Best Jason Derulo Songs


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The Top Ten

In My Head
Why isn't In My Head number 1? Its an amazing song that's way better than any of his other spectacular songs. The beat is awesome, the lyrics are awesome and his dancing is awesome!
A great catchy song that would be hard to beat for his best song because its an amazing song that peaked at number 1 in Australia.
Favorite song of all time! (from JaSoN DeRuLo) way better than ridin solo. Second favorite song! !
[Newest]Best song ever been.

2Whatcha Say
I like it because its good to hear and not irritating
I love this song... It makes my day amazing even when iit started off bad! I have to hear this song at least one time a day! It is fun and keeps you smiling! It is easy to sing along with and I just love it! I love Jason Derulo, but I think I might love this song more than him!
The Best Song Ever In Meanings And Music Its Waaaa Woo
[Newest]It's the best specially on earphones

3The Other Side
Love this song! This should definitely be in top 3.
He describe the song as "about becoming lovers. You know if you have a best friend, there’s nothing better than having that same person be your lover as well. And it only takes that one kiss … that one moment, that one drink, that can change everything and change things to the other side"
"In d beginning, I never thought it'd be You" Jason, our favourite! Way to go Jason. The Song is just Flawless, Beautiful. It's areal shame it is'nt No. 1 on this List, 'cause it really is. Listen to this song people, 'and get this song to the position which it deserves!
Great Song. Have it on replay. Should be in the top 5 definitely. It always on the loudest and makes me nod like a maniac. Great one Jason.
[Newest]It's so beautiful and it's not about blatant sexuality like "Talk Dirty", "Wiggle", and "Trumpets".

4It Girl
This should definitely be in the top 3 let alone be in the top 10! It is extremely catchy and very easy to learn the lyrics for. So tell me what is to hate on this song VOTE FOR IT! Jason Derulo is amazing he just keeps making hit after hit and will be remembered for a long time.
A very good and refreshing song with its nine versus and awesome chorus. I needed a good song after all the new crap that have been releasing lately.
It Girl is amazing and definitely Jason Derulos best song ever! It is extremely catchy and I love the chorus and versus. In My Head is definitely his second best and very close to be as good as It Girl but just not there yet.
[Newest]I simply lav it

5Don't Wanna Go Home
Hi I'm 10 years old and really love your songs 1 day I want to be a singer nearly everyone I know says my voice is really good but I don't think so. How did you become on top and this song is fantastic nothing needs to be changed about it.
Best song ever, love JD. In my Head's good too, but this is better. Amazing singing and beat. Hope you can make more like this. Wait for his new album.


BEST CLUB SONG EVER! I literally can not stop listening to this song. I say that this one should be number on the charts because "i don't wanna go home! "
[Newest]After talk dirty and in my head... next best song

6Ridin' Solo
THE best breakup song... Ever! The lyrics are just too good, which when combined with the music, sure to get any person humming it!
Amazing songs, a lot of his songs are amazing
My favorite song ever and forever! I love this song so much! I w ill like it forever! Go Jason Derulo! That song is amazing and it clearly deserves to be in the top ten songs.
[Newest]You are a great singer my favorite song is Wiggle

7Talk Dirty
Its the best in his upcoming tattoos album
Talk dirty is a good song because it has a really great tune and good lines of speaking
Awesome song...gotta be number 1...Jason is the best Music producer
[Newest]I like this song. is it your best song

8What If
A song that tells you that you can change the past and tell the future. It is the best song I have heard. Quite sad song.


This song makes me emotional every time I see the video clip. It basically means that you have a choice to keep the perfect life but suffer the consequences or forget what you love to make you a better person. ALSO DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!
I love this song! It has so much meaning to it and anyone can relate it, no matter what the age is. I love the beat and the lyrics that go with it are amazing!
[Newest]This song make me crazy

9Fight for You
This song is amazing it is just like the song Africa the only bad thing about the song is the bass I love this song vote for it guys and galls
Great song that I really can't help but sing a long to it when it is playing on the radio. This is his best song since It Girl and it really deserves to be in the top ten. VOTE FOR IT GUYS!
His newest song and one of his best. I'm only voting for this because I want it to be in the top ten because it is very underrated and it needs to be voted so please vote for this song now!
[Newest]This song has so much meaning, absolutely love love love it

10The Sky's the Limit
Perfect mix of sound and singing to make one of the best songs I've ever heard
this song has a really powerful meaning,
Makes me want to run on to the streets and sing my heart out! Probably the most exciting love song I ever could have been introduced too!
[Newest]Amazing song, the lyrics are fantastic and so endearing

The Contenders

11Marry Me
I could listen to this song all day all night without getting tired..
Will you marry me? Great song
I love that song
[Newest]I love this song

Great new song by Jason Derulo which has an awesome beat and very catchy lyrics although the versus don't suit the song that much.



Great beats.. Great music.. Great voice..
And the lyrics just give me goosebumps
Absolutely savage song. Love it to bits, best song so far from Jason Derulo.
Keep doing what you are doing!
[Newest]I came by this lovely song through a celebratory video montage for the great British actor Jeremy Brett. I hope that you enjoy it too.

Best Songs Ever By Him, I love jason he has a great voice and an amazing talent and this song really show, maybe cause it's new people didn't know about it, but believe this song should be at least #1 or 2
The lyrics really gives me goosebumps that's how good they are! I love love love Jason Derulo so much
How could this be 34 it should be at Least 3
[Newest]My name is Harley and this song is awesome

I love dis song.awesome. Jason derulo rocks

I Got One Question.. How'd You Fit.. All That.. In Them Jeans! Thanks 2 Samuel Sawene Letting Me Know Bout This Song!
You Know what to do with that big fat butt VOTE FOR THIS 2nd BEST IS STUPID LOVE
You know what to do with that big fat butt... Wiggle wiggle.

Love love love this song
[Newest]Wiggle and a wiggle vote please

I love this song... I like this girl and I wasnt sure if she liked me and sang it to her it does miracles.
This song is the bomb
I love it
I think this song should have been in the top 10 if not the top three hits.
It is amazing and this waz good jason

17Be Careful
This is my favorite song! His first album is extremely underrated and I'm not sure why he started to sing all of this newer crap...

Simply the best Jason derulos song because of the lyrics and the message it sends is just amazing because love really makes you blind! ;] I love all of jasons songs but I think that this one deserves to be at least in top 3
This song has a good beat that you can't get out of your head. And it makes you want to hug Jason and tell him, "I'm sorry! "
Should be the first
? // vote it up guys this is the best song ever
It touches my heart feelings


20Queen of Hearts

This song is unrecognised by many. How dare they? They are then missing one of the most outstanding singles of Jason Derulo.


22Stupid Love
This is one of the best songs ever like seriously the lyrics are amazing and the video is so emotional that it makes you cry, this should be in the top 3
Best friend let me know about this song. It's really lovely.
This and talk dirty are his best songs. How are they at 11 and 27?

This song is perfect as its own name

24Pick Up the Pieces
Awesome new song of his.

Never haerd this song don't know if it is good

26Bleed Out
Such a beautiful voice. Exceptional singing ability especially in this song. The beat is incredible, too. The lyrics are great and not repetitive and meaningless. Go Jason DeRulo! Love you

Its absolutely amazing I love this one the most
This is the best, deserves top 10
Please vote for this, it's the best
[Newest]Seriously people this deserves top 10 - I m addicted to this song


29She Flies Me Away
.. Why is this song here? Its the best song of jason... :o :o my favorite... Best lyrics and beat.. Certainly one of his masterpieces
Its a really nice song... And its my lady jam that's why I like it so much!
Best lyrics n music with nice feelings.. so nice songs.

Nothing' better. Dude, Jason Derulo gets the roof spinnin'! His voice, his songs and his accent... Mind-blasting

No one voted such a shame for what good song


33Rest of My Life
This is the best! Song ever>3
Don't know how this is 35, seriously listen to it, and garuntee you will want to hear it again. Get this up to the top 10!
Its really an amazing song very catchy and should b in his top 10


35Stupid Sayings

36Kama Sutra
This is by far the best ★☆★

37Love Hangover
Love Hangover is an epic! Song I can't stop listening to it! It is so good I would always make this the top song. All Jason Derulo fans should know this song and enjoy it as much as I have
This song deserves to be on top 3! Come on guys
Good beats and just really catchy!

38Side FX

39Super Model
Best song ever it should be in top 10 in this list...



42Broken Record
Love this song :) It's a beautiful song about a guy who will never change for his girl despite all her begging, and he knows it too... If you haven't heard it, you're totally missing out!
It's one of the best song from Jason, I loved it. Listen to the words and enjoy the song.
Amazing song! You guys should listen to it! Beautiful and deep lyrics

43Calling My Angel

44Sleep Walking
Its like the best song ever, now I can't stop listening to it
It's amazing. Its such a deep song, like most of the songs that he does. I hope you guys listen to it, and love it as much as I do


46With the Lights On

47We Could Make Love

48Coming Home

49F*** Somebody


51In Love With My Guitar


53Say U'll Be Mine


55Change the World


57Liquor Love



60Blink of an Eye
I'm a die hard fan of Jason Derulo.
I really love his songs! Its great to listen. Hope he can have his 2nd concert in the phils.

61I Love You

62We Own the Night
I don't know why this song is totally unknown. One of the best romantic songs ever. Such a lively song, keeps you smiling the entire duration of the song!


64This Is How We Roll

Best Song of him! My first time heard this song and... I've eargasm
awesome song... Very Catchy song


67Back Up Off the Wall

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