Best Horror Movie Series


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I love scream so much I watch it heaps


The greatest horror FRANCHISE!

This is by far the Best horror movie I have ever seen and it is better than scream
Second place Friday the 13th is the best
How can this film be so far down the list, seriously its one of the best horrors ot there.

The greatest horror series of all time. The plot twists are all amazing and blows my mid all the time. Definitely 10/10
If you see this series, you will vomit everywhere, it is so gross and gorey
[Newest]Jigsaw and Billy Did Something Most Bad Guys Couldn't Do: Win

4Friday the 13th
ARE. YOU. KIDDING. Friday the 13th series on #10. It deserve a place on top 3.
He can't be killed.
Jason cannot be killed. He's like a shark out of water and would destroy all other horror villains.
Friday the 13th (1-10) is best horror movie serie I ever seen! Sad that Jason finally gets killed by Brodsky in Jason X... Whatever he kill Freddy Krueger before he die!

These films haven't aged at all.

6The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

7Final Destination
I never collect horror movie sequels but Final Destination is the only one I buy every film it makes


It had me glued to my couch the whole day

8Nightmare On Elm Street
NOES is one of the best, most frightening horror franchises ever made. Freddy Kruger is the ultimate villain, and the movies are still scary to this day. The same can't necessarily be said for the rest of the heavy hitters. I love Friday the 13th as much as the next person, I own every single movie in the franchise, and have seen them all multiple times, but I generally laugh through them, and shake my head at how far movies have come. But Nightmare is a series that is still great to this day, and you can't forget the amazing 2010 remake. The 2010 NOES remake is a masterpiece.



10Child's Play
When I watched it as a child, it scared the crap out of me. When I re-watched it as an adult, I was less terrified, so I could see and appreciate makers' sense of humor. It's based on a well-known concept of living dolls, but creepy enough for us not to think how many times was it used before. The sequels were more grotesque than scary, but in my opinion good enough not to ruin the first movie's effect.


Love this series. Always made me laugh and scare the life out of my kids when they first saw it. One of the best horror/comedy film series.

The Contenders

11The Grudge
One of the best


Best set of movies, a true classic
Not exactly a horror movie though, more like Sci-Fi or action/adventure
Still a great collection of movies

14Wrong Turn



17The Amityville Horror

18Paranormal Activity
Now on it's 4th movie, you can't have a horror movie series without Paranormal Activity. This Franchise is booming right now, and probably will for years to come. I know it's my go-to if I want to get freaked out.




21Silent Hill

22Jeepers Creepers
The best in horror movies are jeepers creepers


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