Best Imagine Dragons Songs

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"I can't escape this now
Unless you show me how"
Great quote, Great Song
Trust me, you'll LOVE it!

I love Imagine Dragons! Their music flows so wonderful and it is about true things inside of you ( such as demons) Its so amazing the way they sing!
I love Imagine Dragons! The flow of the music makes you want to get up and dance! If you don't like this band what do you like? This band is one of the best I know!
[Newest]I love this song!
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This song gives me goosebumps! I love how it has mild dubstep and an amazing beat! Favorite song of the summer.
Love this song! It just makes me want to dance. The beat is amazing!
THE BEST song of 2012. And part of, far and away, the best EP of 2012. Only song I could listen to repeatedly and still want to listen to more!
[Newest]It's a really powerful song and its really easy to learn the lyrics. and the radioactive music video is there most popular video
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3It's Time
Best fun song ever, ever since I heard it, I've listened to it many times every day, and I really think it should be number one.
Good beat and melody
First song I ever heard from them! Let me tell you now, they are now my favorite band ever! I have to see them in concert! ( and I don't even go to concerts laugh out loud so that says something! ) Love this song and all of their music, you can relate to.
[Newest]This is the song that give a lingo to my rambling thoughts..

4Bleeding Out
So perfect... A lot like Radioactive but better!
This band has everything that I have been looking for in bands lately. They have a little bit of Coldplay, a little bit of One Republic, some Mumford & Sons and more. And this song shows it all off.
Not better than radioactive, the word is so meaning full in radioactive
So perfect! Oh gosh! I can't believe I discovered this band only now! THIS MUSIC IS SO "don't waste your life and enjoy it until you can"!
This is definitely their most underrated songs. Not as good as Radioactive, It's Time, and Demons, but definitely better than On Top of the World and Tiptoe.
[Newest]I love this song, it's so awesome. Catchy lyrics.
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5On Top of the World
This song gets the award for catchy tune
The Ultimate feel good song
This song is probably one of the best songs I have ever heard... LISTEN!
[Newest]So happy and upbeat

"If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me? " One of the best lyrics Imagine Dragons has ever written. This song is amazing. I don't understand why it isn't higher on the lists; people don't know it as well. Seriously...guys this song is haven't lived til you've heard it.
The fact that this song is making it way to the top 3 is undeniable! It's full of emotions. The music and the lead singer's voice is just astonishing. GREAT JOB!
This song is hands down worthy of number 10 or better, listen to this before you vote for anything else. Seriously.
[Newest]It's the best song ever. Best melody and rhythm given by imagine dragons. I love this song a lot
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My favorite great if you just listen to each of the instruments. Especially the guitar. Unique lyrics to
Awesome song by Awesome band!
This song has been among my favorites for a long time. Although at first it was somewhat forgetable, now it's an amazing song, that I can't seem to stop listening to it. It has a nice, relaxing feel to it and I would have to recomend it to listen to. It's in the top 10 for a good reason :D
[Newest]This song is gonna tiptoe up the charts

8Round and Round
This song means so much to me! I love it so much!
The very first line man, its just so true.
It's like a dream. It full of emotion and feeling, how someone is trying to find their purpose in life and not just go on the same old boring routine like most people do. Overall it screams "life is short. Live it to the fullest! "
[Newest]I just love this song and how it makes you want to play it on repeat

Got a great rhythm, some seriously good vocals that are full of emotion. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant. The word play between the singer and his mother, brother, and his (now ex) lover implies a despairing story without actually stating anything. On top of this abject disappointment is a strong message of hope that is only better because of the negativity that comes around it.
I LOVE this song! I actually got it for free on itunes, which is how I started listening to Imagine Dragons, and it's still my favorite. You NEED to listen to this song!
This song literally makes me feel like I'm in an alternate universe. It takes me somewhere that I could never go to before I found this song. The instrumentals are just amazing and the voice is so unique and just amazing. All in all, this is definitely my all-time favorite imagine dragons song.
[Newest]"I'll take the western train, just by the side of Amsterdam"

10Nothing Left to Say / Rocks
Amazingly addictive, especially when the viola kicks in. The apocalypticness of it is so amazing, it makes me shiver. I LOVE the chorus! Can't believe it only got 2%


Just discovered this song, should definitely be higher, such a unique and catchy sound!
Can't believe this isn't in the top 10
[Newest]How can it take only 3%.. Deep lyrics and amazing music

The Contenders

11Ready Aim Fire
I never, ever thought the day would come when Imagine Dragons would write a song that could surpass the awesomeness of some of their classics; Such as Radioactive, It's Time, and Demons. Well, they did it! And that's what makes them the best band of all time!
When I first heard this song, it became the only song I listened for over a week and I'm not even was so amazing I couldn't bear to listen to anything else until I knew every word by heart
Awesome song... Track of ironman 3... Imagine dragons rock... Love this song
[Newest]It deserves to be in the 1st position, at least in the top 5, love this song!

12Hear Me
Can't believe this isn't higher, best imagine dragons song!
At school, no one knows this song except me. It is so sad. This song is so in-depth, I can't help but listen to it over and over again all day. I love the lyrics and the music... especially the music. It's catchy and I think Hear Me deserves a chance to be number one someday. Please listen to it and you'll see what I mean. Vote for this song. You will make me eternally happy. Hear Me doesn't deserve 13th place, it deserves at least 5th.
Love the contrast between verse and chorus!
[Newest]Hear Me and vote for this!

I think this song should definitely be in one of the top 10, really this song is just so up beat, with a really good rhythm
Has great verses and a great chorus. This song definitely deserves to be top 5. It is one of my favorite songs of imagine dragons. Can't beat this song.
Undercover just like a candle in the wind


[Newest]This song just puts you in a good mood throughout. A definite listen.

14Battle Cry
Are you kidding me? This is an amazing song, it deserves more votes! Just listen to it, you won't regret it!
36? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE LIST? It deserve ti be the top. The beat is like crazy just listen to it. Also Transformer soundtrack.
This song is so amazing it should be number one, maybe because it's still very new, but still AWESOMENESS!
[Newest]Best "Do or Die" song ever, listening to this track before exams and practicums boost my morale and surprisingly, my grades

15Who We Are
Great song shouldn't be so low, fits hunger games amazingly Y'ALL SHOULD VOTE FOR MORE THAN JUST DEMONS AND RADIOACTIVE!
Is it just me or is imagine dragons making a song for hunger games the best thing that has ever happened to my life...
My Favorite out of them, and I like most of there songs! Well.. Still this is my favorite. Shocking it's not in the top ten, or five...
[Newest]I love it more than demons

Love this song, just has a great message! Makes me feel very patriotic and emotional all at the same time. More people need to listen to it!
JUST AMAZING! And a really good beat
I love the lyrics and the vocals of this song. Good music.
[Newest]This song is breathtakingly beautiful

This should be SO much higher on the list, at LEAST top 5. I can't stop listening to it! Probably their catchiest and most epic anthem. Best song I've heard in a long time.
Just for the first time I heard it, it was just the best song I have heard in a while and I keep listening to it never getting old!


This song is one of the most amazing things to listen to during a workout or ever before a match to get you pumped up. Only reason for it being so low is it's relatively new, only explanation...
[Newest]Really good song, Got me hooked up to imagine dragons.

It's too bad not many people know about this song. It's a great one. Very catchy and fun to listen to.
Too bad this song isn't very popular. It's very catchy and brilliant?


I love it's catchy indeed Imagine Dragons are awesome!

19Every Night
Oh my... Why isn't this song in the top ten? It has like the catchiest beat and yet is so sad. It has a very different quality than their other songs. It makes me happy to listen to it. This is definitely of Imagine Dragons' best songs... Ever!
How is this song not higher?! This definitely one of Id's better songs. It has great lyrics, a great sound, and is just all together amazing. This is for sure on of my Favorite Imagine Dragons songs, and DESERVES to be higher.
Definitely should be higher on this list. It has a slight Coldplay sound and extraordinary meaning behind it.
[Newest]It should be no 3 and bleeding out should be no 2 and the best of course is DEMONS!

20My Fault
Amazing beat and great vocals. Definitely as good as Radioactive in my book.
This song is the best! The opening's a lot like 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' of Green Day, but as you listen to it, you find this one is better. Really awesome!
How is this not in the top ten? It's one of my favorites off the album- the idea that he wrote it for his wife when he was away one tour, not sure if it was his fault that they were both suffering under the distance- it's so original and romantic. Deserves so much more publicity!

Its actually called selene, with an e! But this has been my favorite song by them for months now, never gets old:) the beat is amazing!
Selene is definitely my favorite song of theirs without a doubt, and trust me I have aLL of them! If you've never heard it you're missing out!
That's such an amazing song! Sounds really good and it's a songs you can listen to in whichever situation.
[Newest]Should be at a better position

22Lost Cause
It's amazing. I could listen to it forever and it'd never get old.
Relatable for going through depression etc. With lyrics like "Oh! Dig my shallow grave. But it's not me you'll save cause I'm a lost cause I'm a lost cause! ". It gives you chills and definitely needs more votes.
This is the saddest song I've heard in a while yet it's amazing
[Newest]I love the song! I could listen to it every time anywhere

A catchy song that should really be on itunes. My friends and I are always singing it! Needs to be more well known, I am sure it would take the nation by storm!
It is as good as radioactive
The instrumentals really make you feel like you're in a downtown Asian metropolis
[Newest]"Tokyo, Tokyo turn out the lights and let it go"

2430 Lives
This had no votes, are you serious?! Great option a realatibility! Like... Again, my friend.
This song is probably my favourite of all of them! It has so much emotion in it, which really came across really well when they sang it live. I LOVE IT! : )
One of their most emotional songs, and this is a a really bad list, cause all of their songs are AMAZING
[Newest]On my top 5 favorite songs (not only from Imagine Dragons)

25Working Man
I love imagine dragons
THis song ROCKS I love it. It is wonderful
One of best Imagine dragons song.
[Newest]This song must be at least I TOP 20.. :/

26Leave Me
This song is so awesome! I realize it doesn't compare to Radioactive and the other songs, but it's really good! Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed. I found this hidden gem on Pandora.
This really is a good song. Really catchy too..

27The River
Amazing beat and very catching. Give it a go and you might ;like it
Song has a great tune and beat, should be up there.
This song is so meaningful I'm listening to this song now and this is not cool should have been in the top ten
How is this number 26? You people are worse than not voting for Lost Cause! This song is AMAZING

The rhythm of it is just awesome, makes you want to sing a long going "cha ching cha ching cha ching a ling" :3 so original
I want it but they don't sell it on the US itunes
It's one of the best imagine dragons songs. It have an amazing meaning and some addicting chorus (cha-ching... ), I'm singing it all day!
'Cha-Ching, cha-Ching, cha-chingalay! ' This song is very catchy and is a great song. I'm surprised that it isn't in the top ten-it's awesome!

29I Bet My Life
I really love the sound and also the lyrics of the song! Can never get tired of it so I don't really understand why its on 43.
Great expansion of sound, glad to see they're not sticking to a predetermined formula that they're comfortable with.
The beat was simply just awesome that kept on pushing me to play it over and over again
[Newest]I listened to this song in a loop! Too good to be at 30!

This song has such a great beat and catchy lyrics
Should be at least at ten

31Look How Far We've Come
By far my absolute favorite song from them! Only downside... You can't find this song anywhere to buy. I highly recommend this song! I fell in love with it the first time I heard it!
Why is this so low? One of my favorites, like a mix between Amsterdam and On Top Of The World
Песня охуитительно-пиз�'атая. From Russia with love

32I Need a Minute
Great melody and lyrics.
Should be in the top ten. I don't know why songs from their first album are not so popular
Such a good song and their origin songs are almost/better than their new songs.

This is honestly my favorite song by them all these people are like 'oh your not a rock band' or 'i don't get it' but that's the point! Clouds is 100% imagine dragons.
That solo at the end is just awesome...
That guitar solo gave me chills (good type)...

34All Eyes
This song definitely deserves to be in the top 15. It has a great beat and the lyrics flow very well. The opening is great and it even has some epic moments like some of their most famous songs!
Hope this song is on their next album! Dan Reynolds and the crew are true artists! All their songs are pure "GOLD" 'enough said!
A catchy and powerful song! Love Imagine Dragons!
[Newest]Forget it. This song should be number one compared to the ones actually at the top (Except Nothing left to say, but still)

Such a good song get chills when I hear it
This song is amazing! The way Dan remes in this song, it makes me go Holy s**t! This song is great give it a try and vote people!


This should be number one! Radioactive is way over played and this is one of my favorites, vote here
Not Better Than Radioactive But it is A good Song
Love this song SO much, it differs a lot from the other Imagine Dagons songs, but this sobg is like a moment song for me espesially with the piano in the beginning

37Cover Up
How is this so low? I can't believe it! This is my favorite out of their older albums! It's so good! Take a listen you won't be disappointed.
Why is this and I Don't Mind so low? I do not agree.

38I Don't Mind
God song yoh amazing!
Same as with cover up


Great job these guys did. Imagine is the only band I now that doesn't have a single bad soing. imagine dragons thanc you for being so epic

41All for You
One of their top songs and not even on the list?! Awesome song. You will never grow tired of this song
Heard this from Transformers, I can't stop listening!
PLease vote for this song... Its an amazing song...

It's Imagine Dragons. enough said

43Heart Upon My Sleeve

44Lah Lah
How the hell this song doesn't appear in the list? !

IS THIS A JOKE? CURSE IS THE BEST SONG EVER! Makes me dance every time! Come on guys!
Oh, my goodnes! This should be up there with radioactive! Possibly best song in all of existence! Please listen to it! It's extremely passionate song!
This song is incredible! This would go to straight to number 1 if only people knew about it!
[Newest]One of the best

Probably one of the best songs I've ever heard. Go listen to it now. Please
It's a super catchy song! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! And when my frnds asked me why they should go and listen to it, I couldn't explain it really! But all I will say is that listen to it and then even you'll understand why I cudnt explain it! LOVE THIS SONG! :D
This is one of the best song of Imagine Dragons! I just love it!

This song is one of their older ones from an early album. It has strong layering and a great hook. It is underrated and will definitely grow an you. Try their earlier stuff.
The very best. Give it a chance and it'll grow on you.


One of the most underrated Imagine Dragons song, but I think it's very catchy and cozy
[Newest]One Of their best songs. Doesn't deserve to be this low in the list.

What? Kidding me right are you even listening to imagine dragons?
This song has nice soothing guitars.nice lyrics..common guys..
Well this sucks! Come on people! Please get this song higher up! It's really not This bad!
Great song! Why aren't you on itunes?

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