Best Hot Dog Brands

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Hebrew National
I'm a born New Yorker, so take it from a simple guy who come from a city that takes there dogs seriously. Being that, I was passionate about sarbett, since childhood and changed into a Hebrew national fan drastically. That say a lot about the quality of Hebrew national, when providing pure excellence at it's best as well as healthy too!.
I can't eat any hot dog but Hebrew National. If Hebrew national never existed, then forget hot dogs.
I was once a huge fan of Nathan's but now it's Hebrew National
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I simply like them the best from your list. There is a maker in Lancaster County that makes a fine product as well. A great hot dog and an Oreo with peanut butter on it is all you could want. The perfect all-American meal.
Best Products is the very best Nathan's is a close second but too salty.
Better casing than Hebrew National. Grills to perfection.
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3Ball Park
Great grilling and boiling, tastes great
These are second only to Vienna hot dogs which ar eused in the famous Chicago Style hot dogs
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4Oscar Mayer
Too me, Oscar Meyer is the best. But, I have not tried a Nathan's or Hebrew.

Absolutely the best. I wish they were available outside of the Northeast!
Sabrett is simply the best!
Cook up crisp and tasty.
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6Applegate Farms
BEST hot dog by far. NO nitrites!
Yum and guilt free.

Always in good taste!
I will only sell Koegel's hot dogs on my hot dog cart
No Whammy's Just Wiennie's.

8Hillshire Farm

The best without a doubt
Hummels are what hot dogs are all about!


The Contenders

11Niman Ranch

12Wolfe's Neck

The best, split them grill them eat them

14Kent Quality Foods
Kent Quality Foods from Grand Rapids Michigan will not back down from a taste or quality challenge verses any of these other suppliers. They make the best hot dog in the world.

15Vienna Beef
These guys know how to make a hot dog. They are so delicious! They should be number one!

16Bryan Juicy Jumbos
I have yet to taste a better hotdog than Bryans. Unfortunately Sara Lee bought the company and also owns Ball Park hotdogs. Sara Lee has discontinued distribution of Bryan Hotdogs just about everywhere in favor of the more profitable Ball Park.
I use to buy Bryan's years ago. They were the best!




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