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About the best Hard Rock/classic rock bands ever !
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Best hard rock band of all time


Highway to hell
Back in black
Shook me all nite long
Hells bells
Let there be rock
Rock n' roll ain't noise polloution
It's a long way to the top
For those about to rock
T.N. T
Walk all over you
Rock n' roll train
If you want blood
Hard as a rock
Satellite blues

These songs are the best of all time

2Led Zeppelin
Great band, many underrated songs!
Trampled Underfoot
Candy Store Rock
Poor Tom
Just the best! The pioneers of Hard Rock.. With Robert Plant's vocals and Jimme Page's heavenly guitar.. With Bonham on drums and JP Jones on bass.. None of even todays greatest have a chance against them.. Led Zep forever!

3Guns N Roses
Dude acdc should be behind the first 4 bands here they are the real deal yeah what acdc had 2 great albums ill give them that they had 2 good albums but even those albums the songs all sound the same I mean look at Guns N' Roses or lz they don't have make songs that all sound identical they can make all different kinds of music acdc wasnt even that influential acdc and Metallica are way overrated best hard rock bands 1. led zeppelin 2. Guns N' Roses 3. nirvana 4. Aerosmith 5. Metallica 6. Queen 7. red hot chili peppers 8. Pink Floyd 9. rush 10. kiss

4Deep Purple
Deep Purple is the best rock band all time!
The best here is purple, but at all: Axel Rudi Pell
They are the best - a band of masters.


Freddie Mercury
Brian May
John Deacon
Roger Taylor
They have the best ock songs like, we will rock you, we are the champions, bohemia radspody and anothers great songs, and who will ever forget the legendary freedie mercury, brian may, roger taylor and john deacon.


They are neither hard rock nor classic rock.


8Motley Crue
Motley Crue deserves to be number 1 just saying


9Alice Cooper


The Contenders

11Def Leppard

12The Jimi Hendrix Experience

13The Rolling Stones


15Black Sabbath
Sabbath was awesome with Ozzy, but their best two albums were Dio's "Heaven and Hell" and "Dehumanizer". S/be higher on the list!
They're the iconic band of this genre.

16Uriah Heep
Can anybody tell me, why Uriah Heep misses?!


18Thin Lizzy

Kiss is by far the best band and none can take their place!

Best drummer ever, best bassist ever, most underrated guitarist ever... Enough said
They should be on this list because their sound is way heavier than nirvana's.


22Tenacious D

23Van Halen



26Foo Fighters

27The Beatles

28Collective Soul

29Alice in Chains



32The Who

33Papa Roach

34Iron Maiden
Neither Hard Rock nor Classic Rock.


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