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I think dogs are friendly and loving. As they say " A mans best friend is a dog" I agree. I have the cutest cairn terrier. He is loving and when we take him for walks he always gets complements on how cute he is. He also does not tear up the carpet and make foot prints in the carpet. When has wet feet he knows he has wet he runs into his cage and waits until he has dry feet. So dogs are definitely a great house pet.
Beautiful, dutiful, happy, good, loyal, bests friend, playful, loves you the way you are, protects family, there for you when you are sad, know to show best greetings when you come home! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!


Man's best friend! Will always be there for you, eager to obey, loving, loyal. If you want a pet to be part of the family, no animal can take the dog's place. Horses and other farm animals are too big to live 24/7 in the house with you, caged/tanked animals like fish, birds, reptiles, etc can't always be with you when you're watching T.V., going for a jog, at night curled next to you, etc. Cats are pretty darn close, but when it comes down to it, it's really the dog that shines as the most family-type pet.
[Newest]Love them they are awesome
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Cats are so much better than dogs because:
-Cats clean themselves and have better hygiene
-Cats don't need to be walked, but sometimes you can train them to take walks outside (I've seen it before)
-Cats can learn just as many tricks as dogs. My grandma's old cat used to play fetch all the time.
-Cats can sit on your lap. Only small dogs can do this.
-Cats don't wake your neighbors.
-You don't need to take them out every few hours JUST to go to the bathroom.
-Cats are much cuter than dogs.
-Dogs kill and hurt people more in a year than cats would in a lifetime. I would know, since my mom got attacked by a pitbull (God, I hate large dogs like those).
-Cats are safer than dogs. Meaning, they are most likely not to pounce on guests or scare kids. My little brother is afraid of dogs but he thinks my cats are adorable.
-Cats can get feisty, but you will barely get hurt. When my cats are feisty, they barely make a scratch.
-Cats can nibble on your arms! Well, at least mine can. My chubby cat always loves nibbling and licking arms. It's so cute.
-Cats are overall easier to take care of.
-You can take them outside too. My old neighbor's cat always went on our driveway and we'd brush her without a problem. It was so friendly.
-Japan loves cats. I love anime and everything about Japan, and the cats in their animes are just so adorable!
-Cats can be clumsy, but it's always adorable or hilarious. Adorious.

There are MILLIONS of reasons why cats are better than dogs. People just don't realize them. I'm actually afraid of dogs, since my first experience with one. It wasn't too big or small. It was medium, I forgot what kind, but it bit me and I remember it hurting so bad. My mom had to go to the hospital because of the pitbull attack. So think about how fun it would to have a cat. I've grown up with cats my whole life and I'll always love them!
I've owned and loved both dogs and cats. Your cat comments are true, but your dog comments are ignorant. I sympathize for your bad experience and fear, but because of these, you hate all dogs. How sad and how unfair. Dogs help many more people than they harm.
Cats are very loving and snuggly, but also independent, so you don't have to provide them all of your attention all of the time like you do with a lot of dogs. They are self-sufficient for the most part, able to be left alone for a weekend trip and never need to be "walked" at 2AM in the snow. I have had several cats that also enjoyed learning tricks, including "fetch" and "shake, " although I wouldn't consider this the norm.
By the way by statistics the amount of cats found in homes is much greater than dogs. There is most likely to be more than one cat in a cat household, rather than a dog in a dog household. CATS AND TORTOISES RULE! My cat(male)- Johnik(Johnny) and tortoise(female)-Jessica! LOVE!
[Newest]Some dogs eat their own POO! So I vote for cats
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Rabbits are great house companions. They are not too much work and they are good pets for kids. They are really gentle and they clean their selves. And if your rabbit does get in trouble you won't get too mad at it because of it's cute face. I like cats, but I like rabbits more. Once my pet rabbit almost got eaten by a dog. Those dumb dogs! Why are they at the top?!? Here are some reasons why rabbits are (and cats) are better than dogs: 1. Rabbits, like cats clean and don't smell. 2. Rabbits are less expensive then dogs (my bunny was free but the only thing that costed money was the vet appointment) 3. Rabbits are bundles of joy, they hop to your feet and twitch their whiskers. 4. Rabbits don't make any noise. Dogs bark when you are watching T.V. shows and movies. And they bark all night. (I know because my friend who just got a dog and she told me that) 5. Dogs slobber and puppies pee and poo on the floor. 6. Rabbits and cats are way cuter then dogs. Dogs and puppies always look droopy and sad. No rabbit or cat is ugly! 7. Dogs destroy your garden. I have a huge backyard my bunny can get its paws dirty in without destroying my mom's flowers. Those are only the beginning of reasons. There are many more.
Don't extol the virtues of rabbits (and cats) by slandering dogs. You just appear jealous, nasty and ignorant. Dogs come in more sizes and variations than any other domestic animal, including small and cute ones. Dogs are the truest friends, loving, forgiving, and grateful. They guard, hunt, herd livestock, haul sleds, perform in sports, assist the handicapped, do search and rescue (and save lives), apprehend criminals, and detect bombs, narcotics, cancer, and termites. Dogs are wonderful.
Beautiful animals, friendly, funny ears and always twitching.
they are so soft and cute!

[Newest]I think rabbits make an amazing pets plus they are super cute! And you can't argue with that
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Hamsters are good pets I've had one before. I'm thinking about getting one more because there so easy to look after and there cheep. Hamsters are not good for children under 6. I have a friend that breeds them and he says that there very easy to breed so unless you what baby's keep males and females apart also don't put two males together because they will fight once my cousins hamster almost died. So I would recommend a hamster as a pet.
I just love hamsters so much!

I had a hamster and they are adorable and easy to take care of they are also soft and cuddly.
[Newest]Hamsters are so cute and cuddly

Birds are much more cost-effective and easy to take care of in comparison to what they have to offer. Many birds can be just as social as dogs in cats, and much more than rabbits. They best part about birds is that they are extremely easy to breed and the babies are not hard to raise.
Pigeons have a homing device! When you get lost in a dark, damp, forest, a pigeon will lead you home! Scientist don't know how they remember but some think pigeons are relying on the wind, moon, or sun. They are sorta cute! Why have compass on you hand when you hot a pigeon on your shoulder! Its feel like having a smart flying sidekick! Once you get one, you feel like having 2!
I love the kinds of birds that you can teach how 2 talk!

[Newest]They are so cool

Blue tongue skinks are the BEST lizard to have as a pet. Very docile and you don't have to feed bugs! They eat dog food and vegi's! (With calcium and vitamin supplements. ) You don't have to feed them every day. They love to cuddle. Best of all, they live up to 25 years!
My favorite lizard is bearded dragon
So bearded dragon should be 1 not to be mean
I have a leopard gecko and I can honestly say I think it's the best pet anybody can have!
[Newest]Bearded dragons are awesome. Tame, friendly, fun to watch, eats pests, and an awesome pet. Dogs are also cool.

Ferrets are like a combination of a cat and a dog only better! So agile and playful, they can even be trained to come when called or do tricks. Their little ferret dance is always a blast to watch and their curiosity forever getting them into adorable awkward situations. If ever something goes missing, check your ferrets stash, it's almost certain the little carpet sharks decided it belongs to him now. Need less space than both dogs and cats, and have so much character, love them
Because ferrets are so playful, and energetic, and if you tame them, whenever you call them they will listen to you
My ferret bubbles is the weirdest little thing in the world. She steals my shoes, hides all the plastic bags in the house, runs around with an angry bird plushy and she hisses at my toes. Ugh.. But I love her haha
[Newest]I agree that ferrets are great pets to have. They are so sweet and adorable. You just got to love em

Easy to take of and make great pets.

Amazing as geckos
I used 2 have a turtle it was so cool

I seriously ❤️ turtles. The best thing about my sisters turtle is that it runs. It literally no joke runs. As soon as it sees the gate it starts walking really fast. I never knew that turtles ran.
[Newest]I just love turtles and have always wanted one

9Sugar Gliders
Little squirrel like animal doesn't "fly" but jumps long distances using spread skin. Very Friendly. Sleeps in a small pouch or bag and can be trained to sit in a bag around your neck or in your pocket. (brought one to school in the pouch under my jacket and nobody knew. ) Nocturnal. When in pain or afraid of danger the animal lets out a growl or small squeak-ish noise to warn you. Very Good Housepet. But be aware although friendly the animal needs great attention and cleaning. If you don't spend great amounts of time with the animal he/she will create a hate toward you and begin to bite or get scared or mean towards you.
I used to have a pair of sugar glider! They are really loyal but however they both pass away due to illness, R.I.P.
I think they are really friendly and easy to take care of.
[Newest]They are so cute and soft😃

10Guinea Pigs
Great pets! They are really lovely and cute and are great with children!

It's an absolutely great pet to have!
I used to have 1 and he was the best pet I've ever had, and considering I've had horses, birds, dogs, cats, hamsters, and even lizards, it was a tough choice. But truthfully, I believe they're really the best and easiest to keep. They don't take much work but plenty of attention.
Guinea pigs should be much higher on this list! They are sweet and kind and often misjudged. They hardly bite (They bite only when they have a medical problem, or to let you know when holding them they need to use the bathroom, yes they are considerate of your clothes =]) I absolutely love my Guinea pigs and hope that they bring happiness to others.
[Newest]I think Guinea pigs are so sweet and soft I have two of them

The Contenders

I just got a male chinchilla and he is the sweetest animal I have ever had, I would recommend one to any home.
Chinchillas are the best of rodents...
I love chinchillas because they are so cute and fun
[Newest]They are so much fun and kids love them

Fighting fish will last at least 3 years, only if you care for them properly. These fishes are not supposed to be mixed with other fishes, but are really pretty. Some fighting fish are different, which are expensive. But I really recommend fighting fish are great pets in small houses.
Easy, relaxing, pretty, and an all around fun hobby! Fish are great for those not wanting to invest too much money or time into a pet.
They are so fun to play with. They are very relaxing. The best reason is that Gold fish, especially black moor gold fish are the best pets in the world that you can ever have.
[Newest]Very interesting pets and always fun to set up their tank.

Like every animal every individual snake has different personalities. I have a ball python and a boa both friendly and love gentle human attention.. BUT one likes to venture and mingle from one person to the next and the other I can just leave on the lawn and he won't move till I come back :)

But any ways very independent. Doesn't beg for attention. And adults eat any where from 2 weeks- 3months... But I wouldn't try starve them that long the tend to "hibernate" in northern climates. That being said they need HEAT to live though.

Can we do a list of easiest pets! Not including a dog or cat or anything because they aren't easy. The are expensive, effort, and you can't get your parents to let you have one. Stuff like hamsters, worms, rocks, mice, finches, STUFF LIKE THAT!
My dad used to breed our snakes but they were all our pets and so interesting and friendly!
[Newest]I have always wanted a pet but my mom thinks it might stink up the house. I think snakes are the coolest😎

14Hermit Crabs
I have them and thought they were a good idea at first but I was totally wrong. If you want a pet that will interact with you they are not the right one for you, at least in my case. They hide most of the time and aren't to keen on interaction (hence their name being HERMIT crabs). I also feel, in my opinion, they are way more work then their worth; it is recommended to change their cage bedding weekly and food and water daily, my parents are divorced so I simply am not able to follow that schedule. Even my local pet store employee advised me that I wouldn't like them. She was right and I should have listened! Once again this is my experience and my opinion don't get your panties in a bunch if you absolutely love hermit crabs and think I'm crazy this is just my opinion you're entitled to yours as I am entitled to mine.
They are awesome easy to take care of weird and funny I had them for 1-2 years. you can take them out of their cage they get scared really easy. I am only 9 years old and I took care of them for a while they don't bother. and like to climb on bar cages.
Awesome good pets I have one their quiet except at night the move around be careful they might pinch!
[Newest]I've had 2 and loved them both

They're very social and curious animals. Great for house pets. Take very little matinence and have little health problems
I 💖hedgehogs I have one and I love her to bits💛💙💜💚❤
They are the cutest animal in the world

Many people see mice as smelly gross rodents but from my experience, mice are very playful and are very adventurous. Mice don't smell as bad as you think however this is said if you clean their cage weekly. Mice can be trained as well as rats and ferrets. Mice are very cute and love making little warm beds in small containers. It is recommended to buy two or more mice of the same gender, these little friends love to cuddle up to each other and clean themselves often.
Had a mouse and he was great and adventurous and easy to care for.

I Had a gerbil for 6 years and he was such a delight! My daughter loved him as well and they rarely bite. They are most of the time tame And live long
I had 5 gerbils in my life they are the best pets I only got one bite that broke skin and it was only because of a fight I was breaking up they are best kept in groups of two and are loving and trainable the only sad part is that they have short lifespans mine only lived 2 years and mostly all died of illnesses that are un known two however did not I had one gerbil with a 3 year life and she was very social I definitely recommend gerbils as pets
Gerbils are so cute now I gave you that £20 please
[Newest]I have a little gerbil named Squeegee he is just so cute!

I have one that has Benn living with me for 3 years. They are very easy to take care of, my chimpanzee is trained and fun to have. Also its fun for kids older than 6 or 7.
I really want one and it sounds so good but I'm not sure if it's illegal in Melbourne sooo...

Pygmy goats are adorable loving they will love you just as much as you cat or dog and yes they do cost a bit but it is all worth it for a friend for life
I want a pygmy goat, I love them I might get a boy and a girl the food is free and I think cats, dogs, ferrets and pygmy goats are the best pet on the planet
They are kind o messy but also, they are very fun to have around as each goat screams different and they show to be very loving

I'm talking one that can chill on your shoulder, it would be sweet to train it to play beer pong and take bong rips

I like starfish but I dreamed I found one at the beach and when I woke up, the starfish was gone... Goodbye, starfish. ):

They have the cutest eyes and are so simple to look after you just have to love them
They are small
You don't have to give them a bath
And there is more great reasons just look them up

I don't even know what a Degus is will sombody tell me

One I saw these gross scorpion suckers
I don't want a pet scorpion! It can hurt me!
I want a scorpion

Ants are small. Just keep it in sight and don't feed it Turkey or other ants after midnight or it will turn into an evil gremlin
My grandma was eaten by an ant
Literally easiest pets ever

How did pet rocks rank higher than rats? Seriously, they're my favorites. They're second only to dogs in how affectionate they are, and relatively very easy to take care of. The only thing about them that might be difficult is that you need to spend time with them every day, but they're so lovable and fun it won't be tedious. They love to lick and cuddle their home mans -- more than I can say for most hamsters and rabbits! Sweeter and better lap pets than cats and just as clean and easy to take care of. And very smart! They can learn tons of tricks. Honestly, the only downside is that they only live for three years, but I guess that's good if you don't like commitment.
Most people think that rats are gross! Wrong! Pet rats are extremely clean animals and I have never seen my rat dirty. They are low maintenance and are so sweet! Trust me if you have a pet rat you will never regret it. The only down sider to these cute little things is that they have a short life span.
I would say these pets are very social and lovable. I have 2 and they are amazing to have. Don't be afraid to try one out... (you should get 2 if you plan to get a rat) Also...Don't get rats at a pet store get rats from people that rescue them.
[Newest]They are just awesome and amazing to play with. They are cleaner than dogs and are smarter so you can teach them more tricks.

I was in holiday in my Turkey it was nice
They are nice to eat but not as pets!


I know you think shrimp are boring but like fish, they are really fun to watch! They are pros when it comes to swimming! Why watch T.V. when you have tiny fish-like friends right in you pond, fish tank or fish bowl!
Literally one of the best pets ever feed them 3-4 days a week and you don't have to clean the water and you cn use any container

Easy to take care of and is funny looking. These come in all sorts of different colour varieties and very easy to keep. Has to be in the top 20.

My cousin has one name stubbery they're awesome pets their behavior are like fish except pinching you so its still a best pet to have at your home.
I got one from school

32Bearded Dragon
My brother has one named Zeus
An awesome lizard.

So cool

I once had an earthworm. it was my soulmate
Slimy but cute. My aunt has tons in her backyard.
My aunt has tons of them


I think wombats are adorable. Just look at their cut faces and the next thing you know, you will be helping them

My friend has 1

Love my 2 babies

I love horses they are so cute
I love them so much

Moths are great, no care needed. Fend for themselves. House trained. Good with kids and other pets except spiders or moth eating lizards. Disadvantages, short life span, not very playful, eat your clothes and won't fetch a stick.

40Fennec Foxes
I read about these they look cool
These foxes have big ears

41Arctic Fox
These are 2nd favorite animal almost my first. I really want one but I can't get one
So cute. As you know you can not get one but still, so cute
These Artic Fox's are SO adorablr I think this might me my favorite and cutest animal!



I have 2, they live under water and don't do much but they're much more interesting than fish. They eat blood worms which come in small frozen packets that you can just place in water without having to touch or you could just feed them normal garden worms. They're easy to look after and pretty awesome.
They also don't need any specific tank, just a decent sized one that they can't jump out of (has to be closed completey, no gaps) and with a filter
Frogs are of course an animal to keep if you didn't know what your dumb you owe mean £50 duh x100
Frogs are OK! But they are kind of gross. But that could be a pet could it?

Little bit awesome for your kids

Micro pigs are very cute and easy to look after! They will wow your friends and be your best friend at the same time! If you have a dog that's really good but of not I highly recommend getting 2!
I absolutely would recommend getting one they are sweet and easy to train. They are also smarter than dogs!
They are so cute

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