Best Haley Reinhart American Idol Performances

Here you can vote on which Haley Reinhart performance from season 10 of American Idol you like the best.

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1House of the Rising Sun

No words can describe how amazing, spectacular, outstanding, and perfect she did on this songs! It was just magical and spectacular! - sebvel1234

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2Benny & The Jets

She did a perfect job on this song! She made it fun and quirky and put her personality into it! She is awesome and this was one of her most memorable songs! - sebvel1234

The best song I heard on American Idol

3What Is and What Should Never Be

She did an outstanding job on this osng! She rocked it and she looked like she had a fun time with her dad! - sebvel1234

4You and I

At first, I want to say that Haley is an amazing singer and she'll do great things in the future. I think that You And I was a remarkable performance, she really nailed it, rocked it and she changed the whole song and made it like her own!

She did outstanding on this song and the judges had no right to bash her for it! She did so so so good on this! - sebvel1234

5I (Who) Have Nothing

She did an amazing job with this song. She put in so much emotion and I like that she came out and did this right after the judges bashed her. - sebvel1234

Haley gives me chills every time she sings! She put so much emotion into this amazing song and she made it like her own... Nobody is like her.


She did a really really great job on this song. She had a very vulnerable moment with this song. - sebvel1234

7Rolling In the Deep

She nailed this performance! It start with slow, soulful voice.. The chorus is effortless. and gave her best in the bridge were she growl with full power. The falsetto part is a great toppings.. and the end note is genius! Very soultry! Hands down way better than Adele's and other versions out there!

She did a really great job on this. I like how she took a risk a did a current songs and guess what? She rocked it! - sebvel1234

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She also did a really great job with this song. I Sure enjoyed this just as much as her other performance! I love this girl! - sebvel1234

I LOVE THIS SONG! Honestly, I think that this is better than the original.

9Earth Song

It's amazing. Haley was just there, stomping her feet, singing and screaming a song about how ruined the earth is, and she sang it with her heart out. I could feel the song when she sang it.

I don't care if the judges bashed her for this! She did a really good job! I love how she just felt the song! - sebvel1234

10You've Really Gotta Hold On Me

This was the first performance where I really started to love haley! She did a good job on this! - sebvel1234

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11I'm Your Baby Tonight
13Call Me
14Let's Run AwayV1 Comment
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