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one of the greatest band in japan ever. with x-japan, they created the visual-kei. without this band, the sounds of the newer bands like l'arc~en~ciel, dir en grey, girugamesh, and other japanese bands will be much different or worse.
nightmare is in underrated japanese band list? they are very popular. this one is really underappreciated unlike those mainstream newer bands.
They are one of the super best bands! They are just AWESOME!
If you don't believe me - check their music right now!
The first band in the history of the j-rock, they are on the same level as X, they are still almost been formative for the direction of visual kei as X...
Why they are not among the top ten? That they had earned more than...
all newer visual kei bands offer the credit of their influence to this band, one of the pioneers with x-japan
one of the pioneers of japanese rock being idolized by visual kei rock bands esp. dir en grey
legendary band that has catchy songs

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