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We all sprang from apes, but you didn't spring far enough.


THIS IS PRETTY AWESOME! I love it... I mean apes... THIS IS PERFECT FOR ONE OF MY FRIENDS! you have no idea how good this is.. THANK YOU!
Laugh out loud, I almost choked when I read this, its still funny after two weeks of reading it, this is just to funny man
HAHAHA so funny can't wait to tell this to my brother next time he tries to insult me.. I'll get him with this one!
oh yeah nice one!, I don't know if I should but I may use that one on my history teacher, he gave me detention!
I think this joke was originally created for the president of the United States
I am a huge science fan, and this is really smart. Kudos to whoever thought of it!
I said that to my friend since she ruined my whole entire life and she just slapped me back.. oww
I think this is genius. I have a science teacher that so mean so I'm gonna use this on her.
thats a good one, I will use that one with my cuz.
This is one of the best this should be no. One
ma m8 looks like an ape so it is a good 1!
LMFAO! That was hilarious! Must use.
luvin it its buzzin be usin dat:)
lol thats good ill use that 1 lol
Reminds me of someone I know
I shall use it 4 every body
It's a great one to use especially if said with a sympathetic tone.. laugh out loud!
Thank god this at least made it to the top 10!
It is very crazy, I really love it plus I just used it on someone and it was retweeted, so happy I saw this seriously!
Yeah that'd go perfect against my friend... HA.
Ok it's completely hilarious, if it were a couple of actual primates yelling that to one another, on the other hand to people who actually passed biology 101... It's nothing more than an idiot speaking about something they know nothimg about. Laugh out loud. We did not 'spring' from apes.
This ones a winner. But if it used scientific terms like 'sapiens' instead of 'apes', so whoever you tell it to is flat out confused, it'd be hilarious.

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