It doesn't get any better than this! No bloat. No ads. Simple, clean and attractive. One click to the most popular sites with links to everything from email to financial news and everything in between (like social networking and shopping). It's been my only homepage for 5 years and as long as it's around I won't use anything else.

I'm here everyday, easy surfing, great news seletions! is not over-run by liberal bias stories I am so tired of on Yahoo. I have come to love BestHomepageEver more and more as I have explored the usefulness of it. I encourage all to try it. I think you won't be returning to the other two.

Been using this homepage for years now. Love it's simple format and beautiful pictures. Nothing flashing or screaming (in other words, no annoying ads). Easy to navigate to all the popular sites and beyond~!

My favorite homepage by far! I enjoy using it everyday, because, everything is at my fingertips for fast surfing. Thanks for providing the perfect resource. I will continue to rave about how wonderful is compared to all others.

I was looking for a new homepage that wasn't all cluttered up with fluff. This was the one. Everything that I could ask for all in one place. Easy to get at my email, places that I shop at online and plenty of news sources other than that about celebrities. Two thumbs up from me!

It has all the links I use, it doesn't have a bunch of stuff that I don't want to see or will never look at, and it is visually appealing. Also, nothing bad ever pops up, so I'm not worried when I take my laptop in public.

Just took a look at it. Easy access to pretty much everything I need. Nice layout. Have to check it out a little more to make it my homepage, but as of now, it's a shortcut on my desktop!

Has been my home page for a long time. Best selection of links in a home page that I've found. Always up, always functional. Great to the eye also. Fantastic interactive photos.

I like being able to go to this homepage and launch into whatever I want to see on the web. No need to read a bunch of irrelevant news or wade through anything extra. I have used it for years on all the browsers I use. Love it!

It has all the links I need. It's clean and easy to read. What makes it the best ever is that we are not bombarded with mindless "news" stories. We don't really need to know that much about Kim Kardashian.

Concise yet extensive, no BS, fast loading jumping off point for everything. Frequently updated for relevance without too many ads and unness. Flash and java scripts!

Love this it's true it is the best homepage ever everything just where you need it and most everything is useable I just love it! Good by! All the rest of them with there extremely annoying ads

I've kept this homepage for quite a few years now. It has everything I want but more importantly, it's free of a lot of things I don't want like ads jumping up in my face.

Has all the links I frequently use on one screen. Nice background images with links to what and where they are. No Pop-ups! No spam! No hassles! Works on all computers and mobile devices.

Excellent page to start browsing Internet because it has it all (Google, news, sports, Facebook, etc. ) Simple, useful, and I use it daily...

I have been using the BHE for a number of years now. There is a great feel to the site that can't be matched by a conglomerate. The developer maintains a great balance of "changing with the times" while retaining the "comfort of a pair of your favorite shoes".

It has all the links that I like and doesn't bombard me with news that I don't care about. It also looks nice and simple, which is refreshing when I'm just opening up my browser.

I have been looking for a new homepage and this one looks good. I am giving it a try.

Came to here from Yahoo. Absolutely love this site! Got friends to change too. They also are very happy.

This is the BEST HOMEPAGE EVER! Everyone I have recommended it to has made it their homepage! Has all the pros without the cons of the other homepages!

Perfectly clean, simple and easy to use. All the most popular links in one place, plus something new to look at each time you log on! Can't imagine using anything else.

I love this homepage. Everything I need at my fingertips and no crap. I can access my email, pandora, all of the news, and more. Great Site!

It is difficut to state the something is the best in the Universe, but this page is very good, very informative, clear and it loads quiet quickly. The offer that this page has is huge and awesome, and, as many of this pages ususlly do, all is free. The best thing is that they do not bomb you attemting you to change your search engines, do not spam you with ads, unwanted email, etc, etc as do the other "free" companies. And, even it is not finished, its vocation is to be multilingual, and you may witness how this page is evolving day by day.

Perfect homepage.. All the sites in one spot and no extra info I don't want! Everything I want is just a click away! Best of all NO ADs