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61Yutaka Tsuda (Janne Da Arc)

one of the best and fastest guitarist from japan. - ronluna

62Takaki (Deathgaze)

Takaki covers almost all kinds of guitar from playing simple acoustic riffs to shredding guitar solos! He is an all round great guitarist! The name of the band is- DEATHGAZE, check them out! ^__^ - Jrock-LOVE

63Ito Ichiro

Ito-san shouldn't be underestimated, though he's a J-Pop band's guitarist. He's pretty good playing the electric guitar but his acoustic one is awesome. His guitar playing sounds calm and relax yet cheerful, also he plays with emotion that would make the songs more alive.

64Matt Heafy (Trivium)Matthew "Matt" Kiichi Heafy is a Japanese-American musician, best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Orlando based Heavy Metal/Metalcore band Trivium.

Are you out of your mind! This guy should be number 1 because at least people know him more than the other Japanese guitarist. Get your facts next time and put this guy at number one!

He plays very fast guitar Solos. But why is he here? I mean, he haves a Japanese mother, but he is American, or not?

Godly songwriter and master of both technique in melody, harmony and fast solos and riffs. This combined with his versatile vocals makes him one of the best japanese guitarists ever.
Seriously. Just listen to Ember to Inferno. He wrote it when he was 15.

65Katsu Ohta (Ark Storm)

A master. Guitarist from band "Ark Storm".


Master of all aspects of guitar. Incredible clarity, timing, speed, precision, emphasis, tone, harmonics, pitch bending, sqawks, counter rhythms, everything. Yet, she always presents as humble, focused and passionate in her playing. In many of her covers, she seems to be restraining her capabilities out of respect for the original performer. Her videos obscure her face, yet they do not hide her true beauty as a person and a performer. Some of her work literally makes me high every time I listen, so I'm somewhat addicted to her playing. I wish I could see her play live.

Phenomenal master guitarist. Superb work on the albums. I hope to see you do concerts or gigs. Where do you go from here?

The new "Ten Commandments" album really rocks! This girl can jam with the best!

No one like her! Wanna see her face!

67Masahiro Andoh (T-Square)

Look at the way he play guitar, he's a Japanese virtuoso! In my opinion

68Kensuke Kita (Asian Kung-Fu Generation)V1 Comment
69Omi (Exist Trace)

Omi is simply a goddess! She's the best girl guitarist I knew so far, Her guitar skills kicks! I think she deservs to be listed as the best guitarist girl in all Japan! Hard to find girls with such talent!

70Masaru Teramae (Demetori) (Touhou Project)

This guy without a doubt is one of the best guitarist in Japan. he deserves top 15 in this list... Just listen to his solo in Emotional Skyscaper~~World's End.

V1 Comment
71a2c (MintJam)V1 Comment
72Asaki (Guniw Tools, Age of Punk, Bug)

look at e-sidewalk. net/bug kyo (isono hiroshi) stated that asaki is his idol - ronluna

73Kotaro (Uchuusentai NOIZ)

Kotaro, or formerly known as Satoshi Katada (one of the greatest young´╗┐ guitar heroes in Japan), deserves to be on top of this list. I think this list shouldn't be based on popularity but on their skills instead. Kotaro is such an amazing guitarist. You should watch his videos on YouTube, the Satoshi Katada days.

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74Takuya Miura (DEPAPEPE)
75Riko Kohara (The Sketchbook)

She may not look like it, but this cute and funny girl is an absolute monster on guitars. Her guitar skills are at par with the best guy guitarists in Japan. And oh, she does insane shreds too!

Riko is a great guitarist and deserves to be in the top 20.By: GRIND

In my opinion, she is much better at shredding than Mami Sasazaki of Scandal. The guitar tones she uses are used professionally by her. She deserves to be in the top 10

76Chachamaru (GACKTjob)V2 Comments
78Prince YO
80Yoshiki Mizuno (Ikimono Gakari)

Great guitarist even though he ain't well known he plays some nice riffs and solos. Listen to Blue Bird or Sakura. - TD17

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