Best How I Met Your Mother Episodes


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The Pineapple Incident - S01E10
For me it is the funniest episode! I laughed so hard when I watched it that I peed a little! I even was crying!
I wanted winnie cooper to be ym & this episode gave the hope. My hopes were shattered of course.

2Slap Bet - S02E9
Definitely the best episode. Gives a lot of context and anecdotes to many other episodes and seasons. Plus, it's hilarious.
Best episode of the series slap bet formed from this and we also learned something funny about robin
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3Swarley - S02E07
It is the funniest episode.
" Swarlos "
" Bob Swarley "

4Pilot - S01E01
This episode is the best because it's what launched How I Met Your Mother into sucess. Right away you begin to identify with characters and become invested in Ted's story and how everyone else will play into it.

5Slapsgiving - S03E9

6Girls versus Suits - S05E12
The best pop song I ever heard... Nothing suits me like a (wait for it) suiit although she looks hot... I chose you bayb
This episode is special, "two, three fourr..."

7Legendaddy - S06E19

8How I Met Everyone Else - S03E05
Different approach handled, we use to think the same among our friends
Epic... Direction, story, and gags too ;)


9How Your Mother Met Me - SO9E16
Definitely best episode in the entire series
The mother is so lovely, a really good episode.
The summary of whole series
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10Come On - S01E22
Just such a beautiful moment when Ted and Robin kiss in her apartment after he became the rain man... juxtaposed against Marshall breaking up with Lily, truly bitter sweet.

The Contenders

11The Final Page - S08E11/12
After two years of on and off, Barney and Robin find each other in this (double) episode, in a scene which is so truly Barney and so deeply moving and romantic. Finally.
Let your heart hold fast.. great scene "The Robin"
The suspense built up til the end is amazing! :D
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12Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap - S05E09

13The Naked Man - S05E09

14Perfect Week - S05E14

15The Playbook - S05E08

16Three Days of Snow

17World's Greatest Couple - S02E05

18Intervention - S04E04

19Arrivaderci Fiero - S02E17
Out of the many fantastic episodes that how I met your mother have put out, this one takes the cake as my favorite. The commingling of memories had between the characters make this episode in particular feel very organic for a sitcom and the framing device of the car works beautifully. Probably the best overall performance of the whole cast in the whole series.

20Okay Awesome - S01E05

21Oh Honey - S06E15

22Blitzgiving - S06E10

23Last Forever - S09E23/24

24Spoiler Alert - S03E08

25Where Were We - S02E1

26Sandcastles in the Sand - S03E16

27Atlantic City - S02E08

28Bad News - S06E13
The episode is the best because of the emotional ending
The end I probably the best scene in the entire series.
Great Episode..Sad Ending..Still Great

29Something Blue - S02E22

30Definitions - S05E01

31Symphony of Illumination - S07E12
Surprising twist.. really good one..

32No Pressure - S07E17

33The Time Travelers - S08E20
45 days speach
The song at the end by Barneys and Teds
Minnesota tidal wave v/s Robin Scherbatsky "Dance off"

34Ten Sessions - S03E13
Nice long shot at 2 minutes date...

35Gary Blauman - S09E21
Perfect example of what makes How I Met Your Mother awesome. Flashbacks, flash forwards, and the montage at the end is a scene only How I Met Your Mother could pull off. A funny and sweet story.
Amazingly funny episode with an ensemble appearance of past supporting characters.
Bringing back.. the blitz, Blah blah (carol, as we now know), Kevin and Sandy, Scooter, Jeanette, Patrice, Zoey, Stella and of course Ranjit (hello! ).. was the best recap and made me cry over how foar the show has come.

36The Front Porch - S05E17

37The Wedding Bride - S05E23

38Somethin Borrowed - S02E21

39Weekend at Barney's
HILLARIOUS! Marshal and lily have a story, barney and ted have a story, both are great.

40Last Words - S06E14
Strong acting, really puts you in Marshall's uncomfortable and sad spot, just powerless.

41Subway Wars - S06E04

42Arrivederci,Fiero - S02E17

43Robots versus Wrestlers - S05E22

44Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M. - S01E18
Not only was this episode hilarious at times - but also brought out Ted's emotions for Robin and Victoria.

Robin: Have you ever had one of those days when nothing at all that monumental happens but by the end of it you have no idea who you are anymore or what the hell you're doing with your life? Did you ever have one of those days?
Ted: Uh... about once a week.
Robin: I'd'know, it was just a rough day and the only person I wanted to see at the end of it was you.

Come on, Lily, how many women can say that they have been personally serenaded by Korean Elvis?

Ted: I'm going over to this girl's house to make juice.
Taxicab driver: Nice!
Ted: Oh no, it's not like that, we're juicing as friends

45Bagpipes - S05E06

46Of Course - S05E17

47Doppelgangers - S05E24

48Ted Mosby:Architect - S02E04

49Game Night

50Bass Player Wanted - S09E13

51Unpause - S09E15

52Platonish - S09E09

53Little Minnesota - S04E11

54Vesuvius - S09E19

55Murtaugh - S04E19

56Rabbit or Duck - S05E15

57The Perfect Cocktail - S06E22

58False Positive - S06E12

59Something Borrowed - S02E21

60The Magicians Code - S07E23/24

61The Three Days Rule - S04E21

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