Best Jack Nicholson Movies

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
one of the greatest actors ever... but this movie is easily the best in his career
Undoubtedly one of the finest actor ever been appeared in hollywood... Though his performance in Chinatown and The Shining was simply superb, he'll always be remembered as Mr. McMurphy.
chief stay right there and hold your arms up


[Newest]My mother doesn't think it's that great, but personally, I love this movie! So does my dad and my grandma. It's a classic movie and it's got so many funny parts. This is one movie I could never get bored with.

2The Shining
"Put down the bat, Wendy. Wendy. Darling. Light of my life. Put down the bat. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to bash your brains in. That's all. Put down the bat"


EPIC performance by Jack Nicholson! One of my favorite movies of all time, and also favorite acting performances. Very entertaining and eerie movie...
This was a very tough decision to make! Every jack nicholson movie is amazing. This is my favorite jack nicholson movie but I think that this is his best movie and the departed is his second best. That's my favorite movie by Martin Scoursese and jack had a great supporting role in it. I will end this by saying that jack nicholson is one of the best actors of all time and he has turned just about every one of his acting roles into pure gold!
[Newest]My all time favorite film.

3The Departed
Awesome movie with an amazing performance from Jack Nicholson. He plays a very frightening character. This movie is a masterpiece from Martin Scorsese
It was just one of those amazing movies. Jack Nicholson doesn't steal the show, but he definitely stars in a great film with a great cast of actors, with a good performance.
Another great performance from one of the great actors of all time, and this movie makes him look frightening
Well, Jack often looks frightening. And I think you'd agree that his talent interpreting the script made him look frightening in this Great film.


[Newest]Jack is super duper best

one of the best nicholson performances
The best actor ever... For the best batman villain ever!

By the way: A Few Good Men deserved to be before The Departed. Looks like the voters... CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
Never is going to be another Joker like Jake!

5As Good as it Gets
it brought the obsessive compulsive behaviour to the fore and although he was a sufferer his humanity and the love of a good women gave him a new perspective on himself and others and the world. a great laugh too.
jack nicholson at his very best


The funniest movie ever, bar none. Jack at his finest. Sharp, witty, sexy, and always classy.
[Newest]Another classic movie that deserves more credit. I love it!

Here, Jack Nicholson gives such a smooth and sublime performance that he makes you forget his later roles in which he somewhat played a caricature of himself. This is easily one of his best roles and one of the few movies where you think to yourself that you're not watching Jack Nicholson but rather his character. Chinatown is a great movie from Roman Polanski that is complemented by Nicholson's fine acting as the slick, shark grinned private detective Jake Gittes.
Very nice historical movie as this movie is about how few influential & wealthy american cheated & looted people of their land around California by stopping water to them and creating artificial water scarcity and later taking over same land at dirt cheap price.
Out of the 4 above this movie I saw 3. One flew over the cuckoos nest I gave 3.5 stars, the shining I gave 4.5, and the departed I gave 4 stars. This is one of the 12 total movies that I've given five stars and for a good reason.
[Newest]I hate the ending of this movie but jack Nicholson is good in it

7About Schmidt
Does this movie have jack nicholson in it?
Very Underrated. Inspirational and moving.
Mesmorising, if you like to relax and watch a movie, this is heaven.

8A Few Good Men
Definitely #1 most memorable. Jack Nicholson's words on the stand, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! ", which has been one of the most quoted statements in all generations. Even though Tom Cruise was a popular upcoming actor, Jack Nicholson upended him easily.
Just quite simply the best. Jack Nicholsons performance whilst in the court room has got to be one of the greatest performances of all time. His delivery of the now iconic "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! " is just the best cinema moment ever for me. 10/10.
Is there anyone who doesn't remember his character, particularly his trial examination by Tom Cruise?


I am a Jack Nicholson fan - so anythng he does fals into the momorable category - But a Few Good Men" was his best.
[Newest]Jack nailed his role as a tough, relentless Marine officer. Tom and Kevin were good as well.

9The Bucket List
The bucket list was my favorite that I saw. He and Morgan just seemed to have agreat connection. It was a very touching movie, I cried, laughed, and loved Jack and Morgan together.
The bucket list should be No.4. It had 2 of my favorite actors Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman


The movie that made people know the meaning of "bucket list"
[Newest]Such a touching film. It inspired me so much.


10Something's Gotta Give
Great movie like a diamond with sø many fantastic facettes.
Makes you feel good movie absolutely loved this romance with brilliant actors
The best of this actor
[Newest]Superb movie & Jack is best

The Contenders

11Anger Management
"So Pretty oh so pretty" hahaha it's so good words can't explain.

12Terms of Endearment
How can this be in the top 10? He won a very deserving Oscar for this

13The Pledge

14The Last Detail
Amazing Performance from petty officer "badass" buddusky... Definitely not his best... But deserves a place in the top 10!

15Easy Rider
The ultimate road movie of the 60's and when Jack as George Hanson showed up, this film became twice as good as it was before. And it was great. George was funny and deep at the same time and it was made possible Mr. Nicholson with his outstandig performance.

16Five Easy Pieces
this is it for jack. #2 got to be 'one flew over cuckoo'...". there must be some place for the easy rider somewhere too...

17The Passenger
Another great movie and performance of Jack Nicholson's! & again, he's absolutely HOT.

18Mars Attacks!
It was a great movie! Jack was brilliant as the president, and the eccentric casino owner. The combination of Tim Burton's directing, and Jack Nicholson's acting made the film a sci-fi marvel! It was a movie that was supposed to be bad! Aliens, green goop, skeletons, cows on fire, a senile old lady, and video game-this movie had everything!
This movie was panned and did not do well at the box office, but I absolutely Love it!


19The Witches Of Eastwick

20The Fortune

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