least be in the top 10.
The old american made customs have absolutely no comparison


I have a few Kramer Pacers from the 80's, american made. They rock!
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Dime proved it... M/.
Have a dean love it I like it much more than my ibanez it sounds much heavier
No guitar beats Dean guitars
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Gibsons, SGs and explorers especially can handle any sub-genera of metal. They have hot pick ups and fast necks. The best metal guitar all around is a gibson SG hands down. After all metal was founded by SGs.
Got an SG-400 myself Fast neck and consistent action, handles clean and high, sustained and dramatic, and low down and dirty. Mine is built like a tank and is hard to knock out of tune. But other than that Gibson has an entire battalion of artists in their stable that have inspired a lot of guitarists to pick one up in the first place.
Got one, they do the job really well. You of course have to have the money however I think that they are incredible. I wouldn't recommend the Les Paul Series as they don't have the best tone but SGs are fantastic.
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I love my Washburn X40ProQ, Floyd Rose Trem, Duncan pick ups and quilted blue body. Beautiful guitar
I love my bucklay y washburn guitar its so nice and good brand to me
Wasburn x50pro, my guitar, love it.

Epiphones are great guitars, they are versatile and can play any style, they have Gibson pickups and when you set it to rhythm it can really thud or scream.
Screaming pickups. Although I like my JEM more as an all around guitar.

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I think fender aren't the best metal guitars but, fender do have the jim root series! Also jackson is owned by fender so is charvell and gretsch!
I actually own a Fender Strat and it sounds great for playing metal. Sure maybe it's not as good as ESP or Schecter but it's still decent enough.


And don't forget john 5
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The SGs have an amazing tone and don't have the heavy neck problems you often have with epiphone's. Honestly great metal guitars in comparison to what they charge.

13Ernie Ball Music Man
Music man guitars can do anything! !
John Petrucchi rocks with it man! There are no other choices!

Man PRS make the most versatile guitar in the world. Definitely for metal. Look at Mark Tremonti.

15Dave Murray

One of the greatest guitars ever. And of course afordable.
Everybody in metal played Charvels in the 80's... The schaller floyd roses are xlnt and the jc-90 pickup is the best metal pickup ever.

Why the hell weren't they mentioned.



20Moser Custom Shop
Neal moser made the best guitar I'd ever had, until I traded it...
I'm friends with Neal Moser
For me the guitars made by Neal Moser would always be the best guitars in the world. My maple bodied Arachnid fitted with BKP Warpig Ceramics just scream metal...
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21Mayones Guitars
Ideal for 7 string stuff.

DBZ is the father of metal guitars! Vote for metal!






28Music Man

29Paul Reed Smith
Just great guitar can't believe it's this low I mean come on it should be up higher with an ESP or Jackson should be much higher then a Gibson even


31You Rock Guitar

32Orville By Gibson

33First Act




37Halo Custom Guitars

38Skervesen Guitars

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