Best Hockey Player in the NHL from 2000-2008


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1Sidney Crosby

can't put him down! I don't care if people say he stinks or sucks or anything like that but I love him. you have got to notice he is only a kid! and look what he can do! - 2234

Stanley Cup, Gold Medal, Hart Trophy, Art Ross... He can do it all! - VADERtheIMPALER

2Alexander Ovechkin

Crosby is a douchebag! All of his goals are crappy garbage goals, Ovie's goals actually involve skill. Sure Ovechkin has Semin and Backstrom, but Crosby has arguably the 3rd best player in the league on his team, along with a better goalie and defense than Washington. This allows him to play to his maximum offensive ability, where Ovie has to be cautious of give aways and coming back to help out his D-men at times. Crosby can rely of Gonchar, Fleury, and Orpik to handle any of his mis-plays.

Crosby sucks he always gets his ass handed to him self by Ovechkin - KMS0694

Coming from a Flyers Fan: Crosby is way to overrated Ovie is WAY better

3Steve Yzerman

Possibly the greatest sports captain in history - and certainly one of the greatest NHL players ever.

4Peter Forsberg
5Joe Sakic

Always the heart and soul of Colorado, sakic had an incredibly consistent career. His entire career was played at a point per game plus pace and he won both the Hart and Conn Smythe trophies, not to mention two Stanley cups and an Olympic gold medal.

6Jarome Iginla
7Alexei Kovalev
8Kristopher Letang

Good player, yes, but no way does he belong this high on the list, if you're a Quebecer trying to vote for one of your own, make it St-Louis, he definitely belongs on this list and I don't see him anywhere.

3rd best defense man and 90th best player in history

9Rick Nash
10Ilya Kovalchuk

The Contenders

11Jason Spezza
12Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins, seriously? is he your dad or something? Even if he is, sorry, but he doesn't belong on this list!

13Dany Heatley
14Joe Thornton

During the decade of 2000-09, he had more points than anyone else in the NHL as well as the highest point total recorded in a season that decade (125 in 05-06), most people will point to his dissapointing playoff performances to knock him off the list, but in the regular season, he was right up there with anyone.

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