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1Eagle Fly Free

"In the sky a mighty eagle doesn't care about what's illegal
On it's wings the rainbow's light, flying into eternity. "
I really love that part!

People are in big confusion
They don't like their constitutions
Everyday they draw conclusions
And they're still prepared for war..

it's just awesome!

German people knows how to do music. That song is one of the most epic song I've ever heard. - SkyLyn

Makes Blind Guardian look like garbage. - DarkenedBrutality

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2I Want Out

The best song of the album. and yeah I agree too. Should be number one. The solo of this song is just great! It's my favorite song. Keepers of the sevens keys part 1 & 2 ftw!

Best song. Should be number one (and now just to achieve) I love cheese you know that? I adore cheese! My cheesy is the best!

This is the first song I heard of helloween, and the one that make me keep listening they music. Good lyrics, guitar, and, specially, the voice of Michael Kiske. I love this song.

Artistic Masterpiece

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3Keeper of the Seven Keys

It is the best song ever! This song is not so speed, as starlight, but this song the best long song ever! Very powerful and beautiful! I love this song! Please vote!

Great story, great music and great guitar riffs make this songs the best 13 minutes of music in power metal ever

We (band) were covered this song. One of my favourite ever

Best Helloween song. Period.

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Are you kidding me? This should really be the best Halloween song! The song's catchy since the very first note, and then when Kiske sang 'Masquerade, masquerade, grab your mask and don't be late' you were taken to a 13-minute onslaught of pure epicness! The numerous solos never get me bored, especially the last solo near the ending. All the personnel were showing their best skills of in this song! If you want to get started to Helloween, listen to this song and you will stick like flies to glue paper.

ah! its halloween! wonderfull, amazing, spectacular!, the best song of keeper of the seven keys part 1

Epic masterpiece- by far their best

The best of the best

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5The Invisible Man

From one of the best helloween albums deserves to carry the keepers name! Without a doubt some of the finest metal is on this glorious work of art.

It is the best song of Helloween. It's the best Power Metal song. It's the best metal song at all.. Damn... This is the best song of all times forever!

How is this here instead of King for a thousand years!?

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6If I Could Fly

Simply the best song Helloween has. Great music, great lyrics, great musicians. Helloween rules, both the old and the new, but this song is the best.

This is one of those songs that make you think "How can something this simples be so good!? ". A masterpiece.

This is their best without a doubt. One of the best songs ever written

Greatest song they put out.

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7Forever and One (Neverland)

An epic song by Helloween that should be in the top 10

One of the most compelling, gorgeous songs I have heard in a long time.

Great song! Its Awesome this must be the number One!

This song is just it... I completely blew my mind!

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8Dr. Stein

This song is great! A fun song to cheer us up...
And there is a song that must be in the list:
Forever and One, and should be Top 10

Think they should add some more songs!

Kiske's voice is good in this song

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One of the best Helloween songs, the live version is the best.

For me this is the number one Helloween song.

One of the songs from the Deris era that can make all the crowd sing along. Great live song

10Future World

The concert version of this song is great, powerful and fun. Hard to believe that one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands is number 18. Just how can this be?

By far the simplest and most energetic of their earlier songs... lets not get over complicated, this was direct and prophetic.

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?Mirror Mirror
?Hold Me in Your ArmsV1 Comment

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11A Tale That Wasn't Right

Simply awesome! Mind blowing song

One of the best Songs that I know, wonderful voice!

Best metal song and best song that I have listened to my entire life - AL9JL

Should be the first, in my humble opinion

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12March of Time

An epic theme! POWERFUL lyrics POWERFUL solos
... TIME!, march of time!...

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13The Dark Ride

I've been listening to this song from the week it came out, and 13 years later it's still my favourite song in the world.

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Have you heard the melody in this song? It's extremely well written m/

This is a great Helloween classic.

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15Burning Sun
17The King for a 1000 Years

One of the best songs Helloween have ever written. It has the right amount of speed, aggressiveness, melody, and of course - cheesiness that you often heard in Helloween songs. Its length and its epic tale also contributed to its epicness.

18Ride the Sky

This the Classic from the Band. Kai Hansen was the man and this one is one of the greatest Speed Metal Songs ever.

Maximum power and speed, High scream and Beautiful melody.

Nothing gets me more pumped up than this song! - IronSabbathPriest

This ought to be in the top 10.

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19Far In the Future

What the... I think this is the masterpiece...

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