Best Halloween Monsters


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I love em! brilliant everyone get ready to howl... 1...2...3... AWO
I have been a werewolf on holloween for 30 years I have scared 1000s of kids and parents
This is the best for scaring people
Thanks brian


3Count Dracula


5Michael Jackson Thriller Costume
Tha best Zombie in my book, lolz, I got the costume... I'll go out as him next year, lolz


I think he's a Zombie in the MUsic Video




8Freddy Kruger
nightmare on elm street is the best and im going to be freddy anyway so. freddy is so awesome i can't beleive#3 <--
Spelled it wrong. Krueger, not whatever you put. He's cleverly cunning and can kill like no one else. Moo ah ha/



The Contenders

11Swamp Thing

12Jason Voorhees

13The Boogeyman

chucky is a little smart thing I think he should be in the top ten. I don't no y chucky likes to kill people to try to get a child and the parents don't believe their children when they chucky is evil or he is trying to kill dem.
I short so this would work.


Chucky is the scariest thing ever I'm in middle school and I'm still scared of him :(

A real vampire, not a (shudder) sparkly one! To think vampires used to be so cool, until they were ruined. Sigh.
I so agree with you!
So evil! Bwahaha!
Unless you wanna be Bowser (Mario) lolz

16Kane (Wrestler)
kane is very very very very scary


18The Headless Horseman


20Michael Myers

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