Top Ten Best Hot Dog Toppings


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Definitely ketchup! Plain boring without it!

Ya know, it's a topping lots of people like. It tastes really good too!

If you are over 14, please don't put ketchup on a hot dog. It's unacceptable.

Catsup has no place on a hot dog. Ever.

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I thought hardly anybody liked mustard, until I came here. I knew it would always be behind ketchup though, unfortunately. Love my 'dog with just a little bit of this, not nasty sweet catsup!

Mustard is the most common topping why is it number two?! Ketchup is basically artifical tomato paste, sugar, and corn syrup. Mustard is way better. Ketchup does not go good with it and mustard does. It adds color to the hot dog while ketchup takes away the flavor and makes it too sweet.

Mustard is the only topping a hotdog needs. Preferably spicy brown mustard but any will do. How is ketchup higher than mustard? Ketchup does not belong on a hotdog!

Seriously? How is this even a question? Mustard on a hot dog. Ketchup on a burger. End of discussion.

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I love them hot off the grill with shredded cheddar, and that red onion sauce. Best snack ever.

Cheese is good only if there is chili. The saltiness of the cheese combined with the hot dog can be a bit much.

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It's tasty and necessary for every Hot-dgo :P

Love it will not eat one with out it

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My husband loves them! I like grilled onions

Raw white onions. Excellent.

6Coney Sauce

Of you do the coney make sure it is Flint style.


People need to try this. I had an amazing dinner when I put Caesar salad dressing on my hot dog. The toppings mentioned are amazing alone or together.

I make a Mixture of Finely diced tomatoe, Onion, Jalepenos, a little horse radish, and salt and pepper to taste, sometimes I add a little California or Blue Cheese dressing to the mix, let it refrigerate for about 3 hours


Mayonnaise is awesome on hotdogs

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Unreplaceable! Countries without relish cannot understand the value of a hot dog, if they've never tasted it with relish!

Ketchup AND mustard suck! Relish is the only thing necessary.

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Bacon is the best! Think about a world without fresh, yummy, juicy, crunchy, warm, bacon in the morning! Bacon now has its own jewelry, and cups and much more! I ll oo vv ee b acon n! @!

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Love it. It tastes incredible :) id personally have it on sausage dogs or hotdogs as it tastes like pickles. I think it tastes good:) Try it and enjoy lovelys

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Not a great dog without slaw and onions.

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14Butter and Raw Onions
15Stadium Mustard

Simply the best. Better than all the rest

16Cooked Onions

cooked are good, but so is raw

17Brussel Sprouts

What! Who in their right mind eats these things much less contaminate the sacred hot dog with their disgusting stench?!

18Ground Beef

Hot dog with ground beef cheese and ketchup. Yum my favorite!

19Miracle Whip

That stuff ain't fit to put on cardboard and surely not a good hotdog.

20Honey Mustard
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