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It Was a Good Day
This is without a doubt in the top ten greatest hip hop songs of all time. This song is deep in the sense of gangsta rap, it kind of reminds you of Stan - Eminem, Dance With the Devil - Technique. It has a good story, it gives you the feeling of relief than takes it away, because it is very rare that there is a good day in South Central L. A. and Ice cube made a song about that. The Predator is the most overshadowed Ice Cube album of all time, it is also his best piece of work!


Great cheerful lyrics, everybody has their own best lyrically brilliant song, that everybody likes e. g. Stan - Eminem, Dance With The Devil - Immortal Technique, Changes - Tupac & Juicy - Notorious BIG. This is Ice Cubes song, A great laid back flow, with intense lyrics and a great storyline featuring an original topic. This is a more lighter side of ICe Cube. Ice Cube is definitely one of the greatest MC's of all time.
Awesome song, awesome videoclip, Ice Cube is a veteran of West Coast Hip Hop, and this song proves it!
His lyrics are possibly the best!
[Newest]The Game would never be capable of making such a song

2Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
This song definitely Needs to be among the top 3, If you don't place this among top 3 den you ain't really a ice cube fan
This song has to be in top 3, the beat and lyrics are just SICK, as compared to even You Know How We Do It.
This is a a great song, Ice Cube really makes it one for listening to
[Newest]Song has dope lyrics and a sick beat. Has to be among the top 5 no doubt about it.

3You Know How We Do It
This song gous hard everywher
Listen to one everyday everybody loves this song

Hectic song, it has hectic written all over it! The whole war and peace vol 1 and 2 are pretty underrated albums and classics!
If you don't like the hook. I don't know whats wrong with you mate. Ice Cube's best work but it could also be considered an N.W.A. track with both Dre and Ren in it
Great beat, nice chorus, legendary rappers in the game, awesome album etc!
[Newest]Great and greatest of all times Hip hop song.

5No Vaseline
If this is a massive hit on Death Certificate then it must be saying something! This song has some rough lyrics!
One of the most lyrical songs of all time, from the greatest Hip Hop album of all time. It is full of amazing songs.
This along with Hit Em Up are the two greatest diss songs of all time (also Real muthaphukkin gs)

6Why We Thugs
The greatest Gangsta West Coast song of all time! Ice Cube nows all the techniques of how to make a great gangster song, HE HAS BEEN DOING IT FOR 27 YEARS!
This song is the greatest rap song evah! And HE WROTE IT! Ice Cube is a legend in the game and deserves respect whch he already has, also a fine actor, But this song goes off, I love it how he is better than most rappers nowadays!
WOW! This song is so good, it has a nice beat which had been used in many remixes and such, like Real Thugs by Eazy-E, Tupac and Ice Cube. This song should be number 1, just listen to the lyrics so good! By the way I am listening to it right now =)

7Check Yo Self
The best party song ever and it is also Ice Cubes most famous hit, before Why We Thugs came out
I love the rhymes and lyrics on it and esp. the part after "chickety-check yo self"

8Go to Church
Go To Church is Ice Cubes definite Prime song! Along with all the songs from Laugh Now Cry Later, which is better than all the other Ice Cube Albums! Los Angeles California is the place to be!
One of the greatest singles Ice Cube has ever released and was a big hit in the mid 2000's! It had Lil Jon and Snoop Dogg as well!
Wow! This song is so d0pe! The true definition of a gang$ta song. Ice Cube is the G of rAp and $o much better than others, 50-cent is ma second fav!

9Once Upon a Time In the Projects
This is probably one of the best songs of Ice Cube. He is the best rapper.

10Ghetto Bird

The Contenders

11Smoke Some Weed


13True to the Game

Best song ever made from Ice Cube
Awesome song it's great


15Amerikka's Most Wanted

16Until We Rich
This is the best Ice Cube song. The lyrics, the flows. And It gets even better with krazie bone's chorus. Love you Cube

17A Gangsta's Fairytale

18You Can Do It
This was always played in the dance clubs back in the day. This song has to be more popular than #20.
Should be in the top 10 hands down
I don't kniw hy this song is so low on the list. Thi is by far the best ice cune song ever. The flow is amazing

19I Rep That West
It's from his album I am the west it's an ill album and great song from cube

20Growin' Up

21Ghetto Vet

22Do Your Thang

23My Summer Vacation
Fantastic ice cube story telling in my opinion his 2nd best song after a gangster fairytail
This is one of his top ten songs. You betta bele that!

24Life In California

25Hood Mentality
You can just feel the hood, it's rules, it's lifestyle.

26F*** tha Police

27Why Me?
Maybe his most underrated song.. Lyrically is in his top five.

28You Can't Fade Me

29Natural Born Killaz

30Down for Whatever
This song rules, should be higher in the list.

31Too West Coast
Great lyrics, driving sample hits you between the eyes like a sledgehammer... Drink the kool ade! Wotever that is? Prefer Irn Bru myself.

32Steady Mobbin'

33How to Survive In South Central
A really good song for an excellent movie!

34Bop Gun (One Nation)

35A Bird In the Hand

36Man's Best Friend

37She Couldn't Make It On Her Own

38Pushin' Weight
This song is great it pumps you up and keeps it real at the same time. A yeah yeah, I push rhymes like weight I push rhymes like weight. Yeah yeah ice cube is the bes

39Dead Homiez

40Endangered Species (Tales from the Darkside)

41Bow Down

42The N**** Ya Love to Hate

43Who's the Mack

44Robbin' Hood (Cause It Ain't All Good)

45No Country for Young Men

46Say Hi to the Bad Guy

47It Takes a Nation

48Your Money or Your Life

49When I Get to Heaven

50F*** Dying
Why the hell is this song at 65. This should be a lot higher?


52Jack N' the Box

53Come and Get It

54Doing Dumb S***

55Drink the Kool-Aid

56Jackin' for Beats
Great old school beats!

57My Skin Is My Sin


59I Wanna Kill Sam

60The Wrong N**** to F*** Wit

61Dirty Mack

62The Product

63When Will They Shoot

64Cold Places

65What Can I Do?

66Who Got the Camera

67Laugh Now, Cry Later

68Man vs. Machine

69King of the Hill
One of the best songs ever produced
This is an epic diss so underrated

70Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth
Peaceful song wit an awesome beat and with K-Dee to make the song smooth

71Click, Clack, Get Back!

72Really Doe
I'm surprised this wasn't on the list. Great flow, lyrics and beat... But isn't every Ice Cube sing great?

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