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A rapper from Bangalore whose rapping topics is different from others. His songs are about Politics, war, society along with his life scenarios. A must listen.

Apna suhaas ;)
Raps about serious and touchy stuff mainly

He rocks

AmB here though

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162Shar S
163Lokesh Bhati

The guy comes from Village Aimnabad Greater Noida Uttar (U. P) in North India but he is doing great he writes and raps and sings his songs like the Creator hope we see him soon as the New Star because he is a born Musician

165Kinga Rhymes (Sahir Nawab)
166AK 15

"Want It" changed the history of rap music

Greatest Indian rapper of all time.

Best in the west, beast in the east

He has inspired me

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167R. Bakshi

The best upcoming talent

168Ryan Roy

He deserves to be far aheaf of these other guys in the list. Excellent diction, lyrics and rhythm!

Indian rapper who recently released an inspiring rap, Aam Aadmi Ka Lafda on YouTube. Great lyrics and recitation. Star in the making!

169Rapstar Vikrant

An Indian Rap artist With more energy and expierience or Punjabi And Hindi Rapping.

170Honey Singh

So nice songs pushpakband

I love you pushpakband

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172Chaudhary Rapper

Best English & Hindi rapper. One of the first rappers in New Delhi.


A Hindi rap artist from alwar, rajasthan.
Best in Punjabi & Hindi raps.

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175Jazz Zora
176G kalsi Rapper
177E.P.R Iyer

I think he is the best rapper from India. His lyrics and rhyming techniques are just awesome. He is the only rapper who knows how to keep flowing with the poetry. And he's tremendous at freestyle.

178MC Kash

Best rapper in Indian occupied Kashmir... As well as one of the best rapper I have ever heard... Because he has sung a no of songs against Indian oppression in Kashmir... That's y he has not been included... But reality is that he is best rapper in India who raps in English...

He spits bars full of Knowlegde and Information, He spits what's true! He has very touchy lyrics that chill you down to the spine. There's no RAPPER in India who is as touching as him but why is he on this list He isn't an Indian, he hails from Kashmir.

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179Femcee Evil
180MC Charan

Desi rapper from hyderabad he raps in 5 different languages best one ever

He raps very fast and one of the best rapper from hyderabad..
His rymes was amazing. He gave lyrics to many rappers like lil golu, raftaar, etc
I hope he is going to be in first in this list very soon.

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