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201 PINK PINK Alecia Beth Moore known professionally as P!NK, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. V 1 Comment
204 Jelsarem's Rod
205 SPIN
208 Tetra-Fang

lead singer koji seto originally to promote a tv show they are rly awesome j-rock Supernova, idividual system, roots of the king, lightning to heaven, destinys play, no matter who you are. there best songs.

I think They are the best band in Japan! I very love their musics and Koji Seto! &

209 176BIZ

They sound awesome, funny dressing in some of there videos. However just means they awesome to make something out of an anime look even awesome in real life. - Seanswim

210 Okamotos
211 Ridiot
212 Superfly

Shina Ochi has great vocals. I think she's the best; a great rocker. I look forward to more.

213 Love Psychedelico

Nice sound. Reminds me a lot of American retro. I could listen to this group forever.

214 The Band Apart The Band Apart The Band was a Canadian-American roots rock group formed in 1965 . Which originally consisting of Rick Danko (bass guitar, double bass, fiddle, vocals), Levon Helm (drums, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Garth Hudson (keyboards, saxophones, trumpet), Richard Manuel (piano, drums, vocals) and Robbie Robertson more.

Nobody ever mentioned these guys? One of the most stand out indie rock band in the Japanese indie music scene. They've been labeled as "Musician's Musician", and many of VK artist turn out to be really giving them a respect of their music. Fuses many elements of jazz, rock, punk, funk, electronica, even more, their music is somewhat complex but catchy.

Seen them live before and constantly being captivated by their performance! Brilliant!

215 Alsdead

Oh my goodness, alsdead is an amazing band their music is like sex to your ears I recommend every song. Listen to their music and you will be amazed. No really their music is really good. Strong beats, meaningful lyrics and a touch of screamo. Good music for thoses who love a blend of screamo and Japanese.

Just amazing music and superb vocals. They should way up there!

Puzzle and Pandemic are awesome

216 Kuroyume

The band that influenced them all.

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217 D (Night of the Children)
218 Lolita 23q
219 Unlimits

Unique band... Love their song it makes me turn into good mood

220 Funkist

The funk-reggae style of this band is lovely, they have so many good song. Even they reach your heart and teach you good lessons.

Fairy Tail OP 1 "Snow Fairy" got them famous, tragically the flute player died recently. - MeowMix

Great happy and catchy songs.. I like

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