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302Seven Color Morning
304Gigan No Namida
305Heart Rate ♯0822
306Named After You
307Waltz of Anomalies
308Resonant Gene
309Earth Song

This song is the best! WHY the hell it is at #279?


Why is this at 303? This song is one of my top ten favorite Miku songs

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311Distorted Princess
312At Lightning Speed
313My Dream , My Melody
315The Endless Score
316Pink or Black

This song should be in the top 100! (Well that's my opinion)(

317Ai Kotoba

I HEART THIS SONG! :) it is my favorite song. - meggie12204

Happy song I love

319Long Way from Here

Such a beautiful and meaningful song. Why is this at 290? That's insane! Definitely does not get enough attention.

I was crying myself when watching this, didn't know why, still don't. Now learning words to it. Here is a piece of the first chorus for people who like this song and want to learn it:

Naite mo, naite mo
Atashi wa nanimo mo
Kaerranai mama

That's all I know. Sorry people who like that one! It's a really hard song for people who can't sing in Japanese to save their life like me!

... Bye.

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