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I wish cancer on you and all your family


Cancer isn't a joke. I'm an oncologist. And question kid would you like to have cancer and all your family
The other insults are funny not harsh look this is horrible pretty sure you are the hitler. Jr of your school so think after saying because when you offend you get the offense
This was awful. I didn't like it, and whoever wrote it, needs to really just... Go to hell. To be quite honest with you... Just saying you guys. It was awful. And really, Most of my family that is older has had cancer.
You are a legend! NOT. You heartless dickhead. My grandad suffers from skin cancer and its awful to see him like that. You are the only person in the world that I would say this to.
Horrible why would anyone put this it's disgusting if anyone said that to them they properly cry and then they will know how disgusting it is
A) it is not funny
B) it is unrelated to a topic
C) it is a just a statement not a diss
This is disgusting. Enough said, that's not even an insult. That's bullying. Definitely the worst one on here.
For real man get a life and don't put crap like that online my mom died of cancer and my 3 year old sister has cancer also thanks for hurting millions of people that have cancer it is hard to know that people don't care about cancer and, or take it seriously just imagine being bald and be a girl also getting pick on
What he hell who wrote this its jut horrible and stupid my aunt has cancer a d its not funny and definitely nit a joke
This joke is just rude and its so mean to say to someone anyone that says it to someone else is nothing more than a heartless person with no soul
Wow. What do you have to say to people all over the world? That's low. Really low.
The most sucking thing ever... You have no heart and respect if you tell this!
All these people saying dis is too cruel this page is for cruelest insults so ya quit crying
I was laughing from all the other jokes and when I saw this my face just went blank like "What the hell" its just mean
This is absolutely awful
Just screwed up what sicko would actually use this
This isn't funny. It's not an insult it's just upsetting. Maybe cancer runs in there family. This "insult" isn't even clever. The fact that you thought of it is insulting
! That's so terrible. Why would someone say such?
Cancer is not something to joke about! It's really sad and it affects so many lives
No No mister! I think you have went TOO far. Some things are funny, but not ALL things R. If I was god I would attach a rope to your neck and throw you in hell!
As if you can put this inult on here it is horrible I hope you die you ugly prick
How could you say something like that
My grandfather has cancer you jerk!
That is crude and immature there's not even a funny element to it
Really? You're that low?
This is kinda harsh

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