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41Civil War

A song about the perils of living in a war-ridden society that is so covered in politics that nobody is safe.
And it also has possibly the best feature I have ever heard in Brother Ali's verse.

Man this is one of the sickest song I heard for technique with Brother Ali

42Goonies Never Die
43Hollywood Drive By

Not in the top 10? Are these people insane?

44Natural Beauty

It is shocking how little have heard this song, other Immortal Technique songs are older and are not as relatable to a newer generation, but this one as anyone can see hold truth to it.

45The Illest

Rev Vol. 1 is the greatest album of all time and it will eat the Carter III, The illest is the greatest song from that list of amazing songs! And that is saying a lot given the circumstances, up against Dance With THe Devil and Revolutionary!

The illest song of all time, Rev Vol. 1 is the greatest Immortal Tech album ever made, and it deserves to be more recognised. This song is so much better than Dance With The Devil and Point of no Return!

The greatest song in the history anything! Immortal techniques lyricism is the way to go in this song, as he tears it up, better than most Classic MC's such as BIg L, KRS One and even Big Pun!

The greatest song on Revolutionary vol. 1 besides Dance With The Devil, I love old school Immortal Technique! That was when he was good, now since he made 3Rd world, the worst album ever, he has lost his respect!

46Crimes of the Heart
47The Martyr

Just a great song. should be much higher, everyone download the full free album

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