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This list looks at the talent behind the disfigured faces.

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1Kane Hodder

The most amazing horror actor I have ever seen in my life... The first time I saw "Friday The 13th Part 7" with my friend, I loved it. After The Movie Was Over I looked over to my friend Taylor and said "I HAVE to find out who plays as Jason in this movie! Whoever played as him was amazing! " Eventually I found out it was Kane Hodder and still love his acting to this day!

Kane Hodder is so much more than a stunt man in a mask. Even in non speaking roles (Jason, Victor Crowley) he brings emotion and real character to the role with his body language. I would drink the man's bath water. No contest, Kane Hodder is the BEST horror movie actor period. - undeadplatypus

Not just an awesome actor, but an awesome Paranormal Investigator! Id say the best horror actor in the history of horror actors. He has the quality of an actual actor. Still scares me in the movies, even though I've watched them 20 times.

kane rules! he broke away from jason thanks to adam green. now we can see how good of an actor he really is!

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2Robert Englund

Of course the people who played the biggest a-hole ever (Jason) are above the greatest actor of all time. Robert has a way of making Freddy seem a little unreal yet real, and he's got a walk, a stance, and of course he's just got style! I also did some research... The only editing they do to make Freddy's voice is that they slow it down a bit. That is Robert's voice (not his norm voice, his Freddy voice)!

He talks, he can be funny and a real madman at the same time, and he can really act. All the silent killers don't need good actors. They are being paid to walk around. Freddy in the movie was amazing, Robert Englund did a terrific job being Freddy (NOT FREDDIE, PEOPLE), and the new Nightmare movie, ugh, it sucked without Robert as Freddy!... One more thing... Is it just me, or but when Freddy's memories happen in 'Freddy's Dead', don't he look like John Deacon a little bit? Please, I am serious. At one point.

Robert Englund is by far the best actor of all time. The fact remains his talent hasn't even been approached, plus all you have to do is get a really big guy and ta-the you got Jason, no one ever can replace Robert Englund, Anyone can replace Jason.

Robert Englund is the most bad-ass horror movie actor in the universe! Thank you, Wes Craven, for giving the part of Freddy Krueger to Robert Englund! You made a wise choice.

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3Vincent Prince

Its Vincent Price and he should be number 1 - BettyBoopFan58

He is the one and only King of Horror with the greatest voice

4Richard Brooker

Yeah I really liked Richard's Jason, he was really good and made one of the best Jasons ever. His movement was great, ilove the scenes in the barn. He was very scary and menacing and some of the best kills imho were in part 3 ie Chucks death, Veras Death and Ricks Death. I think my favorite Jasona are Kand Hodder, Richard brooker, Ted White and CJ Grahm.

Richard created what we know as Jason. To be talented enough to scare us to death without saying a word... is truly the sign of an incredible actor than does not have to speak to be able to express his emotion. Sorry guys but I have followed him for years and think he is an awesome actors. Whis he would come back and do more. Richard we miss you...

Richard is the best of the Jasons. Not only was he the FIRST Jason to wear the mask, he created several of Jason's mannerisms that were seen in the later films. He was the first big man to play the role and served as the prototype that defined the character. - jason3chick

richard was a far better jason because he did without of the special effects kane had

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5Donald Pleasance
6Boris Karloff

He did good on playing Frankenstein

7Doug Bradley

Doug Bradley's portrayal of Clive Barker's Lead Cenobite Pinhead was both monstrous and disturbing. Combined with Clive Barker's sadomasochistic flair, the movie came to life painted on a backdrop of lust, torture, and above all else: Superb Acting. Bradley's performance reached out and took your hand, only to immediately yank it off and beat you across the face with it. A truly iconic master of his character who, armed with a sharp wit and a sharper filleting knife can really make you cringe in fear.

The great thing with Pinhead is that he didn't even have to harm you... he psyches you out just from his appearance and voice. He also had that Lovecraftian sense about him.

He really should be higher... at least he spoke and was disturbing rather than a mongoloid buffoon in a mask like two others.

8Linda Blair

Linda Blair deserves the number one spot. Has anyone here ever seen the exorcist

9Tony Todd
10Kathy BatesV1 Comment

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11Christopher Lee
12Bela Lugosi

This man should be in the top ten! He was the best Dracula that I ever saw!

I think that he was a good movie actor and best at playing dracula.

13Derek Mears
14Bruce Campbell
15Jamie Lee CurtisV1 Comment
16Jeffrey Combs
17Gunnar Hansen
18Kevin Peter Hall
19Nick Castle
20Tyler Mane
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1. Vincent Prince
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1. Robert Englund
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