Best Hetalia: Axis Powers Characters


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United Kingdom
Though he is no older than China, he, as I seen by far, had many horrific, tragic, supernatural, scar worthy past. But as well as an interesting and amazing one.

As you know, he was an Britannia Angel, Raging Pirate, Dashing knight, Police Commander, secret spy/agent, Tempered Punk Rocker, ruling Prince, not to mention a badass sorcerer with control of black and light magic, need I go on? This means he had many experiences with war, tragedy, love, almost everything and yet he is still standing and taking it all. From the ruling of Rome, to fighting his loneliness during the beginning of his existence, to constant war between other countries (namely France), to finding out what he thought was right when he took care of his colonies, to learning to steel himself in attempt to protect himself from feeling things that will hurt him again, and his never ending worry over his people whether or not they are happy and safe.

For personality wise, England is just amazing to me. He is described as cynical, sharp-tongued, cold, spacy, stubborn, arrogant, extremely sarcastic, distant, yet is a secret romantic, understanding, sharp-witted, creative, extremely loyal if you befriend him, very mysterious (past and personality wise) secretly caring, shy, and a very good listener, which labels him as My (ahem our) favorite Tsundere. All that, I just find him perfect, and it's fun knowing why he is like this. People that just know him for being cold, heartless Brit who is a drunkard and has big eyebrows know nothing about him.

Now for my Fangirl moment:... He is just so damn cute~! You can just sympathize with him and I just can't help but have emotion over-load with anything that has to deal with him. I love it how he still seems to care about the other nations even the ones that are afraid of him or don't like. He is just incredibly strong and England is just one of the nations that I really respect and admire. Don't forget that his Tsundere personality fuels my YAOI fangirl side. I know all the countries are in love with him, I just know it!

So there you have it, an amazing nation/man who can see the supernatural, has a beautiful and horrifying past, well personality, makes my fangirl heart beat rapidly, and is someone I truly love and respect. Oh and another thing.

British accents are so damn Sexy...
Firstly he is fashionable:pirate, knight, prince (he has blue blood-monarchy), punk, mad Victorian fashionable and Japan coped it and its called Lolita how cool is that!
He had the biggest empire when he was young and beat all he's enemy's except for America but he brock his heart and made him into a Tsundere, so his feelings don't get hurt again. He has a world known city London that is thousands of years old, has lots of ghostly and horrific (black death, fire of London and all the wars including ww2 bombed England) stories (apparently every 1/5 you meet in London is a ghost) poems and songs; being a city known for its music and bands (like the Beatalls); fashion capitals, most hunted capitals, music capitals and believe me or not a food capitals (many foodies go to England for 5 star restaurants that's a FACT) beautiful countrysides and beaches and business capitals, this is just the south of England not even the other city's that are just as great and are totally different from the main capitals London that is great in its on right, and shows that that is only the begging and only a small part of England and of britain as a hole its got everything you have to just go out and find it.
He is the best Tsundere in Anime Universe laugh out loud He is so cute, There can't be someone who doesn't think he is cute! And the Eyebrows! There's no one besides him that can look handsome and have thick eyebrows at the same time!
[Newest]Love all but him just a tiny bit more
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He said it himself, He's AWESOME! He seems like a self-centered jerk but it's just a fail safe so no one knows how lonely he actually is... He is just one of those guys that you can't NOT like... Even if he is a jerk half the time
The older brother of Germany, who will do anything to become strong. He once represented the Teutonic Knights, but eventually became Prussia after various stages in his life as a nation. In the modern day (after his home was dissolved), he lives with Germany, though it is said that he once worked under Russia for a time.

He has a fondness for picking on Austria, which causes him to get beaten up by Hungary even in the modern day.
Mein liebe~! No one can compare to him because he's just too awesome and sexy! Sure, he can be a pain in the neck to some people who hate him, but look at what's he's been through; war (everyone else too), losing the person who was like a father to him (Old Fritz) and losing his position as a nation (though I heard he was a micronation now). PRUSSIA, ICH LIEBE DICH~!
[Newest]Prussia is the definition of Awesome!

Alfred just rocks! Despite all he’s gone through he still has the strength to put a smile on his face and reach out to others in friendship. He is unique, goofy, kind, confident, strong, endearing... He is just a wonderful and amazing man! Alfred is also very intriguing, on the surface he appears to be adorkably oblivious to what is going on around him, but there are moments where it shows that he is hiding parts of how he truly feels/thinks under his obliviousness. To me he uses his oblivious, silly and overconfident nature to build a wall/protective barrier up around himself, hiding how he truly feels about those he cares about (I see this especially when it comes to Arthur)…I feel as though he tries to love and protect those around him at a distance, because he is afraid he might hurt them in some way. To me Alfred is tragically fascinating because he hides his hurt and pain behind a smile. He doesn’t want to burden and hurt anyone with his past or with the choices he might have to make in the future. To me he is a true hero. He wants to build up his strength so he can protect his friends and those that he loves. I hope that one day he will be able to pull down that wall and tell someone how he really feels. He is very lovable and mysterious. Overall, he just makes me happy. I love him so much >u< Iggy you're so lucky!
It might just be because I'm biased towards my home country, but America is my favorite. Even after everything he has been through, he can still smile and laugh and enjoy life. He's funny, entertaining to be around, charismatic, brave, and probably a lot smarter than he lets on. I was listening to the song "America" by Imagine Dragons (look it up, you will not be disappointed) the other day, which led me to think of 9/11, which led me to realize how strong he has been, even after something like that has happened. Also, if he were a real person, he would be the greatest friend ever. He would be a dork with you whenever you felt like it, would give you a shoulder to cry on, cheer you up with his adorable smile whenever you got sad, try to help you out with any problems you might have (although his plans might not exactly work, at least he tries! ), and would defend you from anyone who would say anything bad about you. Also, he has gorgeous eyes, so that's an added bonus. ^_^ I don't expect this to get the number one spot because Iggy seems to have already claimed it, but I want Alfred to at least be in second place. Move this up!
I love Alfred, because he's the HERO! He's always so blissful, super energetic and optimistic. He just makes me smile and his laugh is amazingly addicting! Despite being fully able to read the atmosphere, he chooses not to, he is really much more intelligent than he appears on the surface. He can put his people before anything else. He believes in justice, wants to make everything right. He's resilient; it's hard to make him cry. He's hot! OMGoodness my heart melts whenever he gets serious! Gotta love his voice and Texas!
[Newest]He's a 10 on Personality, Cuteness and Hotness! He's always outgoing and I love him.
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I would have to say Russia is my favorite character, for reasons I can and can't explain, inside and outside of the series. He's like a big teddy bear! And his loneliness too, while I don't think of it perhaps as much, it does call for a sympathetic feel. A broken past he has, both in anime and in history itself. He's got a tender kindness to him, though it may be shadowed by an intimidating or 'scary' aura. I actually like that, that he has a darker side, because darkness only shows in those who've been broken... He just needs love, like anyone... Ahem- And his childish innocence! It's kinda funny and adorable! Outside of the series, I think though is the real reason I love the character. Sure, the character introduced me to the country, but then I went out of my way to learn about the country because I didn't know much of it... And for a loss of words I fell in love. The language is beautiful, the culture it amazing and powerful everywhere from the powerful Cossacks to the elegant ballets and music composition, and the history is a long and struggling road, and look where the country stands now! The largest country! All that it came to be, all it's struggles... It's the only country I can say, aside from my homeland in America, that I feel a deeper connection and patriotism to. But his character itself is the matter here, and he is a character that just has a deeper story to him, and can't be read as easily. He doesn't mean to scare off any of the countries, he just wants friends and is trying to survive like everyone else. His dream too," To be with everyone happily in a field of sunflowers", what could be anymore innocent or of good will? I find him misunderstood, him and his sisters, Belarus especially. He actually cares a lot for his sisters in the series, though like any family it's kinda hectic.
The #1 best country, almost always seen with his long tan jacket. If you watch the show you will notice each time yo see him he is wearing that wonderful scarf his "Big Sister" gave to him. Oh... Poor poor Russia. His little sister want to marry him and has a death with for them to be together for all eternity... Although he is strong and believes he will take over the world. He loves to hear people talk because in russia everyone hated in silence... His only goo friend was his Ox. When seen in pictures of videos, drawing etc. He is holding a let pipe and a vodka bottle. His vodka is considered his "Fuel", he dreams that in the future he will Rule the world! All and all he dose have a soft side, He wants to be in a sunny place with lots of sun flowers.
A large, intimidating nation with a simplistic and easygoing personality, yet has the cruelty of a child deep down. Russia has mentally cracked from his history of war and bloodshed, however, he is unaware of his own aforementioned cruel tendencies. His greatest dream is apparently to eventually live in a warm place with sunflowers and his dearest wish is "all will become one with Mother Russia, the? ". During WWII, he had many other nations living under him as the Soviet Union, including the Baltics and his two sisters. He considers vodka to be his fuel, and is almost always shown wearing the scarf that his older sister Ukraine gave him.
[Newest]Russia is one of the most likable characters in the series, in my opinion. And one of the reasons for this is his crazy, scary-ass dark side. He has good intentions and simply wants to be friends with everyone in a nice, warm, place with lots of sunflowers, but his friend-making methods are not always the best. He was raised to be that way, so he really doesn't know any better. So what if he is a bit intimidating? He's still adorable.
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5Southern Italy
South Italy's interactions with the rest of the cast is just simply pure hilarity! Not to mention his personality is endearing; yes, he curses a lot, but he's just as much of a coward as his brother. Additionally, that inferiority complex added with all his other quirks make him a fairly three dimensional character.
Romano is so cute~! He's only rude because that's his little defense mechanism of being screwed over too many times! He deserves to be in the top tens somewhere! His character is very complex and interesting. Southern ITALY is awesome!
Well, aside from his internal motives for doing so the fact that he insults others and acts incredibly lazy, selfish, and mean all while maintaining a hilarious character is very unique. And the fact that so many fans like him despite his numerous and obvious flaws is another bonus!
[Newest]He is adorable! He is the stronger brother but also the cutest. He has easily made it into my top 3. Aside from America he is my most favorite of them. He is not exactly smart though sometimes. He also has something with mustaches though.

Basically, I love Romano~!
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I love Canada to pieces! I mean come on, he needs some love, he's forgotten even by his own pet polar bear! And it's sad he's always mistaken for his brother america
He's such a sweetie! I just love his passive aggressive remarks and his determination! Except I hate his bear. Why is it's name Japanese anyway? That makes no sense.
He's just too adorable, especially when he gets all flustered
Love you Mattie
[Newest]Canada! I love you! He's so shy and cute and he's such a nice guy! I just wanna hug him and tell him that its okay! Why does his polar bear talk... ?

Germany is one of the characters where most of the fans should look twice at. Sure, he doesn't really interact with many characters beside the axis but he still has potential beeing an awesome character. The country Germany has a lot of good relations with other nations, which isn't really shown in the series. Many fans often use Prussia for those interactions. Even if Prussia is a great character, some of us should always keep in mind that we don't always need to replace Germany with Prussia since there IS already a Germany. The second thing is Prussia is often considered for beeing East-Germany, which is kind of correct, but even if many of you probably haven't noticed, there is a great character/ex-country/state called Saxony. And yes, he is a Hetalia character. But of course, I'm not blaming anyone for not knowing Saxony, since I know that some of the Hetalia didn't even know Prussia before Hetalia. I'm not saying you should focus more on the German states, that are given in Hetalia, but you should always keep in mind, that Prussia has a lot to do with Germany, so I hardly understand why Prussia is always so separated from Germany in the fandom. Germany is a great character, yet always in the shadow of his older brother. I'm not saying Prussia is bad, no ILOVEPRUSSIA but try to remember good ol' Germany sometime.
I've always liked Germany, from the first episode (not lying, it was love at first sight... ) to the latest episode I've seen. He's helpful and he really does care about his friends and tries hard to make sure they're okay. People tend overlook what a great character he is. They forget what Hetalia would be like without him. Sure, he's a little to serious and a total tsundere (But that is what makes him endearing in a way. ) but he is really awesome. (Like his bro, Prussia) He's kind and just trying to make sure things go the way they should. People tend to dislike him for being so pissed all the time or for being so humorless, but think about it. Wouldn't you get pissed if your trying to get some work done, yet everyone around you seems to be doing the exact opposite? Everyone gets pissed. And being humorless? Well sometimes, the little things he says or does can be quite amusing. People like to say, "He's okay...". And I totally respect their opinions. Germany isn't as hyper and innocent as Italy, or quietly adorable like Japan, or as bubbly as a lot of characters, but he really is great and maybe if you think of it, he may be one of your favorites too. (Also, I have a huge crush on him, shh... He's just handsome... )
He's my favorite character I guess. He has a lot of funny moments when he's on screen and is really easy for me to relate to. I don't care what anyone else says, he has the best dub in the show, in my opinion (German accents for the win! ). Plus, he's kind of handsome- laugh out loud
[Newest]Germany = Kind, but hardworking. I like that.

The third and final major member of the Axis Powers, recruited by Germany. He is mysterious and quiet, as well as hard-working. Though he looks to be the youngest of the main three, he is in fact the oldest and acts accordingly with the behavior of an old man.

It is said that all of Japan's answers are "No", and he is rarely shown to be volatile in the series, though it is said that if enough pressure builds up, he can become very "scary" in his rage. His hobby is to read the atmosphere, assess situations, and act carefully. He has a weakness for 2D erotica and geek culture, as well as small animals.
Japan is one of the cutest characters, from his appearance to his reaction to physical contact. One thing that's amazing is that he's not very overpowered, even though the anime comes from his country. Plus... WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BREAK HIS PERSONAL SPACE AND CUDDLE WITH HIM!?
I love all of how he answers everything in ambiguous and vague responses in the stereotypical Japanese fashion... It's hilarious. AND he's so cute, physically and in attitude. I love that episode where France went over to his house to introduce him to Western culture and Japan wouldn't come out of his room, and then when bribed by France's kitty, Japan asked that Just send in the cat
[Newest]#1 to me. I LOVE Japan. He's so awesome and funny! He has an interesting personality and is a very good character in general.

9Northern Italy
Italy is the cutest character! Who wouldn't love his cute personality? I mean, think of that sweet, innocent, pasta-loving face! Out of every anime, he is my most favorite character that I absolutely adore! Let's also not forget that he can make you smile on a rainy day. Think of what Hetalia would be without him!
Everyone believes that Northern Italy is stupid... Instead is a character (like his brother) who has suffered and is still suffering, but managed to be a good country for art, literature and science (study the history! )... And is very sweet and smart!
Why the hell is he so low down? He's so CUTE!
[Newest]I just love and adore this cute, bubbly Italian! He may be a coward, but he is strong at heart! He can make you smile if you feel blue! I just can't refrain having a crush on him...

Poland is like, so totally fabulous. Plus he's like the hottest crossdresser in the world.
Poland is the best character in hetalia!
He is so cute and he looks fabulous in all kinds of fashion!
I don't understand why he's the 22nd...
Plus- He would never give up!
I love you Poland~
Poland is so cute! I love his hair so much~ I want to play with his hair and talk with him about funny things! He is a really adoreable boy! Please go ahead~ Fans of Poland please vote for him!
[Newest]I felt in love with this character because of his appearance (I love anime-guys who look very feminine) and he is really funny. After I was interested in history of Poland and I began to hate Poland in skirt but still love him as character. I want more Poland in anime and manga

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I love him. He is so cute and funny. I really like how he looks so carefree and happy all the time. And who doesn't like his cheer-up charm? It really works for me
Quite the airhead, but sweet and cute at the same time. He is the perfect example of tall, dark, and handsome. He also has a very nice backside
The perfect combination of sexy and cute. He represents very well the spanish behavior: unworried in the beginning but he fights hard for all he protects
[Newest]I just love the way Spain is all cute and smiling all the time!

How can any one not love china to bits? He been through a lot and one of the wisest characters. It's quite easy to work with him when using fanfictions. There's plenty of topics you can choose for him, raising baby nations, his young childhood (Which is really mysterious yet interesting to go into. ) and his communist years. Overall, I'm really surprised that this character isn't more popular. I'm mean, I really can't believe that Liechtenstein is more popular then one of the members of the big eight.
He is very cute and I thing he is the most look like girl in hetalia (but he will be cuter when he... with Japan, laugh out loud) And I KNOW PAN WIN GUN BECAUSE China but any way I know the word YAOI because him too that why I like China but anyway just like him!
China looks like a girl but he can KICK BUTT! Only he can beat up Germany (with a gun) and Japan (with a sword) with just a pot and spoon!

Anyway, he is the kind of guy to like! ^o^
[Newest]He can beat up two guys that have a gun and sword with just a pot and spoon, loves pandas and Hello Kitty. China is love China is life.

To many people France may seem like a rapist, and I'll admit he really is a stupid perverted old man. He almost never win any war, he's a flirt, thinks his fashion and cooking is the best, he doesn't shower regularly, and he looks like a woman from the back. Oh and also, he whines a lot.

However, he has a mature and sweet side to him. He's the nation of freedom and love. I cannot help but admire the desire for revolution. I know he has a lot of bad sides to him, but these are the things the makes him interesting as a character. He's also an old country, mature, he has this "big brother" personality which is stupid but also cute. I also like his rival relationship with England, it's so stupid really, but it hints for much deeper relationship.

And well, other than that, he's really pretty and manly at the same time.
Even though a lot of people think of him as a pervert, he has stated that he doesn't believe that love should be forced upon anyone. He's a brotherly figure to the other nations, and love to show his appreciation of them in any way that he can. He's extremely flamboyant, but elegant at the same time, and knows how to joke around with other countries. His constant trolling/rivalry with England is always hilarious to watch, and there's a tragedy to his character that while he has an appreciate for the beauty, he always outlives it in his immortality, and watches those he loves, die around him constantly.
I love France, he's just a sexy little beast. In my mind, he's one of the tallest countries out there, and he's the most attractive one there. Even the little stubble is just so awesome! I think he would be the only one who knows how to rock a suit and tie. I don't understand why he's so down low on the list. And he's nOT A RAPIST. FOR GOG'S SAKE.
[Newest]Have you seen this sexy beast? Just look at that fabulous hair and stubble... The sexiest thing out there! And no... He is not a rapist

A powerful Nordic nation calling himself the "King of Scandinavia", he once had control over Sweden and Finland. Denmark also considers himself to be very close to Norway, though the other feels differently.

His general attitude is that of a loud, somewhat oblivious and arrogant young man that drinks heavily.
Denmark is amazing! He really cares about his family, and they care about him too (even if they don't always show it, like Norway and Sweden). I really love the Nordic 5, but Denmark will always have a special place in my heart.


He's just so amazing! He's so oblivious to others it's just adorable and funny! He's so dedicated to Norge and really does want the best for his family (even if it doesn't seem like it) and he's always in a happy mood! Every time he's in a comic, he never fails to make me smile with his charismic personality! I really think he's the best and deserves more love and attention!

A former nomad and tomboyish type of woman who was once married to Austria. Although their union ended, she still feels strongly towards him (though she had conflicted feelings under his rule).

As a child, she believed herself to be a boy until she hit puberty. She is fond of riding horses, and carries a cast-iron frying pan with her as a weapon (which she has used against both France and Prussia).
You can't be hating on Hungary, I mean, she hit France with a frying pan! (She also hit everyone else with a frying pan, but hey, GIRL POWER! ) Also, she totally saved Austria's but during the Austrian succession. Plus she hits France with her frying pan. (Oh, I already said that? Well, I suppose it's awesome enough to be said again. )
Hungary is the best. She is the most independent female in the series plus she hit that good for nothing France with her frying pan. She seems like Prussia's only friend (if he even has a friend 0.0...)

His personality is truly endearing. He is a genuinely honest and kind character, and always manages to make me go "aww". His honesty and innocence make him cute... Very cute... MORE LIKE CUTE AS HELL! While he appears a bit stupid sometimes, the way he repeats himself and changes the phrasing of the way he says things multiple times (example: I like your cat. Not that I want to steal him or anything! Don't think that! Not that I'm saying that he's not worth stealing! He is! Not that I want to! ) he is actually quite intelligent and adult-like. He can be a bit naïve, but that contributes to his sweet and positive outlook on things. He is hard working and cares very much about others. He is a bit awkward, but not in a scary way like other characters in the series. His awkwardness adorable and almost charming! While he is gentle and lovable, he shows much strength when needed, making him quite frightening to anyone who gets on his bad side!
Basically, the reason Finland is one of the best hetalia characters is because of his good heart.
Personally, I find Finland as a pretty relatable character, so that is why I like him so much.
Because Finland rocks. Duh? Is an explanation really needed? Psh, fools!

Greece is the best it has to be number 1! If it isn't I will destroy England and every one else in Greeces way. Vote for Greece because Greece is the best character here. VOTE FOR GREECE NOW!
I love Greece, who could not love cats, who could not want to be a cat!
Greece is making turkey jealous at #10
[Newest]He loves cats... Is there a problem with that? NO WAY! I love cats too and his voice is so adorable! And his hair! MEOW!

He's awesome, for one. He can see magical creatures and perform magic, which is epic. Also, he's the only one who can keep Denmark from having a bigger ego, and it's funny when he chokes Denmark with his tie. Plus, him trying to get Iceland to call him "big brother" is hilarious. And he also is rather good-looking
I really love Norway because of his emotionless personality and how he also tries to make Iceland to call him big brother! I can actually relate to Norway which also makes another reason for him to be my favorite character.
He may be quiet, but je is just plain awesome. He puts Prussia to shame. He's also in the magical trio, what else can you ask for? If you ask me, he is an amazing dude, and him trying to get Iceland to call him "big brother" is cute and hilarious.

How can anyone not love this character? In any comic strip he appears you are sure to get a laugh. His adoration for his 'aniki' is just too cute and he just seems so unaware how much of a bother he actually is to China.

Not only that, he is plenty good looking!


He's just plain adorable :D <3 Love that little crazy guy. ^-^
DON'T forget controversy. He was supposed to be in the anime but Korea (the actual country) banned it.


I love Seychelles honestly as the canon charrie Nelly from south park as a Russian neko to represent myself she looks like Seychelles. Seychelles is boss for looking like a south park character and being adorable.
Seychelles deserves more love, if you ask me. She's a cheerful girl and I will never understand why anyone hated her.


Aw, Sweden needs more love. I can't be the only one who thinks that he's adorable, can I? I mean, really. I hate to bring pairings into this, but look at all the things he does for his "wife". He was willing to sew clothes, sit in a corner, etc. He's even a father. Sweden looks like such a serious person, but he's actually well-intentioned and just a little socially awkward.
Not only that, but he can also be a serious BAMF. A pretty sexy one, if I do say so myself.
He's horribly socially awkward, but means well and is kindhearted.
I Love Sweden so much not for the fact that he owns Ikea or that pewdiepie is from there, its because he is the second most misunderstood character in the hetalia universe beskeds Russia. Sweden can be a little baby too

Austria is creative. And creative men are best. He wears sexy clothes and its cute to see him with Prussia.
Even though he hates him, he hangs out with him. Its so cute to see him with hungary.
When he smiles its a present of Heaven~. He seems to be a nice father cause he doesn't Act too silly.
I like that he helps in the house and sometimes he even helps other Nations. For example: he looked after spain cause he has trouble with Romano.
Big plus: TO SEE HIM SMILING IS A HEAVENS PRESENT... And he is creative
Austria is BOSS. He plays the piano in the middle of the ocean, has been married like ten times, created furnitalia by sitting on germany, coined the term 'vital regions', can make switzerland blush, has a sassy gay voice, plays the piano to express his anger, and is damn sexy. Hetalia simply wouldn't be the same without this sassy austrian pianist.
I love this loser so much. He's actually adorable and a priss and he's amazing and beautiful.

Also he wears a corset, it's canon, look it up.

Did you know he's afraid of sea animals?
Now you do.

Even if he really should drink COFFEE not TEA because Austrians actually drink coffee like Brits drink tea, Austria is a precious sparkly baby.
[Newest]Austria is a beautiful man. Back off ladies, HE'S MINE!

He's such a cutie! And in my option he's so sweet! I really wish he'd get more love I like him because he's like a big brother to seal and
He is the youngest of the Baltics, but still tries to stand up to Russia. He's like the cutest of the cute!

Belgium needs more love! Too many people forget about her.
Belgium, although is an easily forgotten character, is one of the first characters to show up on the show. She has so many pairings, I can't even count them. Go Belgie Chan!
She is so sweet and adorable!

Romania! Even though he's just a side-kick both in the comic and anime, he's still an awesome character!
Romania is awesome! I love his red eyes and I just want him to bite me! :D
He is awesome ♡

She is the cutest thing I have ever seen and her fashion sense is awesome and she needs to be higher! And its so nice that switzerland took him in!
I love her personality and appearance. She's really cute in my opinion :3
Underrated, but just adorable.

Switzerland is in my top three! I love his relationship with Liechtenstein, and his voice, and his guns, and his hair, and his quotes, and GUNS. I loved him from the moment I saw him look out of his window with his gun and start shooting Italy. I felt bad for Italy, a lot, but... GUNS! My favorite quote he's ever said is:

"I think... It tastes like sandwich" LIKE TOTAL GENIUS LOL. I love him so much
He's a cool guy. He takes care of his sister and he's got guns. Lots and lots of GUNS. Did I mention he makes really good chocolate? And GUNS. An all-around badass with a soft side.
He is a tough hard-worker who is frugal and doesn't really show many emotions other than irritation but how much he cares for Lichtenstein is adorable and you can really tell he has a soft side for those in need. It's also hysterical when he's scaring off trespassers. All in all he's my favorite!
[Newest]He taught me don't have sex or I'll get pregnant and die

How come he's not on a higher place on this list? He's adorable, kind and has a great singing voice. Also he's been through so much and is still smiling despite all the hard-ships throughout his history. What a great character! Totally one of my faves
Lithuania is adorable and sweet, and plus, he seems like an average kind of person. He puts up with all the crazy people around him and tries to be nice to them. Unlike some of the other characters, he's not insane or obnoxious, but he's still nice to those who are like that.
How is Lithuania 49 place? That's not cool. Even though Lithuania isn't the most social person or charming to some people doesn't mean he isn't cool! He puts up with Poland and is just a nice dude. He's quiet and doesn't act obnoxious and isn't annoying so give him more love!

He's hilarious. Estonia is the self-proclaimed best member of the Choir Club at World Academy and also is a computer geek which is awesome. He's pretty nonchalant and kind of oblivious (STRECH! Wow, would you look at the time! ). He seems a lot more confident than the other Baltics.
And he sparkles.
He's a nerd like me. He's very confident.
He's nice, smart, and well, AWESOME! Don't tell Prussia...
I wish to find someone like Estonia.

To me, Turkey's always been kind of like an annoying sibling. Deep down, he can be kind and sweet, but is he going to show it in public? Probably not.
In all honesty, Turkey, especially in "beautiful world" is the sexiest, most manly, hottest guy I have ever seen. (Even though he's animated.)
How the holy hell is greece above this masterpiece of hetalia!?!?! I honestly just don't understand people...
I honestly thought Turkey would have more. But I'm not surprised United Kingdom's first, either.


He's handsome and belgium even thinks so, though shes his sis
Netherlands might be ruff around the eages but I can see him as sweet somewhat just don't let him around wy or the other one I don't know how to spell oh my god

33Hong Kong
Who doesn't love this sweetie pie! He even shares the same birthday as Canada's! COME ONE PEOPLE HE NEEDS MORE LOVE!

Playing Persona Powers Hetalia instantly made me a Hong Kong fangirl and made me shipping him with Philippines~! WATCH MY WHOLE PPH PLAYLIST AND YOU'LL SEE WHAT I MEAN!
Hong Kong is a very minor character, but well thought out. He has worth too, after all, he's had a war between two powerful nations for him. I can't say much, but look into his character profile and you'll see his personality is just a lovable tsundere dorko that's afraid of the dark and loves Jackie Chan.

Sealand is amazing and adorable. HE IS A REAL COUNTRY. Google it, he is an adorable and cute country/boy.
The only reason this cutie isn't a country is because the actual country part is a fort! If Sealand was larger, he would be a country. I love Sealand to bits though!
Sealand is good-intentioned and outspoken. He's very ambitious and almost too confident. He wants to be a real country one day and this has caused the creation of a league of fangirls proclaiming "SEALAND IS A COUNTRY! "

Iceland's really unusual. He seems to be stoic on the outside but is actually, in my opinion, sentimental and insecure. He's also kind of a hipster and his puffin is a boss.
He appears distant and stoic like Norway, but the way he flusters and gets all awkward is really adorable. He's not really emotionally that detached, he just is a bit... tsundere? Anyway, he's such a cutie and the nordic five wouldn't be as entertaining without him.
Iceland is adorable and you can't go wrong with a pet bird and some cute boots
[Newest]Iceland is so adorable! Hetalia wouldn't be the same without him!


She is a pretty and strong girl. I like bể a lot.
Awesome character, just wish that there are more comics publish about her...
An amazing and beautiful character, she deserves a lot more love!

She has an adorable personality!

39Holy Roman Empire
Have all of you forgotten the cute chibi love story between him and Italy? His shyness makes him quite a cute character. His love story with Italy makes him unforgettable.

I always thought he was so sweet! And he's little pet! He just seems like a cool guy

41Mr. Puffin
His voice is a awesome!

Belarus is an amazing character. People need to see that. Everyone is always just like," Belarus is so creepy! Ew, she wants to marry her brother! She's so scary! ". And it makes me sick. You can't just judge a person based on one thing that you see. There is more to her than that! Look her up! Take a look at her history (poor, doll has been captured so many times~)! Read her page! Come on you guys! Belarus needs more love. I don't understand how someone can defend Russia and say he isn't creepy at all (in which you are correct), then turn around and say Belarus is creepy! She is my favorite character of all time and she always has been, ever since I joined the fandom, and she will always be. I hope you do marry Russia, Belarus! Going to go spread my opinion somewhere else now~
Your right her history page is even longer than Italy's! I really love her and that's why she's my favorite female in hetalia I like her out look on things. If you get past all the negative stiff about her there's really a lot of interesting things about her. Shes really strong and loving sometimes in bad sways but still loving none the less. People need to stop hating on her she's really an amazing person if you give her the time of day. But look every cherecter has something bad about them. Look at Russia he's got loess but people still love him and try to understand him please just try to understand Belarus because she's really something
Belarus is amazing! She's one of the most developed character in the show, and even though it isn't always shown, there's so much more to her that "Marry me, Big Brother! "


She is a very kind sweetheart. I mean, why not like her?
She's really pretty and kind hearted

I love Egypt! He may be very quiet (though it is said by the creator and talk active) He seems like an interesting character! He's also very mysterious and I love mysterious people a lot! ^. ^
Egypt is the best character in Hetaila. Though he didn't say or do much in it, I enjoy his personality and appearance, He's a really good character.

The most wild Hetalia ever~! My fave!

46New Zealand
Eek I love him so much! He's just so firkin cute! Him and he's little curls and cute smile! I love him so much! I wish he'd get more screen time he so needs it!


48Principality of Wy
She is so cute! She has like Hungary's badass powers and is really wicked, she stands up (kind of) for the micronations. She also has Australia, and of course England's awesome look. She is pretty wicked.

I like Bulgaria he's really nice and he puts up with Romania I mean come on he's awesome Prussia awesome if you ask me
"yeah but take a look at his face and tell me you haven't wanted to do the same thing"
He's so cute and nice like people think he's a jerk for htting Italy with a stick but hetaween 2011 he's dressed as an angel and he goes around and greets everyone because he's just that sweet but he's so dang misunderstood
And when he works for Russia with Romania and he makes up that song and they sing it and he's just so cute
So yeah basically Bulgaria wins you can go home now

50Ancient Rome



One of the more underrated characters of hetalia I still enjoyed all twenty seconds of anime screen time he got and I consider him to be the hottest guy in hetalia, , making him even better with the fact that he's an Italy brother and though flirty like his more popular older siblings he's very successful in doing it and he has a very likeable personality. Great character, very underrated.



"Dumbledora, the explorer. " seriously, who does not laugh at that!? And how badly he wanted America as a little brother, it's adorable!

How is he not canon? How is he not #1? If it's not Scottish, it's crrrap!


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