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1SIG Sauer P226

Too compare a Glock to a Sig Sauer is like comparing a Mustang to a Porsche. Both are sports cars but one doesn't compare to the other. When my life is at stake nothing but the best will work, that is why I will only carry a Sig Sauer.

"There is no comparison to this gun! From the Tac-ops threaded barrel to the engraved stainless X5 there is no other pistol that I would use to protect me or my family! I would rather save up and spend the money on a quality pistol rather than just settle for something average. Would you rather trust something that could possibly jam/misfire just to save a little money or would you rather carry a gun that has been won countless awards and has been carried by the navy seals for years? "

Nicest quality handgun I have ever held in my hand. Amazing single to double transition. Very well made and reliable. Anyone who says Glock to to poor or cheap to buy a real gun. A Sig Sauer!

The bets gun in the world

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2FN Five-seveN

Great weapon, low recoil, crazy muzzle velocity using protector ammunition. 20 rd mags standard, what more can you ask for? Armor piercing capability? Oh yeah, it has that too. Perfect 10

Simply a stunning handgun from FN. Destroys arguably all competition. Chances are it can put more rounds on target faster than anything else you've fired. Only drawback is the unusual ammo which might be difficult to come by in a zombie apocalypse.

This has to be the best pistol on the market "hands down". The five-seven & the Barrett REC7 is all you need for personal defense weapons.

Shoots like nothing else

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The FNX 40 are very nice great gun good price reliable but no way I would put it at number one.

Better than almost every gun on this list. Vert reliavle and accurate. Great gun for price.

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Holds one more shot than the 40, more capacity than any other 45 low recoil ambidextrous shoots cock and lock safety double action pistol beats any striker fire great rapid fire

I'm a lefty and own the FNX9... But feel the FNX45 incorporates the awesome fully ambidextrous features of this line of firearms BUT carries the FNX40 and FNX9 in power and accuracy.

The lightweight and comfortable feel of the gun is outstanding. Its 45 acp round, pinpoint accuracy and 15 round magazine is sure to put down anyone

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59mm Beretta

I know that the Desert Eagle is a remarkable gun, but the thing is, its recoil is bad, and it's quite heavy. However, the Beretta is light, easy to carry, and concealable. What's more awesome than a very reliable gun?

The 9mm Beretta is more accurate than larger caliber handguns, and fits more ammunition in the magazine, therefore making it a more deadly weapon if used correctly

Small and easy to store it is quick fast and reliable it can store 20 bullets in 98series

"9mm Beretta" This is terribly vague...

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6Desert Eagle

Using logic and reason, can someone make an argument for this belonging at #1? It was not revolutionary for its time, nor is it a firearm I would take into combat. At 4 pounds it's a brick, it only holds 7-9 rounds depending on caliber and it has absurd recoil which makes follow up shots more difficult. And people need to understand that while the Desert Eagle is a powerful handgun firing.357 Magnum,.44 Magnum or 50 Action Express, it doesn't turn people into a cloud of red mist or send them flying 40 feet back when they're shot with it #Ballistics. The reason it's been voted number one is because it looks cool, has been glorified by video games and movies and it fires a powerful round... whoop.

Exactly what I thought. Literally, the Desert Eagle is one of the worst things you can take into battle. It is an awesome looking gun, but fashion<function.

This does not belong on the list let me explain why most people probably agree with this weapon because it scene on movies and it looks cool and intimidating but it's not really a great weapon I own one I should know let me explain why first off the grip is so large you have to have hands the size of your chest to hold the damn thing its not that accurate and it jams all the damn time because it's gas operated then it's a brand new Desert Eagle - original Imi it's a cool looking gun but not that good of a gun

Americans never use a Desert Eagle in combat so the guy that said So Powerful is correct in the part that it is powerful but taliban haven't been killed by Americans with this weapon

I never owned a desert eagle, but using it in games. It's beast, I own everyone

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7Heckler & Koch Mark 23

Even more accurate than the m9 (hence used by the special forces) and has good stopping power... Should've been rank 1 or 2

Rainbow Six's new preferred sidearm

Heyy this gun should be thes best, chambered in 45 acp the mk 23 is a trust worthy side arm, as mentioned it is used widley among special operation units due to its accuracy, wieght, stooping power and reliabilty, the gun is made by HK and its been thrown in some very ruf condition, the gun shoots 45 acp with the recoil of a 9mm due to its recoil reduction system ( also famous in the HK universal self loading pistol or USP ) yes the gun ways about 1.5 pounds witch is quite heavy for the best handguns but its not as heavy as a desert eagle ( plus the DE is NOT a combat pistol ), with that said the beretta series are great guns, I'm familiar with the beretta pt92 and I have never, NEVER seen the weapon go with a failure to feed or eject or any problem at all but its lacks the stopping power the mk 23 could offer, yes I am aware that the mark 23 is a pricy gun usualy in the 1, 000 or 2, 000 $range unlike the berreta so yeah if your on a budget the glock and beretta handguns are a real ...more

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8Heckler & Koch USP

You get what you pay for. It's tough and will not disappoint you I replaced rear sight with ghost ring personal preference no other modification made it works rite out the box

It is way more accurate than the 92 or any 1911. P-226 is also great but USP.45 has way more power.

I Have 2 usp right now, have owned 5 in all, love this gun. I also have the hk45 tac, have never had a problem out of any hk I have owned, new or used.

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9Springfield 1911

Well it depends on how you rate a pistol. I was in the service and no I don't want to lug a round a heavy metal pistol with heavy rounds BUT I do want a pistol that can protect my wife which is a ok shot and child. I like tested guns damn a brochure about a gun I ask for a sure shot gun that's fun easy to clean and if it needed to be used there's a kick behind the bullet remember if just looking into guns bigger isn't always better its truly how it feels in your hands. Now if you like a bit of weight in your hands and like a little kick by all means got SHOOT it then decide if you like it

The 1911 has been proven time and time again. IT has been and is still carried in battle, war, home protection and personal protection. The.45 round carries a one shot stop punch all with in itself, add a top quality manufactured gun for an affordable price, you got my vote!

Springfield 1911 many service men can't be wrong! And just think of the lives that where saved by this big badass handgun chuck z

Best gun in the world.

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10Walther PPK

This is awesome 1 its great to conceal and JAMES BOND USES IT STOP TROLLING ASD

This is really accurate at short distance (obviously), and very discreet handgun (pretty small), but at the same time you are not using it to kill rhinos, it is for self defense which in the most reasonable cases you don't want to kill your agresor.I know there are comments that said it only holds 6-7 rounds what I would tell them, "Well kid how many rounds you need to hit your target?

Now its one of the smallest pistols, for light killers this is good

My name is Bond James Bond...

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11Glock 17

Anyone with a brain knows that GLOCK is the best maker of handguns in the world. So many military, security, and law enforcement can't be wrong.

Get some experience other than looking at pictures and playing video games and you'll agree.

The Glock 17... It's the Glock 19, but a little bit larger... It's a popular law enforcement weapon around the world, and for a good reason. It's a 9mm (yes it's a crap caliber, but you get less recoil, and if you are using hallow points, you can pack a punch. ) holding 17 rounds in a mag. (18 if a bullet is chambered. ) Its accurate, and reliable. What makes it better than the Dessert Eagle, you might ask. Well, with the Dessert Eagle (50 AE version) you need to aim BELOW your target because of recoil. And The Deagle, Doesn't have nearly as good ammo capacity. Well how is it better than the Colt M1911, you might ask. The M1911 is reliable, but, the ammo capacity is to low to ALWAYS do the job. The Glock 17 is accurate, reliable and can do damage (If using the cartridge). enough' said.

The fact that Glock is used by more Police, Military, and World Class Competition shooter's, than any other handgun in the world says it all. Bob Vogel is an 11 time World Champion. And uses Glock. Larry Vickers resume is second to none when it comes to real world combat shooting, and he uses Glock after originally being a 1911 fan. He was a Delta force operator who who now trains Delta force operators. He trained the team that found Saddam Hussein. He also helped develop the specific HK sidearm used by SEAL team 6 during the Bin Laden raid. His experience with firearms is second to none. He is also one of the top armorer's out there, a world class competition shooter, and a founding member of IDPA. The list is long of guy's like this who use Glocks. Anyone saying any other handgun is the best simply has not done their homework.

This thing won't let you down, and it looks VERY nice in my opinion

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12357 Magnum

The Taurus Tracker series are excellent revolvers. That they can dispense 7 instead of 6 rounds downrange means they go to 11.

I use a ruger gp100for home defense, nice gun although I never got to use it.

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13Colt M1911

This is easily my favorite handgun. Mostly because it is a 45. It is still in use today, and although it only holds 7-8 rounds it just is an amazing gun. But hey it's in the top 20. Just think it deserves to be at least 9.

This is one of the most accurate handguns in the history of handguns. it is reliable,.45 ACP power named after the weapon itself, and it has been around for more than a century. despite it having a 7-8 round standard magazine, you can always buy 15+ round magazines for it, and for less than $500 being one of the best handguns in history, you can't beat that.

One of the finest, nicest looking pistols of all time. I just wish they were available in the state of Massachusetts. Massachusetts, where freedom began, and ended.

THE best 45 there is

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14Springfield XDM

After 37 years in law enforcement I've worked hundreds of shootings and I would say it all depends on what you can accurately fire, easily carry and or conceal.
Just about all these pistols are good. But the 45 ACP has the best track record of all the pistol rounds and before you say it's too big just let me say my sisters, who are very small in size, and my wife have no problem with it and like to shoot it (oh, and they are very good with my XDM). Plus, while I was in Iraq and Afghanistan the soldiers there were actually begging the D.O.D. for 45s. The 1911 is a great pistol, I carried one during Vietnam; my father carried one in WWII and it saved his life in Europe several times. But it's design is out of date when compared to an out of the box sweet shooting, very accurate, the, large mag capacity pistol like the Springfield XDM.

I am a small woman and my Springfield tactical id's are my babies. I call them Bonnie and Clyde. I can shoot them accurately and with either hand. You got my vote

Light weight, match grade barrel, comes with a nice case/kit. Great Ergonomics. 19 round mags, Adjustable Back Stap. AWESOME short trigger with a great feel. ACCURATE! Have the XDM 45, want the 9mm too.

15Ruger SP101

All of these guns are probably good guns, but there isn't "one" best gun. A gun that works for me and fits my hand, may not work for you. It's all about how the gun feels in your hand and how comfortable you are shooting it.

I don't know which is the best gun, but I do know, there is no such thing as a bad gun.

Utterly reliable and built like a tank.

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16Spec Ops 45. Calibre Pistol

1911. This gun set the standard for what a hand gun should Should be. Its. Simple, durable, reliable, dependable. It's iconic design remains one of the most copied of all time.

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17CZ 75

The best handgun because it was cloned and copied by different manufacturer and other variants. That's why it is the best handgun of all time.

I've had a 1911 in my family since I was a child and still do (Springfield SS) it has always been my go-to, but my because (1992 Pre-B) is better to shoot, at least as reliable, and MUCH more wear resistant. Sights and trigger jobs can be done to suit, but all those other top-heavy, awkward actions get spanked by the inside slide.

This is literally the best pure quality handgun on the entire list.

Because are simply the best. Shoot one and you'll be a lifelong fan!

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18Colt Single Action Army

The Single Action Army:The gun that made the west, it has that title for a reason. It has a powerful round and gets lots of bad votes from it being Single Action, but Single Action can be better then Semi auto in some ways.

#1 is the Desert Eagle? Is that a joke? This is a result of the "Call of Duty" generation... The Colt Single Action Army was revolutionary for its time being a cartridge revolver. It was popular and in widespread use long after its introduction.

The Colt Single Action Army when shooting A.357, 158 grain hallow point cartridge can stop any threat and is the best defensive handgun ever made.

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19Taurus Raging Bull

All I have to say is " have you seen this gun? " it was a pistol before pistols were pistols! That's how awesome and totally BA this gun is!

Fantastic weapon right out of the box. Extremely accurate and the power of this pistol is amazing!

Nice and really good one
The gripe is so good in hand and in firing so nice feel

20Smith & Wesson 500

This gun is a 50 caliber cartridge handgun. This gun is the worlds most powerful production pistol to date. It will take down even elephants. So eat lead 9mm.

Oh yeah, because 90% of the world has normal and frequent encounters with rogue elephants that they can hunt. This revolver is REALLY powerful, but it isn't really necessary. Plus, it doesn't have very many shots.

It is a good gun but not everyone will use it. More suited to kill big animals than for combat.

This "gun" is so overpowered that it is painful to shoot! You can hunt elephants with it.

It's just an awesome weapon! Not for everyone though

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