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1Hebrew National

I can't eat any hot dog but Hebrew National. If Hebrew national never existed, then forget hot dogs.

I have been eating, and loving hot dogs most of my life, I'm 61. I have eaten most of the brands offered but Hebrew National dogs are by far the best.

I was once a huge fan of Nathan's but now it's Hebrew National

Best hot dog ever!

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I simply like them the best from your list. There is a maker in Lancaster County that makes a fine product as well. A great hot dog and an Oreo with peanut butter on it is all you could want. The perfect all-American meal.

Nathan's are in the top two hands down! They have great taste and texture! I can't believe Ball Park hot dogs are even in the top ten. They have absolutely no texture! Imagine potted meat shaped up to form what resembles a hot dog!

My guess is that the good reviews coming in for Ball Park hotdogs are coming from employees of the company cause they are the worst I've ever eaten! And if you really believe that they are one of the best, then you have never eaten a real hotdog!

The flavor and texture of Nathan's gets my vote as #1. Hebrew National used to be my favorite--until I had a Nathan's--I'll never go back!

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3Ball Park

I have had every major brand and several of the smaller brands and I say ball parks should be top of the list followed by Hebrew National they are the best for frying, grilling, and boiling. If you don't know how to grill a hot dog don't knock the brand.

I always love ballparks flavor every since I were a little boy many years ago and today they are still my number 1 hotdog follow by Oscar Meyers.

Disgusting, can't eat these. Why are they ranked so high? I like most hot dogs but HATE ball park.

Ballpark is like heaven in your mouth! The flavor is amazing and I never eat other hot dogs! This should definitely be number 1!

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I am not a hot dog lover however my better half is, ergo I must occasionally eat a Hot Dog Sabrett is the only one I have tried with no after taste and I will eat two when they are served but will avoid any of the others listed and I have tried them all.

Bronx born almost on every busy corner was a dirty water sabrett stand. I know people who worked at Hebrew national and after the tales I heard, I'll never touch one!

Absolutely the best. I wish they were available outside of the Northeast!

My dad says they are the best at hotdogs stands in New York. My dad used to sell them in his bagel store.

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5Oscar Mayer

Too me, Oscar Meyer is the best. But, I have not tried a Nathan's or Hebrew.

My wife likes the Ball Park wiener, but when they are grilled they blowup and look strange. Oscar Meyer tastes great and grill better than Ball Park.

In our family it is Oscar Mayer. They are the best on a open fire. We are a Oscar Mayer Wieners. Mary

Can't go wrong with the American Classic Oscar Mayer wiener. I love the ones made with chicken and pork best however.

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6Vienna Beef

In Chicago, the Vienna brand 100% All Bee Hot Dog is king. When pulling up to any hot dog stand in the city, the first thing most Chicagoans look for is the Vienna Beef logo. If it's not there, don't stop. Not that many places that still make natural casing dogs that seal in the juices and give the dog a snap at first bite.

These guys know how to make a hot dog. They are so delicious! They should be number one!

I have tried five of the top six and still would prefer a Vienna Beef over the others.

This is by far the best hot dog in America!

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After all thees years we still take a 5# box when we go to Tucson for the winter. No bad hotdogs in Michigan because of the state meat rules, they actually have to have real meat. Truly the best hotdog in the US. Hebrew Nat is living on its past rep and were just awful when I tried them late last year.

Need to sell in more states like Georgia

Just had them today for the first time. Outstanding!

Ware can you bye them?

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I spent 18months in Germany these are the closest to their hot dogs

You can taste the quality in every bite.

They are the best hot dog I ever tasted

The best of the best!

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What grocery store sells Best's brand hot dogs

Great tasting. Lower in sodium and other not good stuff.

Great texture... Great taste. Good all the way around!

Love best's hot dogs I moved to Kansas and can't find them

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Absolutely the best. Have tried every other hot dog out there, but none can top Hummel's. People go to the Northeast for lobster, but I go for a grilled Hummel's hot dog in natural casing and with mustard relish on top. Yum!

My Uncle brings them down every year from Connecticut there by far the best on the griddle maid the old way

Just love them cooked on the grill then put mustard, cheese and chili, also fried onion if available

Only kind I eat at the new haven flea market

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11Hillshire Farm
12Boars Head

Make sure you buy the all beef or beef and pork with natural casing to get to get that snap when you bite into it. The taste really delivers, absolutely delicious.

Delicious any way you choose to prepare em!

Boars head offers a flavor profile in its natural casing dog similar to sabrett with a lower sodium taste.being a born in New Yorker, I miss the sabrett carts but they are a cheaper made version of a Boars Head natural casing dog,not to slight the Boars Head natural casing knocks.

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13Applegate FarmsV4 Comments

First, only natural casing hot dogs are worth eating, Kayems are good but first prize from Chicopee provision in Ma. Are the best!

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16Bryan Juicy Jumbos

My family loves the Bryan Juice Jumbo Hot dogs; however, we can no longer buy them in our area. I have written to the company a number of times yet the company continues to push the Ball Park hotdog, which in my opinion, cannot compare to Bryan. We wish the company would once again distribute the product to our area. There is not a better tasting hot dog than Bryan...

I have yet to taste a better hotdog than Bryans. Unfortunately Sara Lee bought the company and also owns Ball Park hotdogs. Sara Lee has discontinued distribution of Bryan Hotdogs just about everywhere in favor of the more profitable Ball Park.

Since I moved to dallas 3 years ago I have not seen Bryan's beef jumbos anywhere although it was the only brand I bought in Alabama. No hot dog can compare o Bryan's and the worst one I ever had was. Ball park. Awful.

Best Dog in the World!

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18Wimmers Natural Casing

Tasted one on opening day I was very impressed very juicy great taste

Much better than the top rated in this survey.

These compare favorably against the top 4

Best darn dog out there

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19Niman Ranch

I can't find these anymore. Great taste, not oily. A delicious quality hot dog.

My favorite by far, Hebrew National a close second.

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