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Malice Mizer


One of the most stunning bands ever. The mother of visual kei and created some amazing solo artists. Shame Klaha disappeared off the face of the map!
Malice Mizer was the first major visual kei band I got into, and I still love them to pieces. They went on hiatus in 2001, but I still listen to them all the time. Their music is incredible and unique, and their members were all incredible. Even the vocalist musical chairs didn't deter them; they kept making amazing music, even after the loss of two vocalists, and the death of their inspiring drummer.
Malice Mizer shows us what music should be, they are very talented and nor band in their year or now can do the same thisng again.
It was crazy to watch their concert with full member include Gackt and the drummer.
Au Revoir always be the top of my playlist
My first J-rock/Visual Kei band! I loved all the eras of their career. A lot of Visual Kei bands have beenn influenced by them and they were brilliant. Mana and Kami was my favorites! Miss you Kami. Rest in Peace!
I really don't get why they are 37th. They were one of the most amazing band ever and they have influenced a lots of artist. They should be at the least in the TOP 10. Why are they there? Without them, probably visual kei scene wouldn't be the same.
hey there is no modern japanese Music scene with out Malice Mizer. Look at what they all did Mana, Kozi, Yu~ki, Kami, Gackt, Klaha, Tetsu and gaz are the greatest musicians ever.
MALICE MIZER is the best visual KEI band, because they made a really different music style and had a great variety in their music, they have inspired to many musicians in the actuality.
Malice Mizer, by THEMSELVES, helped resurrect and bring the visual kei scene to the mainstream audience in the mid 90's. Excellent band. Definitely one of, if not, the best.
Malice Mizer was my first J-rock band... I love the GazettE but these people deserve the 1st place! So stylish, beautiful and amazing...R.I. P Kami and love you Mana-sama!
How can malice mizer be so low? Come on GACKT CAME FROM HERE not to mention kozi and Mana *_* lovely performances and they always gave their best >W
It's freaking Malice Mizer Gackt would be nothing if it wasnt for them, they rock

RIP Kami
This band is my 1st impression of Japanese Rock and Japanese Music.
Malice Mizer on #49? Is that a joke?
Mana-sama is the best) Songs in Klaha era are really gothic and amazing.
MaliCE MIZER was one of the best bands ever
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