I wish cancer on you and all your family.


Cancer isn't a joke. I'm an oncologist. And question kid would you like to have cancer and all your family
The other insults are funny not harsh look this is horrible pretty sure you are the Hitler. Jr of your school so think after saying because when you offend you get the offense

This was awful. I didn't like it, and whoever wrote it, needs to really just... Go to hell. To be quite honest with you... Just saying you guys. It was awful. And really, Most of my family that is older has had cancer.

For real man get a life and don't put crap like that online my mom died of cancer and my 3 year old sister has cancer also thanks for hurting millions of people that have cancer it is hard to know that people don't care about cancer and, or take it seriously just imagine being bald and be a girl also getting pick on

This is not an insult. It is a rude, cruel, and inhumane thing to say. I know distantly some people suffering from cancer, and it is hell for them. I hope whoever added this reads these negative comments and realizes the mistake he/she made. - alexcousins

Horrible why would anyone put this it's disgusting if anyone said that to them they properly cry and then they will know how disgusting it is

This is disgusting. Enough said, that's not even an insult. That's bullying. Definitely the worst one on here.

Never say this to anyone I hate jokes and insults about people's family especially yo mamma jokes they aren't funny they are offensive whenever someone tells me an insult on my family that is meant as a joke I try to destroy them and when they are in The Unity I would demote them

This is the most stupidest insult ever that person who you say this to probably lost a very important person to cancer. If some said that to me I would kill them because my favorite most awesome grandma died from cancer at the youngest age ever

This joke is just rude and it's so mean to say to someone anyone that says it to someone else is nothing more than a heartless person with no soul

What he hell who wrote this its jut horrible and stupid my aunt has cancer a d its not funny and definitely nit a joke

You are a legend! NOT. You heartless dickhead. My grandad suffers from skin cancer and its awful to see him like that. You are the only person in the world that I would say this to.

Wow. What do you have to say to people all over the world? That's low. Really low.

This is a horrible joke because it isn't funny cancer isn't funny my dad has a friend who has cancer and he is dying so this so called joke is really offensive I mean I know that's the point of the joke by this takes it too far but lucky for who Evers reading this the other jokes on here aren't so horrible Whoever wrote this is a idiot and needs to do things besides make other people feel sad!

That is so horrible my cousins grandad died of cancer and my friends nan died of it, you horrible thing

I think that this is the worst insult. I will never say this to a family member or to somebody I know. I mean come on. If somebody has cancer, don't say that - kmyeakel

The most sucking thing ever... You have no heart and respect if you tell this!

In the future please don't use this joke. It is mean and disrespectful to all of the people who have fought cancer, are fighting cancer, or who have died from it. Also I am so sorry to all the people who had to read this insult.

I was laughing from all the other jokes and when I saw this my face just went blank like "What the hell" its just mean

Please, it's very sad... Whenever I hear the word cancer, it reminds me when my best friend I've known for 36 years died of breast cancer... I don't think you should of put this on here. It's not very nice.

This isn't funny. It's not an insult it's just upsetting. Maybe cancer runs in there family. This "insult" isn't even clever. The fact that you thought of it is insulting

I don't think this is acceptable I have well had a friend who died of cancer. So I don't say this is funny it's just cruel. Millions of people die from cancer. It isn't something to joke about.

This is not a comeback, it is just bullying. Do you know how many people die from cancer! All the other jokes were funny but then this one I seen. Whoever put this on the list should be ashamed of themselves! - Iamachamp

What... ? You never wish cancer on anybody! I lost family members from cancer and I'm losing another one! Worst joke ever. 0 out of 5 stars!

That's just over the top people my dad died of cancer so I would never make a joke about it and put it online over the top think about what you post so it doesn't effect people if you're reading this. :'(

I think this insult is very mean because some people are actually going through cancer and its not a very fun thing to chemo therapy and lose all of your hair.