Best Industrial Songs of All Time


These are easily the best industrial songs of all time, whether it be industrial metal rock or electronica it doesn't really matter here they are. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Guilty - Gravity Kills
An incredible band with a fantastic sound! I got to meet these guys when they got started. I've been a fan since. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have them playing. While they have a loyal fan base, it would be nice to see the size of that base if they had more airplay. I truly hope they bless us with another album. These guys know who made them famous and for that Gravity Kills gives much respect. They love their fans as much as the fans love them. I truly think of them as my brothers!
GK and SW are 2 of my favorite bands. Both of their top songs (Guilty and Save Yourself respectively) are far from their best in my opinion. In my opinion their 2nd most popular songs are both far better (Enough and Shame respectively). Both bands get my vote for top notch Industrial bands-they both have tons of good stuff most people are missing out on!
A very underrated band, debut album sold almost half-a-millions copies, their first single hit brief mainstream populatrity and toured with officially the Sex Pistols. This is a very good band, and at that time they were considered one of the most promising young bands in the industrial music scene.
[Newest]Highly underrated - their music sounds as fresh and relevant today as it did when they came on the scene in 1996. So excited they are back together and cannot wait to see what they have in store for their fans next!

2Feuer Frei - Rammstein
Greatest band to ever walk this earth. The definition of EPIC music, till lindemann is GOD!
BEST BAND EVER! Their song lyrics are dark but yet give you a sense that if you think about those things you aren't the only ones! I don't care if their German its perfect metal with techno!
rammstein for me is the best of industrial metal band! but I think that du hast is the best of their songs, but the both of them are very expressive
[Newest]Feuer Frei! Bang Bang!

3Closer - Nine Inch Nails
This song has something. Watch the video. The beat is perfect to have sex! And It becomes more more and more powerfull.
This song is a very powerful addition to Industrial Music all around. It, along with the rest of the album, deals with desire, addiction, and is a purely amazing combination of beats and sounds to make an Industrial anthem.
Closer itself wouldn't work with any other band NIN have such good songs that it's stupid to vote against it even if all the song did was revolutionize the entire media single handedly in the 90's and had such a badass video that MTV won't show it anymore oh huh that kind of is a big del of a song hmm..
[Newest]The first industrial song I heard, I still listen to it today. The remix "closer to god" is better, but the original is still awesome.

4Rock Is Dead - Marilyn Manson
OK so this song will be debated however here's my reasons. The music is absolutely brilliant. The song has a structural charm. The lyrics are amazing. If you've not heard this song please go out of your way to hear it.

Great song. Truly. It's even better than Beautiful People. I'm serious. His best song. WOW! Just WOW! Go Marilyn Manson! WOO!
Marilyn Manson's very furious attempt to spiritualize his breakthrough among the Hollywood's shadows... Beautiful.

5Save Yourself - Stabbing Westward
Stabbing Westward got weird with that last album. Anyone who ever saw them in the early days can attest to a great band that seems to have either lost its way or went a direction no one else was willing to follow.

Either way, this is a good song, but 'Haunting Me' was probably better.

6Butterfly Wings - Machines of Loving Grace
This is their best song-it belongs on the list.
Everybody likes this song
MOLG always wins when compared to a variety of industrial rock bands. Just listen.

7Links 2 3 4 - Rammstein

8Headhunter - Front 242

9Stitches - Orgy

10Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter
This song deserves better the 2%, COME ON PEOPLE this is one of the best industrial songs ever! How can you not vote for this? You people make me sick

The Contenders

11Ultranumb - Blue Stahli

12Du Hast - Rammstien

13War - :Wumpscut:

14Ich Bin Ein Auslander - Pop Will Eat Itself

15Vague - Orgy

16Kooler Than Jesus - My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

17Wish - Nine Inch Nails

18Burn - Sister Machine Gun

19Mindphaser - Front Line Assembly

20The Only - Static-X

21I Sit on Acid - Lords of Acid

22Risen - KMFDM
It's everything industrial should be. it has groove, percussion perfection and great lyrical content. Tim Skold... enough said.

KMFDM are INCREDIBLE. everything they do is just insanity... this song is so groovy.


Not even close to the best KMFDM song... But close enough

23Kill the Lights - The Birthday Massacre

24Stateless - C-Tec

25Blue Monday - Orgy

26Coma White - Marilyn Manson
Such an amazing song. Should definitely be in at least the top 5


27Standing - VNV Nation

28F***machine - Combichrist

29Skinnyman - Static-X

30Shut Me Up - Mindless Self Indulgence
This song is a really fun song. MSI are a very upbeat industrial punk band, if you haven't heard them before just do it!

One of my favorite songs ever!

31Microwaved - Pitchshifter

32The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
I especially like the ghost sound effects in the background.
Not in top ten... weird

33Fukken Uber Death Party - Hanzel und Gretyl

34Dragula - Rob Zombie
Much better than Manson. EPIC song of one of the gratest Industrial Metal band

35Join In the Chant - Nitzer Ebb

36Purgatory - Assemblage 23

37So Long Sentiment - Celldweller

38(s)AINT - Marilyn Manson
For me the lyrics do it for this song. Manson is one of the smartest lyricists of all time, that wasn't an opinion that was just factual stuff. another thing with this song, the guitar in the chorus is one note... how it's so good and fresh is beyond me. I guess that's just where the Manson brilliance kicks in.

39Juke Joint Jezebel - KMFDM

40Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

41No More Love - God Lives Underwater

42Black Lolita - Lord of the Lost

43Nobody's Real - Powerman 5000

44Oxymoron no.2 - Akado
This band and song is very amazing, just feel the song will break the language barrier so much excitement and emotions and feeling into this song I really love this band and the album and the band themselves I cannot wait for their next album! LONG LIVE AKADO!
I can't give any comments on the lyrics for this explosive song since Akado is a Russian band but anywho. This song is simply unbelievable, please ignore the Russian bit and just listen to it. Words can't explain how incredible it is.

45Paranoid - Eisenfunk
I love this song so much. I have a soft spot for industrial electronica and this song is every reason as to why that is. The singing is very low and I can't work out any of it, I don't know why it's so low but regardless this is a really cool song.

46Dogma - KMFDM
I don'w know how KMFDM do it. this song has a very different feel to any song you've ever heard. the music is slightly more simple than normal. so where's the brilliance? the lyrics are just... WOW. such a strong message.

47Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails
Easily one of Reznor's best.
This should be their signature song.

48Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Marilyn Manson

49P**** - Rammstein

50And All That Could Have Been - Nine Inch Nails

51Bavarian Bierhauz Blood - Hanzel Und Gretyl
When I say "Hanzel Und Gretyl" 9/10 of you will say... "who? ". Truth is they're the best industrial metal band to have ever formed and they are the reason lame Rammstein exists. a little off topic sorry. This song is such a great song, although H. u. G have simple lyrics that's where they hold their charm. The music is heavy and complicated leaving the lyrics to a simple little package... lovely.

52Japanese Bodies - Leaether Strip

53I'm With Stupid - Static-X

54Megalomaniac - KMFDM
Greatest song ever by one of the greatest bands in this world.

55Supernaut - 1,000 Homo DJ's

56Tanz mit Laibach - Laibach
Many don't know that this is the band that started it all. Not Rammstein. Rammstein was HUGELY inspired by Laibach. They even took the symbolic Laibach-cross!
Tanz Mit Laibach is a heavy industrial track that started it all

57Sonne - Rammstein

58The Nobodies - Marilyn Manson

59When the Dead Come Home - Bile
Bile are another underrated and not well known band. They have a way around music like no other. they're a very talented all-round bunch. structural strength, their samples are subtle and very tight, their instrumental work is very impressive and their lyrics are clever.

60Non-Stop Violence - Apoptygma Berzerk

61March of the Pigs - Nine Inch Nails

62Pong - Eisenfunk

63Red Stars - The Birthday Massacre
The best birthday massacre song. Should be at least in the top 5.

64Happy Birthday - The Birthday Massacre

65Assimilate - Skinny Puppy

66Bullets, Bombs & Bigotry - KMFDM
WOW WOW WOW... this doesn't need a comment, listen to it and you'll automatically get the words that I can't find..

67Beiss Mich - Megaherz

68Blitzkreig - Deathstars
Where Is Fear Factory?!

69Zero Signal - Fear Factory
The essence of industrial metal! Also one of the greatest drummers ever - Gene Hoglan! This songs contains everything a proper industrial song should contain of. Also - my favourite :) Fear Factory for life!

70Worlock - Skinny Puppy

71Thieves - Ministry

72Whitevan - Ohgr

73A Drug Against War - KMFDM

74Ich Tu Dir Weh - Rammstein

75No W - Ministry

76Let's Go - Ministry

77Alle Gegen Alle - Laibach

78Just One Fix - Ministry

79Frozen Sky - Cevin Key

80Free Your Hate - KMFDM

81Cracker - Ohgr

82Shock - Fear Factory

83Replica - Fear Factory

84Ich Will - Rammstein

85Welcome - KMFDM

86By Myself - Linkin Park
A brilliant piece of work. One of the only LP's industrial rock songs, but truly awesome.

87Bio-Mechanic - Front Line Assembly

88Killing Grounds - Front Line Assembly

89Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry

90The Dope Show - Marilyn Manson

91Superbeast - Rob Zombie

92Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie

93Mein Teil - Rammstein

94Amerika - Rammstein

95Scum of the Earth - Rob Zombie

96Only - Nine Inch Nails

97The Lords of Salem - Rob Zombie

98I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me) - Marilyn Manson

99The Hand that Feeds - Nine Inch Nails

100Disposable Teens - Marilyn Manson

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