MUCC are a band that can just do about everything. Any genre, they'll do an awesome job. From jazzy to electro, heavy rock stuff to poppy. They always play with a lot of emotion, and a lot of energy! Their bassist is just amazing.

MUCC is the best! Tatsuro's voice is simply amazing! MUCC is one of the best bands ever, their lyrics are great and MUCC members are the best, they are so cool, nice and kind really down to earth... I love them and they deserve to be on first places here!

Mucc is the messenger of hard core music for listening fans.

they gaved me one of the best concerts in my ife, their music is amazing, the combination of sounds and the fact that each album is completely diferent from the one before, they are just amazing

Change is MUCC, that is us. (Miya)
I love how they change their style so much I love their music, their difference between albums, MUCC is all I need to be happy!

MUCC is one of the best J-rock bands! Their music is really awesome and Tatsuro's voice is really beautiful and unique! MUCC is AMAZING!

MUCC guys always want to create very amazing things and I admire how they can make different styles with their own personality.

this band changed my life potentially, they're very talented, words can't describe what they mean to me. Thanks MUCC!

Mucc is my favorite band! I love their versatility, and good grief are they talented! :) I hope to see them live someday! ムックは"ちば"てす

Mucc is eveything. Emotions, feelings, lyrics, performances, messages, attitude... They are just perfect

Does not matter which album. Every time it is something new, but also still MUCC! These guys are so great!

MUCC creates more than music. Their lyrics are inspiring. Their messages and themes are maverick.

MUCC was the first J-Rock band I ever listened to, so they hold a very special place in my heart.

MUCC is one of the best bands ever! Tatsuro's voice is AMAZING and unique! Definitely, MUCC is a great band and they have a great presence on stage! I love everything about them! Their songs are really awesome!

MUCC is the best band ever and they deserve to be at least on the top 5. MUCC is a really unique band and they create such wonderful, amazing and great music plus Tatsuro's voice is really awesome!

Their creativity is always growining up: I love how many musical styles they can perform at the same time. Even if my favourite period was "Gokusai", I still like them a lot and admire them for the innovation and importante they had through all these years.

Tatsurou has one of the best vices in j-rock-history,
I wonder why mucc has so low place in this ranking of the best J-rock bands

This angers me... Mucc belongs up there by the gazette! Their experimentations with the song is always fresh and amazing ware arubeki basho and kokoro no nai machi are my favorite!