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41Taka - GalneryusV1 Comment
42Nobuto - UVERworld
43Shuu - Girugämesh

Why? Because he feels the music all the time when he plays his bass!
Not only his talent to play are amazing, but also his way to interact with the fans are warm and very zestful.
Really... He showed me that The bassist is an important part of a band...
For this and more... I think he is a great/awesome bassist. (not only for his appearance)

44Tissue Hime - 王族BAND
45Takashi - Die In Cries, Bug
46Karin - NoGod
47U:ZO - YFCz
48Sugiya - Moi dix Mois
49J (Jun Onose)
50Nao - -OZ-
51Shuse - Trick / Acid Black Cherry
52Rame - Black Gene for the Next Scene

More well known as bassist of Vidoll(disbanded).
He is great bassist, I love the unique sounds he can make.
I love his personality & charisma(on & off stage). He is one of my influences as a bassist. Also he look adorable in his costumes(No Homo).

53Koichi - Mejibray

I'm very impressed that Koichi-kun is still love doing bassist. At the stage, he is very active picking his guitar bass and stunning all fan-hard-die. He is not only bassist, he is also vocal background.

Actually he was the bassist, at whom I stopped and said WOW! He plays really well! So talented!

54Shoya - DIAURA

A talented bassist also stylist.

55Ken - AND
56Yuu - ZUCK
57Mitsuru Sutoh - T-Square
59Akiyama Mio (Houkago Tea Time)

Mio is an amazing bassist. she got the passion as a professional bassist.

60Tamaki Kunishi - Mono
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