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301 Parquet Courts

Such a great blend of send ups to their influences and a really great original sound. PC blends their indie rock influences with the Americana twang of their home state of Texas so seamlessly.

302 The Coronas
304 The Zolas V 1 Comment
305 Automatic Loveletter
306 Louden Swain

This band is actually great! I've heard if them through being a fan of Rob Benedict (the lead singer) and noticed that they're only well known in the Supernatural fandom, so I figured they weren't that good. Then I actually listened, and, well, I absolutely loved them! They're my new favorite band! Some songs you need to listen to them are "Bandaged Hand" "Eskimo" "All I Need" and "She Waits." They're all great, and I definitely recommend them!

307 Razorlight
308 The Rakes
309 Black Mountain
310 Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound
311 Radio Moscow
312 Birds of Avalon
313 Dead Meadow
314 Archie Bronson Outfit
315 Fun

Clearly the concept of indie rock is completely lost on this list which is filled with so much trash. Sonic Youth and the Pixies are so far down, it's disgusting.

Over played sellouts. They don't deserve to be anywhere on this list past 290. Why? Because on the scale of Indie, one single doesn't weigh against the other bags of garbage they call albums.

29! Seriously these guys deserve to be in the top 10!

Why are not they in the top 10? There songs are amazing, Some Nights, We are young, etc. I personally love the harmony

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316 Manchester Orchestra

Manchester orchestra is the best band on here, they capture every emotion known to man on all of there music, and plus alt press gave "Mean everything to nothing" and "simple math" 5/5 stars
One of the greatest bands ever, definitely deserve to be higher than coldplay and the killers

Hows Manchester all the way down here? Their the best band out there! I searched and searched and searched In the year of about 2009 just to find some good music, some good indie rock bands. I stumbled upon Manchester! their album everything to nothing was amazing! then came Simple Math! Which holds some of my favorite songs! Love Mancester1

The fact that Manchester Orchestra is this far down the list is an absolute travesty! Every single song of theirs is gold and I would strongly encourage every fan of indie rock to give them a long listen.

It was absolutely baffling to me that I had to add this to a list of 240+ indie bands, most of which don't even deserve to be on the same page.

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317 Matt and Kim

I know there not a band but their still truly Indie and their amazing I love them so much if you haven't heard their music you definitely should. by the way they are definitely true indie unlike most of the bands on here I mean idt half these people know what Indie music is.

Give them I try, you will thank the day you read these coments and heeded them.

Great band with powerful beats and vocals!
So much variety in their music and such catchy songs.
Definitely worth listening too.

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318 Tokyo Police Club

Awesome band, should be way higher

319 WU LYF
320 The Vamps The Vamps The Vamps are a British pop rock band consisting of Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans.

The vamps are a boy band and are often compared to One Direction as they both work in similar genre's, consist of "hot" boys and mainly have teenage girl as fans. Their lyrics, vocals and tune are way better than One Direction but The Vamps music still lie in the mainstream, generic, pop category.

They do some good covers of pop songs on their YouTube channel (as in they've change the tune well, it sounds better than the original) If you like this type of genre they're worth listening too but I think they should be lower on the list for "Indie Rock Bands"

The Vamps are like One Direction, except they actually play their instruments and sing without auto-tune.

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