Top Ten Best Hinder Songs

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Lips of An Angel
I guess we never really moved on.
I love just this song
A few can relate

2Better Than Me
The songs really good and has loads of meaning in its lyrics. Really helps me to express my feelings when I miss my girlfriend. A must hear for all those who likes emotional rock songs.

3How Long

4Without You

5Born to Be Wild

6Get Stoned

7All American Nightmare

8By the Way

9What Ya Gonna Do

10Use Me

The Contenders

11Loaded and Alone

12Room 21

13Everybody's Wrong
This is the best song by this group... Austin voice is so perfect and full of emotions... Love this song... Love hinder

14Up All Night

15Take It to the Limit

16Take Me Home Tonight

17Heaven Sent
Amazing song, expecially the start!

18The Life
How is this not in the top ten it's a great song

19Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)

20See You In Hell

21Waking Up the Devil

22Homecoming Queen

23Save Me

24Red Tail Lights


26Lost In the Sun

27Shoulda Known Better

28Anyone But You

292 Sides of Me

30Far From Home

31Talk to Me
Can't believe nobody has voted for this song yet! Definitely top 10!

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