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It is so adorable and I love it plus I have one on my own team. It was one of the few ice type Pokemon in R/B/G/Y/FR/LG and it was a big help in defeating Lance's team in both R/B/G/Y/FR/LG along with G/S/C/HG/SS
Lapras needs to be number 1. It's a classic Pokémon and it has a great design. Lapras is capable of using telepathy to understand humans and loves to ferry people. Not to mention it's based off the legendary Loch Ness monster. What else could you ask for?
As my favorite Pokemon, Lapras gains my vote. But come on. Let's give Weavile some love. How's it 26th? ':(
[Newest]Lapras slays, my favorite Pokemon of my Leaf Green team.

AGREED! Glaceon has decent stats considering its an ice type, and as everyone knows, ice type's have many weaknesses. Glaceon is also one of the cutest eeveelutions, I mean, when I first saw it I completely fell in love and I knew that I just had to get one. Overall, it is an AWESOME POKèMON!
I completely agree, everyone I meet seems to forget about Glaceon and start praising Jolteon or whatever. Glaceon is my fave Pokemon and I'm glad someone thinks it's awesome
Without a doubt the best evolution of Eevee, just look at him is just awesome.
[Newest]Glaceon is a beast and definitely beats all the other ice Pokemon. Gladden helped me beat all the gym leaders and the elite four+champion

Froslass is the only Ice/Ghost type plus it is a total boss in the anime, personally this should on the number 1 spot!.
Plus it can learn Destiny Bond :D and even better is that it is learnt at level 59!. All I can say is that it should rule the Number 1 Spot!.
Its really the best and she is so cool I really want it to be my pokemon just look at her she is so beautiful nice designs and even tougher than glaceon she is the best pokemon I've ever seen this isn't an opinion ITS A FACT
Frosslass, along with Rotom-F, is the only ice-type Pokemon with more resistances and immunities than weaknesses. It is also the fastest ghost-type ever (tied with Gengar). Besides, it looks like at total boss.
[Newest]Equal weaknesses to resistances, speed equal to even gengar, ghost, destiny bond, cursed body, spikes. The list really goes on.

Articuno is my favorite between the legendary birds (and I mean compared to moltres and zapdos)! He/she is just so cool (literally)! By the way: Did you know that in Pokemon Magical Journey Manga Series, Articuno owns a snow cone shop? I find that very cute and funny.
Have any of tried Mind Reader+Sheer Cold? Guaranteed to his OHKO! Nothing can beat that.
Very good Pokemon reliable even able to take out Pokemon that should normally defeat it
[Newest]How can articuno be 4 and you guys have put glaceon in 1 you guys are so mad

Well Walrein may be a big blue walrus but this... This is a gigantic dirt, ice pig with even bigger and sharper tusks. Not to mention... (oh wait I already did) it's a gigantic dirt ice pig!
I have to say that Mamoswine is a complete BEAST with ground being a secondary type. this Negates the weakness of Fire
It's great. It's resistant to fire of which is an ice type's few fears and it can learn sheer cold and earthquake.
[Newest]He is most powerful

Kyurem didn't just break the record but also the ICE! It has the powers of BOTH Reshiram and Zekrom. Lapras has a stat total of 535, Glaceon: 525, Froslass: 480, Articuno: 580 and mamoswine: 530, nothing close to Kyurem's 660 stat total. In a battle with all five of them, Kyurem could turn white and freeze them (ALL of them) into an ice statue so Kyurem is the winner. In fact Kyurem is the ONLY one of the strongest legendary Pokemon on the list.
This pokemon is the bomb! I beat Reshiram, Zekrom and billions of other dragon type pokemon with this boss pokemon! YAY KYUREM!
Kyurem is such a beast! I killed a mega Gardevoir with one move from Kyurem. And Mega Gardevoir is, like, super strong against Kyurem! I rest my case. Kyurem is the best.

I can't believe how under appreciated weavile is. With 125 attack and speed and an unexpecting move pool. Very few things can switch in on weavile and not be severely damaged or most likely ko'd. I keep one on nearly every competitive team I have. It always sweeps through the elite 4 as well. Weavile deserves to be in the top 5 at least. Speaking he is amount dark types.
Why the HECK is this not in the top five?! This is the fastest Ice Type! It is tied with Darkrai as the fastest Dark type too! It's attack stat is deadly with Life Orb!
Ya! He rocks in online battles too because nowadays everyone has been using some killer dragon type (Ex. Dragonite, Salamence, Hydreigon, Latios etc.) kill them with this guy (If dragonite suvives a hit him em with Ice Shard)

He also looks cool and also kills fast sweepers like Gengar, Alakazam
Also say good-bye to Garchomp
[Newest]I love weavile, and think it's top 3 material at least

It's a big blue walrus that can learn destructive moved. It's got cool pre-evolutions and it's just generally a great addition to ones team. And did I mention that it's a big blue walrus? :3
I don't know if this is a legendary, or if they count, but the legendary ice Pokemon should be the first ones because they are undoubtedly the best.


My favourite Pokemon ever. Enough said. Cool design with an adorable pre-evolution and is good at being a stall and at dealing damadge competitively. Also, does it not kinda have a mullet

Explosion is the first move he learns so obviously, he is #1!


Even though it is a legenary... I think this is an awesome ice pokemon! This is my opinion so don't judge me... So yea! Regice is the best ice-pokemon for me
Regice is the best ice type, my signature Pokemon, and the best ice type!
In fact, I own a team of ice-types. I am the official ice-type master of ALL of Pokémon. Read this and read it well. If you think you have a team of ice types that can beat mine, then your ballistic.

He looks so menacing! Not to mention his attack stat is very high and it's about time Nintendo had a polar bear.
Beartic is awesome I can't wait to get one
He is a real strong and patoning Pokemon.

The Contenders

So, I know people are hating on Vanilluxe because of design, but there are worse designs out there, like geodude. I know it has a limited move pool, but with acid armor, leftovers, and ice body, this ice cream cone can kick some dragon type butt!
A boss ice type. It has awesome attack plus it learns blizzard and sheer cold by level up. It also has hail and ice body for a great alternative to leftovers. It's got an adorable design that does not suck. Behind those cute faces is a frozen nightmare for dragon trainers. #icebeam!
At late game this thing can boost it's defense with acid armor and then throw itself to physical attackers to get the Weak Armor boost and wreck teams, this set never lets me down

This guy owns it all, he provides a decent move pool but yet has very powerful attacks and is downright cool
My favorite ice Pokemon, and my favorite Pokemon in all of them.
He'll drop an A bomb on you

Oh yah dewgong the epic thing
I just absolutely love Dewgong! So cute and powerful with the right move set.
[Newest]He's my favorite Pokemon actually...


Defiantly one of the best ice types. It was the first ice type that Ash managed to obtain and has always been on of my favourite Pokemon.
One of my favorites! It's often regarded as pretty weak for its average stats and single typing, but it's one of the best Pokemon I've ever used!
Absolutely amazing, with a great mega evolution to boot.

Skill Link, max speed and attack, Ice spear and Rock blast? With shell smash! Your opponent wont see it coming. They're going' down
One of the BEST pokemon because of its defense and if its put up with the right moves you will OWN.
Cloyster with Shell Smash and Focus Smash = Unbeatable

Vanillish is my favorite Pokemon, and I'm not joking. The losers who make fun of the design can resort to their Charizard, and their missing out. Vanillish is catchable from early in the game, is tied with Lapras for the best non legendary ice type stat-wise. He SHOULD have gotten a Mega Evolution...
Best in Unova. The design is cute (opinion of course) nice speed, well rounded, Nice movepool. You gotta kill those killer Dragon types right?
Best Unova Ice Type. Now, I understand people hate it because of the design, but it is better than the living pile of goo that Muk is or the extremely generic Pidgey, Rattata, Lillipup, Sentret, Seel, and others.

I find delibird a good pokemon because it does has decent moves it could learn by using TMs like it could use brick break and focus punch and it could learn strong ice type moves like ice beam and blizzard and its also a flying type so it could learn fly delibird also has a decent speed
Note: delibird is the only non legendary flying ice type
I find delibird stronge if you train it well I just don't get why people be making' fun of delibird cause it be looking' like Santa but yeah delibird is cool

Its one of kyurem followers must have some abilities also its like got great attacks like sheer cold ice beam etc etc

19Black Kyurem
Just amazing! An all rounder takes your breath away
Choice banded... Jolly Nature... OP... It's so good...
Dude, are you joking? Even if he is the only demoted Uber tier Pokemon, he can still kick butt in OU with his great stats and mixed attacking capabilities.

Badass looking! First ice pokemon I ever caught, and helped me beat gym leader.
I love this pokemon, it's so cool and mysterious.

It's a cute, blue, seal! I love seals! All you need for a powerful team is cute Pokemon, because the other Pokemon will be knocked out by their pure cuteness!
Sure, powerwise it's a bit of a downer, but in cuteness?


This is my favorite Pokemon of all time. I wipe out fighting type Pokemon with it.
This graceful, majestic ice-rock type can KICK YOUR BUTT! EV train it in sp. attack, give it refrigerate and hyper beam, and you have the best special sweeper introduced in Kalos. It's both beautiful, and strong. Perfect for an ice type.

Look at snorunt and love him. It's impossible to do otherwise. My favorite Pokemon ever.
For the win snorunt can destroy mewtwo and every legendary.

25White Kyurem

What this isn't even an ice type




He helped to defeat 1 elite four and he evolves into an awesome Pokemon

When did Mewtwo become a ice type Pokemon
Aditya mohanty; I am with you he is acycec type
Yeah, when did Mewtow become an Ice Pokemon?






Avalugg is a tiger made out of thick ice. that is just an awesome concept. :]
Its like regice but heavier and a bigger bad ass
It's stats are amazing!
[Newest]2 words! Amazing stats!

If nicki minaj was a Pokemon this is what she'd be.
I love her. She's such a power house with the right nature
Jynx is the best Pokemon all together!


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