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"I can't escape this now
Unless you show me how"
Great quote, Great Song
Trust me, you'll LOVE it!

I love Imagine Dragons! Their music flows so wonderful and it is about true things inside of you ( such as demons) It's so amazing the way they sing!

I love Imagine Dragons! The flow of the music makes you want to get up and dance! If you don't like this band what do you like? This band is one of the best I know!

Hands Down the best

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This song gives me goosebumps! I love how it has mild dubstep and an amazing beat! Favorite song of the summer.

Love this song! It just makes me want to dance. The beat is amazing!

THE BEST song of 2012. And part of, far and away, the best EP of 2012. Only song I could listen to repeatedly and still want to listen to more!

What I don't get is: why isn't the song on the "Greatest Hits of All Times" list. love this song..

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3It's Time

Best fun song ever, ever since I heard it, I've listened to it many times every day, and I really think it should be number one.

First song I ever heard from them! Let me tell you now, they are now my favorite band ever! I have to see them in concert! ( and I don't even go to concerts laugh out loud so that says something! ) Love this song and all of their music, you can relate to.

It's Time is a great song. It may be upbeat, but the melody contrasts that with the perfect amount of regular Imagine Dragons slow melody. Great feel-good song, but the instruments just don't sound like a true masterpiece of Imagine Dragons work. However, it matches up to being a good song that gives fans something other than the regular slow, sad tempo and melody to listen to. - AlGalaxy

The title didn't seem catching, but trust me you'll love the song just as I do.

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4Bleeding Out

So perfect... A lot like Radioactive but better!
This band has everything that I have been looking for in bands lately. They have a little bit of Coldplay, a little bit of One Republic, some Mumford & Sons and more. And this song shows it all off.

Not better than radioactive, the word is so meaning full in radioactive

So perfect! Oh gosh! I can't believe I discovered this band only now! THIS MUSIC IS SO "don't waste your life and enjoy it until you can"!

This is definitely their most underrated songs. Not as good as Radioactive, It's Time, and Demons, but definitely better than On Top of the World and Tiptoe.

There is something about this song that just touches my heart. I love it and I love Imagine Dragons

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5On Top of the World

This song gets the award for catchy tune

This song is probably one of the best songs I have ever heard... LISTEN!

I just love how imagine dragons can change a few simple beats and make it into a proper song with percussion and guitar and everything. They even put in a few simple things like clapping and whistling that make all the difference. I love the song because it sounds so basic but awesome

My favorite song out of all imagine dragon songs

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"If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me? " One of the best lyrics Imagine Dragons has ever written. This song is amazing. I don't understand why it isn't higher on the lists; people don't know it as well. Seriously...guys this song is haven't lived til you've heard it.

The fact that this song is making it way to the top 3 is undeniable! It's full of emotions. The music and the lead singer's voice is just astonishing. GREAT JOB!

This song is hands down worthy of number 10 or better, listen to this before you vote for anything else. Seriously.

"If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me? And if I seem dangerous, would you be scared? "

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Got a great rhythm, some seriously good vocals that are full of emotion. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant. The word play between the singer and his mother, brother, and his (now ex) lover implies a despairing story without actually stating anything. On top of this abject disappointment is a strong message of hope that is only better because of the negativity that comes around it.

This song literally makes me feel like I'm in an alternate universe. It takes me somewhere that I could never go to before I found this song. The instrumentals are just amazing and the voice is so unique and just amazing. All in all, this is definitely my all-time favorite imagine dragons song.

I LOVE this song! I actually got it for free on itunes, which is how I started listening to Imagine Dragons, and it's still my favorite. You NEED to listen to this song!

I would actually put this song #2 in my top 10.

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8Round and Round

This song means so much to me! I love it so much!

The very first line man, its just so true.

It's like a dream. It full of emotion and feeling, how someone is trying to find their purpose in life and not just go on the same old boring routine like most people do. Overall it screams "life is short. Live it to the fullest! "

Just too underrated. The band's best song I recommend you listen to it.

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My favorite great if you just listen to each of the instruments. Especially the guitar. Unique lyrics to

This song has been among my favorites for a long time. Although at first it was somewhat forgetable, now it's an amazing song, that I can't seem to stop listening to it. It has a nice, relaxing feel to it and I would have to recomend it to listen to. It's in the top 10 for a good reason :D

MY FAVORITE! When they play it live its funny because at a certain point everyone starts cheering. Now every time I hear that part I think of my concert. Anyways awesome song!

This is such a good song. A nice buildup leading to the EXPLOSIVE chorus, a great, catchy melody, and good lyrics about a slow, unsuspecting climb to the top. - WonkeyDude98

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10Nothing Left to Say / Rocks

Amazingly addictive, especially when the viola kicks in. The apocalypticness of it is so amazing, it makes me shiver. I LOVE the chorus! Can't believe it only got 2% - quatchi2

Just discovered this song, should definitely be higher, such a unique and catchy sound!

Why is Nothing Left To Say in tenth place? It breaks my heart. This song is so amazing... , I first heard it and couldn't stop listening to it. Please listen to this song and vote it for a higher place. The lyrics are amazing, but I love the music the best. please vote for this song!

I love this song. It's sound is so epic and amazing.

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11Ready Aim Fire

I never, ever thought the day would come when Imagine Dragons would write a song that could surpass the awesomeness of some of their classics; Such as Radioactive, It's Time, and Demons. Well, they did it! And that's what makes them the best band of all time!

When I first heard this song, it became the only song I listened for over a week and I'm not even was so amazing I couldn't bear to listen to anything else until I knew every word by heart

Awesome song... Track of ironman 3... Imagine dragons rock... Love this song

This song is epic it should be like in the top three.

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This should be SO much higher on the list, at LEAST top 5. I can't stop listening to it! Probably their catchiest and most epic anthem. Best song I've heard in a long time.

Just for the first time I heard it, it was just the best song I have heard in a while and I keep listening to it never getting old! - The_AZNGM3R

League of Legends Championships Song. "As a child, you would wait, and watch from far away. But you always knew that you'd be the boy that worked while they all played." I think something wrong with that. League of Legends is a game lol. Great song though

Just look at the views on the song its amazing riot should love lol

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13I Bet My Life

Are you CRAZY?! This song deserves 1st place or at least 3rd place. The lyrics are well-thought and very touching when listening to the song. Plus, the background instrumental and the chorus especially just takes this song to even greater heights.

I really love the sound and also the lyrics of the song! Can never get tired of it so I don't really understand why its on 43.

I've been looking for this song everywhere! The only thing I could type into Google was so I I bet my life on you which had been stuck in my head and now I've found it! I love it so much! immediately smashes download button

This should be number 1

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14Hear Me

Can't believe this isn't higher, best imagine dragons song!

At school, no one knows this song except me. It is so sad. This song is so in-depth, I can't help but listen to it over and over again all day. I love the lyrics and the music... especially the music. It's catchy and I think Hear Me deserves a chance to be number one someday. Please listen to it and you'll see what I mean. Vote for this song. You will make me eternally happy. Hear Me doesn't deserve 13th place, it deserves at least 5th.

Love the contrast between verse and chorus!

This is best song in my opinion,I've heard all the songs but this songs seems perfect and better than all.

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15Battle Cry

Are you kidding me? This is an amazing song, it deserves more votes! Just listen to it, you won't regret it!

36? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE LIST? It deserve ti be the top. The beat is like crazy just listen to it. Also Transformer soundtrack.

This song is so amazing it should be number one, maybe because it's still very new, but still AWESOMENESS!

The only good song this band has ever done, and the music for it was written by someone else. Go figure.

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I think this song should definitely be in one of the top 10, really this song is just so up beat, with a really good rhythm

Has great verses and a great chorus. This song definitely deserves to be top 5. It is one of my favorite songs of imagine dragons. Can't beat this song.

Undercover just like a candle in the wind - cameronhowardcousino

This song is very underrated. In my opinion, it would be the best Imagine Dragons song, if it didn't dawn in the enormous shadow of "Demons" and "Radioactive." Second best of Night Visions, I think, to Demons, and third best overall to Demons and Shots. - AlGalaxy

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17Every Night

Oh my... Why isn't this song in the top ten? It has like the catchiest beat and yet is so sad. It has a very different quality than their other songs. It makes me happy to listen to it. This is definitely of Imagine Dragons' best songs... Ever!

How is this song not higher?! This definitely one of Id's better songs. It has great lyrics, a great sound, and is just all together amazing. This is for sure on of my Favorite Imagine Dragons songs, and DESERVES to be higher.

Definitely should be higher on this list. It has a slight Coldplay sound and extraordinary meaning behind it.

It has such a powerful meaning to it. It's what I wish I could say to someone.

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18Who We Are

Great song shouldn't be so low, fits hunger games amazingly Y'ALL SHOULD VOTE FOR MORE THAN JUST DEMONS AND RADIOACTIVE!

Is it just me or is imagine dragons making a song for hunger games the best thing that has ever happened to my life...

My Favorite out of them, and I like most of there songs! Well.. Still this is my favorite. Shocking it's not in the top ten, or five...

I don't listen to this band at all, but I have to admit this one's good.

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Well, it's not up front because it's really new (Christmas Eve, 2014) great song. "Who can you trust when everything you touch turns to gold? " Beat is great. It's imagine dragons, enough said

I'll always wonder how this song didn't make the top 5, I agree the top 5 is already taken by 5 amazing songs, but Gold deserves to be one of them, great beat, amazing lyrics, it really reflects the best of Imagine dragons

WHAT 19. Place?!?! Oh, I mean Demons and Radioactive and It's time and all of these songs on a higher place on this list deserves to be where they are, but Gold should've been as good as them too!

Really good.. It even has a good Music Video

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Its actually called selene, with an e! But this has been my favorite song by them for months now, never gets old:) the beat is amazing!

This song is an older one, but definitely my favorite. I can listen to this song over and over, and it especially sounds great while driving. pretty sure I've been seen by like twenty drivers through the window getting really into this song

Selene is definitely my favorite song of theirs without a doubt, and trust me I have aLL of them! If you've never heard it you're missing out!

Love this song

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