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901When I saw you I thought I was looking at a dead cockroach

902You are so heartless / evil, you made even Hitler look like a Saint.

903You know that song runaway? The writers made it because they saw your face.

904So, a poor village continues to look for their idiot

905If you were twice as smart as you are now you might get to the level of retard.

906If you were any denser, you would have light bending around your gravity field.
For all you science nerds, or someone with a basic understanding of the world, this will really rustle people's jimmies, tickle their Elmo, jostle their rum-shelves and burn them big time.

NOTE: This insult may not be understood by people who are actually dense, and in that case you can simply laugh at them with your friends, who (Hopefully) get it.

907I find it fascinating how all of the human recessive genes ever created are all bundled inside you.

908I don't play battle of wits with a unarmed man

909Calling You Retarded Is Insulting Every Retard On Earth

910Your mom is so stupid that when she got her diploma... she fell into a coma

911Your mom is so fat, she got her own zip code

912I would insult you but cows are sacred in our country

913Yo mommas so fat she got busted at the airport with 10 pounds of crack

914You're so ugly that the devil comes out of you and begs for fogiveness

915You're so ugly that the government moved your birthday to Halloween

916Your so fat that when you fart the world shakes

917Are you on medication for that?

918You are so ugly that mirrors turn away when you look at them

919You have more folds than origami

920Your smell is so good, I like the smell of piss.

921Yo mama's so fat that when she sat on Walmart the prices lowered

922Yo mama's so ugly that the garbage men threw her in the garbage truck

923Your mama's so ugly that Percy Jackson had to use a shield to slay her

924Yo mama's so dumb that when she got kicked out of Hogwartz there weren't any memories to erase.

925Yo mamas so hairy that if she was the princess in Repunzel the prince would climb up her armpit hair.

926Yo mama's so ugly even Slenderman wasn't willing to take her face

927Yo mama's so fat that she doesn't have to get up to get the remote control. She has her own gravity pull.

928Silly goose

929Yo mama's so ugly that the lumberjack chopped her

930Yo mama's so fat that people ask "when's the baby due?"

931Yo mama's so fat that I could still see her when she moved to the other side of the world.

932Apply cold water to burnt area, son

933Your mom's so fat that if you threw rocks at her they would revolve around her body.

934Yo mama is so fat that her cereal bowl came with a lifeguard.

935Yo mama is so fat that even Bill Gates couldn't pay for her liposuction

936Yo mama is so fat that when she steps on a scale, it reads "one at a time, please".

937Yo mama is so fat that when she tripped on 4th Ave, she landed on 12th.

938You're so ugly that Bob the Builder looked at you and said I can't fix it

939You're lower than my sperm count!

940Your house is so holy cockroaches walk around with bibles

941Your breath kicks so hard you could score a goal

942You're so skinny you could do push-ups under the door

943Yeah, you fell straight from heaven... and landed on your face.

944You have taken more shots in ass than the flu.

945Want to go for a 10 mile run. Yeah around your mum.

946You're so fat you slept on the light bulb

947Who died and made you teacher?

948What's the difference between your mom and a blue whale? About ten pounds.

949What's the difference between your mom and a walrus? One has whiskers and smells like fish, and the other one's a walrus.

950You're gay. I'm straighter than the pole yo momma dances on.

951Yo mamma so poor people break in and leave money on the table

952Yo mammas so fat when she stepped on a scale it said error

953Dude, it isn't Halloween yet

954Do you need a license to be that ugly?

955If I ever need a brain transplant I'd choose yours... Because I would want a brain that hadn't been used before.

956You're so ugly it looks like you headbutted a belt sander.

957You know what is a big fail? Your dad's condom.

958I heard you got a brain transplant and the brain rejected you.

959What sexual position produces the ugliest children? Ask your mama.

960You're like a slinky. Both useless and fun to push done the stairs.

You are so ugly means you look at very nice in their vissin

962I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but it seems you are hopelessly unarmed.

963Ok, I'll stop with the sex jokes. You won't get them anyway.

964Yo mamma so skinny that when she ate a Malteser it made her look pregnant

965Is that mercury, the planet closest to the sun or is it your mum

966You're so annoying, even the Annoying Orange would hate you.

967Your mom must really regret denying an abortion.

968Your teeth are like stars, so yellow and so wide apart

969You making my eyes water yo. You ugly.

970If I named the planets would any of them not be your fat ass family

971You've got a face only a mother could love, but she doesn't.

972Your mom so fat she has a gravitational pull to McDonald's

973You're so ugly that Elmo thinks you look like a monster

974It's people who look like you that make me feel jealous of those that are blind

975Shut up. Your face looks like a cow's ass. And believe me, it's a much more pleasant sight.

976You're so fat that when you cut yourself, gravy came out.

977You know what calenders have but you don't? A date.

978Yo teeth so yellow when you go to the bathroom to brush your teeth the toothbrush says he ain't pickin' me.

979Yo mama so old I tapped her and she fell into dust
Ima mama joke 4time champion and ill take on anybody I'm 12 and the best

980Yo mama so fat she thought Spongebob was a cartoon about cheese and started eating the TV

981Damn your funny, it's a shame looks aren't everything

982You're so dumb, if you stole another brain for yourself... nah, you still wouldn't know what to do with it.
I thought of this on the spot. Kindof a mix of other's.

983You're so fat, that when they took the measurements for your pants, it took up all the fabric in the world
I cannot stop laughing it's so funny!

I told this to my mum and she said "BWAHAHAA! " she never laughs like that!

984When I stepped on your door mat your mom said "Hey, I never gave you permission to go upstairs"

985We may be from apes, but you're from whales

986Every time there is an earthquake it's a sign that your mom is walking

987I thought of you today, I was in the Horror section.

988Yo mama is so fat when she jumps in the pool the pool jumps out

989Yeah I'm fat, but I can solve my problems, you can't?

990Your butt is so big your fart causes global intoxication

991You should join the military... your face is a weapon of mass destruction
This is going to be funny, trust me
This one is actually funny

992You are so ugly that when you were born the doctor said “you have a beautiful… monkey”

993Who’s more manly, Madea or you?

994You're so stupid, when you turned 16 your parents bought you a skateboard and you cried because you thought it was a car

995The 360 in Xbox 360 came from yo mama's weight

996A 2 year old has a low level of understanding, just like you.

997You're straight as a roundabout.

998Look in the mirror, if you still have one
Aha I love my jokes

999What's with all the makeup did you escape college?

1000You were genetically engineered to be an idiot

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