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121 Nano

Nano's voice is so unique, I love her so much. She is very talented. The use of English and Japanese lyrics is amazing.

Nano is awesome. If you like a strong vocals like Hailey Williams with a bilingual touch, Nano is for you. I have every song Nano ever released. The bomb.

123 Ellegarden

Japanese and English lyrics. Punk rockish style band. Its sad they broke up but their new respective bands are great to listen to too. Ellegarden!

Their punk spirit with beautiful melody and lyrics is great..Almost of the Asian Punk Kids are get into the world of punk rock by listening to the ELLEGARDEN. SO COOL! - releine

This is one of the best band in japan that made history, but ifelt sad when I heard they broke up when I just got to know them, first time I heard one of their songs and I was like, what!? I need to know who this band is and so yeah I started listening to them and got all their albums m/

Ellegarden is awesome! Don't know why they're so low on the list...

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124 ZARD

Zard is the best, miss them..

125 Hemenway

They are young up coming band watch out, you might know them from Naruto ending, they are a really good band awesome punk rock.

Young hot good Japanese/punk band very bright watch out for these guys.

Really great voice and music. One of the best vocal in Japan

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126 SiM

Mah-sama forgive them, they don't know what are they doing

I love the punk rock/metal style of this group, is amazing.

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127 Anli Pollicino
128 Destrose

An all-girl heavy metal band that recently released their first album. I really liked it and the voice is really powerful, guitar is amazing and so are the drums. Check them out!

129 Ensoku
130 Gallhammer
131 Super Beaver

What the hell? This band is awesome. Every song I hear from them makes sense that I instantly liked their songs and I only heard every one of them for the first time.

Great band with a great singer and great songs especially "Shinkokyuu "

Great Vocal, Great Songs, Great rhythm, and cool look

A great band, a really good band.

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132 Aldious

Rami (Vocals) left the band though and was replaced by Re:NO. Their music are of heavy metal but melodic pieces. Definitely a kick-ass girl band you have to listen to. I really like them and hope plenty of J-ROCK lovers will support them. Its just sad that, Aruto (drummer) left to get married. Whatever her decision may be, I will support her. She is replaced by Marina.

133 Murasaki

George Murasaki has been around music since the 60's. His bands put Okinawa on the map not to mention Mariner which he formed in California.

This is a briliant band entertaining americans since the 70's. Very humbleing

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134 Vidoll

its an awesome band I love the lead singer sing awesomest check it out

I have loved Vidoll for years. Never mind that they are no longer a band, they're music is still great. I cried for an hour when I read that they broke up. The whole band was amazing. Even though Jui brought a lot to the table that kicked it up a notch (read: his overall sexiness), the entire band was full of talented, creative people. Whoo weren't to bad to look at, I might add.

How are they so low on the list? Jui is a fantastic vocalist and the guitarists were great. Especially the music on Occult Proposal - Johnnyt800

135 Siam Shade

Great musicians, great vocalist, lyrics, and compositions. They are ORIGINAL, they have inspired so many bands with their style that it's only logical they're the best.

Siam shade was a great band with daita being one of the best guitarist I have ever heard they were so underrated and that made me sad.

That's one of great band, the sounds are special, unique compositions, but the harmony sometimes weird. whatever, I like that band...

Greatest band ever. Every member couldn't be better. And the way they add progressive in their style is just awesome.

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136 Judy and Mary

It's awesome, I like Sobakasu (Rurouni Kenshin First opening), continue for your talent. Good luck for you!

Judy And Mary were No. 1 Ichiban in my books! Yuki, the lead singer, has turned into one of the more interesting solo artists in the last decade. She's still making great music. However, I'd love to see a JAM revival tour!

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137 Home Made Kazoku

I just love their music. Very enjoyable. Best J pop/J hip-hop band. - eminems_718

All of their songs are unique but really fun and enjoyable to listen to. Their songs never get old!

Love the "feel good" vibe to their music, makes me dissapointed their not even in the top 20 at least.

139 Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

Best Rock punk alternative western touch esque cinematic feeling, I'm searching all over the place for more j bands bud none as TMGE.. UNIQUE SOUND

Heavy Fast Rockabilly Rock that is really in a genre by itself. Such a great band.

Incredible band with a great feeling and swing, exquisite combination, but unbelivable fantastic!

Awesome band, very underrated

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Their lyrics are very philosophical :)
They also use sound of heartbeats, fireworks, water and so as new "instruments"

Oh I love them so much! I'm impressed how underrated they are on this List. Wow...
Awesome lyrics, combined with an unbelievable soft and great voice and catchy melodies made them my absolute #1 band.
Listen to "Mehrmals Rhapsody" And "Dragon Night" If you want to listen to something really awesome.
(Those two Songs are from their latest Album, "Tree", it's definitely worth its money)

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