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41Sol Republic

The best. You can change the colours, the headband, the headband is virtually indestructible, and you can also use as speakers.

42Sony X

These are my personal favorites. I got them as a gift. I didn't expect the awesome quality that hit me when I first put them on. The sound is perfect, crisp and clear. The bass is perfect, a little more emphasized than the rest. They are extremely comfortable and look professional. I got them in the special black and silver. They are very sturdy. The only bad part is that the outside of the cups scratch easily. They still look great, though. Best thing I've ever experienced through headphones! They are worth more than the $300.

43Monster DNA
44SMS Audio Over the Ear Street by 50
45Kicker HP402B Cush Headphones

Amazing sound quality they live up to the kicker name

46Skullcandy Chops
47SMS by 50
48Beats Executive
49Sennheiser HD 429

Pretty much a good pair of headphones, but they are a budget pair, priced at 80 dollars, so they aren't best.

50Velodyne vFree

Originally $300, now just $50. Made from a company known for subwoofers. Bluetooth with apt-x, sexy as hell, and lightweight. Only reason they're not high in the list is because they're unknown. One push into the mainstream and seenheiser, bose, beats and all the rest would perish

51Skullcandy Crusher
52German Maestro GMP 8.35 D
53Sol Republic Tracks

They are very comfortable and have great sound and is virtually indestructable

54JBL Bassline DJ Style Over-Ear Headphone

This headset is the best for movie and music lovers. The bass is stunning. - RJJ

55Sennheiser HD 598

Best headphones for the price!

56Westone UM3X
57Beyerdynamic DT-150
58Beyerdynamic DT-990

The open version of the DT-770 which offers even more room for the sound to develope. Great and comfortable headphones.

59Beats Solo

There just as good as the studios and there lighter and easier to carry around. Plus they will always look the coolest ever

They're cheaper than the studio, and I think they're just as good

The best headphones ever just like studio but lighter, they fold, sexier, and cheaper

These r just as good as the studios

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60Beats Tour

This is the best look and design for an in ear earphones. The flat wire is a very creative and innovative invention too.

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