Top Ten Best Imogen Heap Songs


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1Hide and Seek

Its amazing. I can relate to it so much. I love how you can here the emotion in her voice. It is her best song. I also think that Jason Derulo did a horrable part of it on his song. No one can Compare to her. She is the one and only who will sound good singing it.

I never tire of listening to this song. I think I must have listened to it hundreds of times. It's just simply sublime.

Great song. So much emotions, I love the way this girl pay with sounds. Its so sad that she is not so famous.

This song is horrible - its completely ruining Imogen's voice by making her sound like a robot and it sounds like she's speaking not singing because there's hardly any rhythm/beat/music...

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2Speeding Cars

Just spectacular... I cannot stop listening to it. Reminds me of how life is hard but you still gotta keep going. Also that your friends are there for you, and you gotta keep living!

I think that this is my favorite Imogen Heap song after hide and seek. its just so soothing, but fun at the same time.

Absolutely beautiful song - the best pick up when you're down - there there baby, it's just textbook stuff!

This song is absolutely beautiful - she sings with passion and her vocals are high and it's a catchy song!

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Close Your Eyes And The Imagination Can Leave You To The Future

4Just For Now

The best I think from Imogen Heap.. The softness in her voice could kill you or save you to paradise..

The best song by Imogen Heap

5The Walk

The song has a good music with a combination of electronics. Besides, the lyrics are again a secret that you'll love to figure out. The abrupt change of notes is simply a WOW.

First song I heard by her and it's absolutely amazing, so full of emotion and feeling!

This song is really well-made. :) it's fun yet I can feel the sadness.

6Closing In
8Not You Again
9The Moment I Said It

Beautiful song. Reminds me of sad times in my life, but beautiful at the same time.

Haunting. Unforgettable.

10Wait It Out

This is an all time favourite song for me and my best friend, we love it so much. So happy I found it from that Chuck episode! It deserves to be way higher on this list.

This one must be way up in the list.

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11First Train Home

This is a beautiful song. I never get tired of listening to it again and again. Its got really good music. It should be on the top ten list at least.

It gave me joy and soothes my day


Really creepy and weir din a good way gives me chills. I can't stop listening to this song. It's got such an ominous tone to it.

16You Know Where to Find Me

Love this song it's so beautiful and the lyrics are INCREDIBLE its her best song in my opinion

18Can't Take It In
19Propeller Seeds
20Let Go

Relaxing and beautiful song. You must listen to this!

Excellent song, it should b one of her top ten!

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