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261 Linked Horizon
262 Nano Ripe
263 The Mass Missile

One of the best and most passionate bands I've ever heard, personally number 1

264 Nothing's Carved In Stone

Awesome band, true rock, Maybe sometimes soft, but their music will influence you for sure, MUST to listen to them.


Love their cheery and upbeat style! It is reminiscent of Green Day and Offspring. Nandemonedari is so catchy!

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266 Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets V 1 Comment
267 Dadaroma V 1 Comment
268 Jupiter

Instrumental and sound wise Jupiter is much more alive and wild than when they were in Versailles. The only thing that is keeping them from surpassing their pass height is acceptance. Somehow it always sounds like the instrument sound is trying to drowning out the vocal instead of harmonizing with it.

269 Sakanaction

Best descent band in Japan

270 Indigo la End

Amazing band, I love enon kawatani. they're amazing can't believe they're this low.

271 UNiTE
272 Silent Siren V 2 Comments
273 YUI

Amazing voice, good upbeat music!

Yui's work as singer and compositor will be always be wonderful.

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274 Stance Punk

Power of punk throughout this band that give American punk bands a run for their money. You can practically feel the energy in all their songs. another underrated awesome punk band

275 Fishmans

Really good, like 11/10 good. The music just makes you feel good.

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276 Tacica

Really awesome rock duo They sang Leo from Haikyuu's EST. Which the English version of it was very deep but if you look inside it, it really is touching.

277 Wagakki Band

They are the best in folk-rock, just awesome, all of them have an impressive talent.

This far down? How can anybody dislike Wagakki Band when they produce flawless songs like Iroha Uta, Noushou Sakuretsu Girl and Kagerou Days? They should do their own songs and not just Vocaloid covers.

Really? All the way back here? People really need to do some more research on good music. Wagakki is EASILY better than ALL the bands listed on the top 10, in every. single. way.

This is an amazing band! My favourites are Senbonzakura and Kagerou days.

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278 Psychic Lover
279 Boom Boom Satellites

I first heard their music in the end credits for Starship Troopers - Invasion movie. It is a track called Another Perfect Day from their album Embrace (2013) which is both thrilling and beautiful and remains my all time favourite BBS album. Every album is different in genre. So far I've heard them do modern jazz, break beat, drum n bass, rap, rock, experimental and even gospel!
One question; WHY am I the first one to add them to this distinguished list? They've been banging out superb music since 1998!

I like their song Another Perfect Day because it's got an interesting sound. I like how I've never heard a band sound like that and they're the first ones I've ever heard sound so cool.

280 Merry

Criminally underrated. Wonderful musicians, and Gara is my favorite person in j-rock for the imagination and passion he brings to his lyrics and performances.

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