Top Ten Best Guns N' Roses Albums


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Appetite for Destruction
This one is the best because its got the 5 original members Use Your Illusion 1-2 are good to but not as good as Appertite.
This album is amazing, it is a truly landmark album and brought the real music back into the mainstream instead of that hair crap. Definitely Top 5 albums of the 80's.
This is "THE ALBUM" of Guns N Roses, its got many of their best songs- Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine and Paradise City being examples of those. This has everything in it. If you get into this, you're not escaping from the Jungle!
[Newest]It's got all 5 original members, and the whole album is good. Not a single bad song on the whole album. The album cover is really cool too.

2Use Your Illusion 2
Some awesome hits including Civil War, You Could be Mine, Estranged and Knockin' on Heavens Door
Enstranged, Don't Cry, Get in the ring, Locomotive, You could be mine, So fine, Civil War, Knockin' on heavans door, Pretty Tied up, Yesterdays and MY WORLD! This pwns!
Its just got the best songs on it and was a essential part of the tour that made Guns the biggest band in the world. Estranged, You Could Be Mine and Locamotive. My three favourite Guns songs. This album does it for me.
Although Use your Illusion 1, Appettite, Lies and Chinese Democracy are all top draw.
[Newest]So much better than appetite and so overlooked

3Use Your Illusion 1
Appetite is always gonna b number one but this comes right after! this should be number two with great songs like back off bitch, november rain, perfect crime, and coma! Pretty much every song on this album is awesome!
IT kicks ass, and had so many possible singles. If use your illusion one had been released as two separate albums, they would have scored twice the chart success. You can only have so many singles per album. Perfect crime, bad apples, bad obsession. I could go on
Appetite for destruction deserves #1 but IMO this should be second. November rain for me is the best GnR song and theres many other greats on this album


4GN'R Lies
Amazing album. Izzy Stradlins song writing on Patience should alone make this top 3 with Appetite. Lies is something of an extension of Appetite for Destruction with tracks from before and after Appetite. Tracks like Mama Kin and Used to love her are always forgotten and underrated.
There are no bad songs on this album and it also has the original 5 members. It's better than the Illusions.

5Greatest Hits
Best Hits with a track listing of Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine, Patience, Paradise City, Knockin' on Heavens Door, Civil War, You Could be Mine, Don't Cry, November Rain, Live And Let Die, Yesterdays, Ain't It Fun, Since I Don't Have You and Sympathy for the Devil. It is a true masterpiece, shound be no. 1
I own this in 5 different formats. It has all the best from each album. next is appitite for destruction.
All the greatest songs on one album!


[Newest]This is kind of a cheat but it's hard not to vote for a greatest hits album.

6The Spaghetti Incident?

7Chinese Democracy
Most underrated Guns album because people hate Axl's ego because of which he fired the other amazing members of the original best line-up, but Axl showed that he can handle a band with average members and make it one of the best. Axl, you are awesome!


Chinese Democracy is so underrated but it is Axl'S True masterpiece
Its not an Appetite or Use your illusion but its better than greatest hits Axl is a genius and all Guns N' Roses Is great.
What an AWESOME! CD, listen to Chinese Democracy, Shackler's Revenge, Better, Street of Dreams, Riad & the Bedhouins, Catcher in the Rye, I. Are. S. And the brilliant guitar solo in This I Love.

8Live Era '87-'93
Fantastic Live Album, has all of guns's best songs all live and they were at their best live. Brilliant.

9Live Like A Suicide
This one owns Appetite, well I also like Appetite.

10The "Civil War" EP

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11Live from the Jungle EP

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