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401Shocking Lemon
402Fancy Flower

I downloaded all their EP's and ALBUMs. It's really one of the best these days to try when it comes to GENRE of INDIE/ROCK.

403Dazzle Vision

The hardcore- punk rock of this band is amazing, the voice is SO strong!

404The High-Lows

Awesome all female metal band, worth a listen, check them out on YouTube and type in Bridear Light and click the first video


Seriously, how come they weren't in this list? Just listen to Hakuei's voice, it's so unique!

408CyntiaV1 Comment
409SerpentSerpent is a Melodic Death Metal Band from Kobe, Japan. They formed in 1993 as Awaken and changed their name in 1994 to Serpent. They split up in 2000, but reformed in 2002 and are still active. more.
410Thee 50's High Teens
413The Surf Coasters

The powerful voice of Ta_2 in combination with YORKE. 's lyrics is amazing.
The music gives me different emotions

I just really really love Tatsun's powerful voice and their lyrics and arrangements are just too good

Punk, Eletronic, Hardcore and some great artistic ballads! TOP 10 songs: 1- How Affection; 2- Optimistic negative thing; 3- Achromatic Habit; 4- Hidemind; 5- Lantana; 6- Dirt; 7- Backed Out; 8- Frame in Flame; 9-Catal Rhythm an 10- Seek your Turn. Awesome guitar arrangements, beautiful covers of the albums, made by the lyricist of the band and a amazingly produced sound. Worth listenning! Every song is GOOD, I just deleted 7 songs from the entire discography that has 60 songs more or less...

415Bump of Chicken

I like the stories in their songs. Lyrics-wise, their's are one of the best. The songs they make are somewhat anthemic. I hope to hear more songs from them.

Love their hidden track..
"baby, boku no kimochi baby...A... "
who do you thing that could be sing that part?

This band is cool, I mean, it's really cool, you should listem and give them a chance.

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416Mr. Children

They are legendary! They have very good vocals as well as true talents for guitar playing. They are the type of band that every rock artist should look up to.

Love his voice and the lyrics are so clever and amazing. True artists.

A fantastic band that flawlessly combines music, lyric, and feeling into their songs.

All member of this band playing his song from the true heart, very like it!

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