Best Gun to Recieve in Nazi Zombies


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1The Ray Gun

I got to level 53 with that when I got it in mystery box

The ray gun is the best pack a punched because it shoots red beams instead of green. It is also good to get a train going and shoot them all with one mag

uhh what else is there to say kick ass gun but thundergun should be number 2

made to 40 single player with this gun - diddyk

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I literally have an orgasm when I see this come out of the box. I have like 5 when I take it out of the pack a punch. I have 17 when I get to zap crowds of like 40 Zombies drawn by monkey bombs. God I love the WunderWaffe. Thank you Richtofen.

Rapes little children like there's 20 pedophiles in 1 car. if I could destroy one thing in this world it would be Nazi's, and this gun does that perfectly

This and the thunder gun are the most powerful weapons but I prefer this because the thunder gun looks like a big fat cannon.

Wunderwaffe is so much better then the ray gun since one bolt can kill up to 10 zombies

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Whenever I shoot a crowd of zombies with this gun I love to see all the zombies fly all over the place

The thundergun one shot zombies

UH instiant death awesomeness ownage badassness and a great way to f nazis you don't vote for this you have no brain nor life

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4PPSH-41 (Zombie Verruckt)

you can annihilate like 500 zombies at a time with this weapon - roblist

Best Gun, large clip, powerful, and fast rate of fire what's better than that

Best non-special weapon in Zombies. It's no Ray Gun or Thundergun, but it definitely gets the job done.

This gun is op and is better than the ray gun

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the ray gun can easily kill you if you get too close to a zombie. the ray gun also can run out of ammo easily. MG42 is a powerful fast reloading gun. ALSO, on about round 15 the ray gun takes 2 shots to kill them, but I doubt that anybody who uses the ray gun will even get that far. GO WITH THE MG42!

browning is stronger but this gun has better aiming and faster reloading - ANGELWARHEAD

great gun plus it comes with a lot of ammo

This gun can kill zombies in a couple of shots

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7Ray Gun Mark II

Ray gun mark II IS LIKE A SMG ray gun

8Microwave Gun

Its two guns that connect together when you hit the buttons like you would firing a grenade launcher.

Please remove from the list. Its in exo zombies, but the title states "nazi" zombies

This gun is very powerful won becuse is flots zombies then it kill them

9Browning M1919

This gun is amazing, but it takes too long to reload. - metallicaholic95

10Kagutsuchi's Blood

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11Trench Gun

Is really good for earlier levels. - metallicaholic95


Unlimited ammo! Fly around the map and avoid death! Quick way to get places and to revive people! Come on people, you can't beat unlimited ammo

You're right what can beat unlimited ammo

13 .357 Magnum

I would maybe take the Ray gun Because it is so good. But the weapon kills you if you shoot in the ground there you stand.

The. 357 Magnum kills in one shoot like the Ray gun. And the 357 Magnum looks good.

first of all its a one shot kill like the ray gun but I think the 357. magnum is much better


The only gun you need for at least the first 20 levels! Even better is the fact that it usually can be bought outside of the mystery box!

The most reliable gun. Sure the raygun is nice, but it's complete crap for later rounds.

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Really good for earlier levels. - metallicaholic95

17Flame Thrower

In early levels, using this weapon is a great way to ensure that you'll have enough points by round 10. Any piece of fire that touches a zombie will get you 10 points, and it's not easy to kill zombies with fire. A ballpark estimate = you might get around 300 points per zombie with this weapon, if you manage it carefully.

Come on people? This should definitely be on the list, you don't have to reload and you can back yourself into a corner and set those idiots on fire.

You can get tons of points, and when upgraded it can be great when you run out of ammo and possibly save your life.

how can this not be on list its awesome for early levels

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18The Ptrs-41

You can snipe zombies before they even get into the room. - metallicaholic95


A great back up weapon especially upgraded to the 420 impeller. Ammo depletes quickly but damage and rate of fire make up for that.

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1. Thundergun
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