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This is such a sweet song! Brilliant!

22Want to Want Me

Really good song to dance to.. I danced this song for an audition and got in to a dance school.. this song is just amazing!

This song is just amazing and deserves to be in top 5 so guys please vote for this song.

I don't like pop, but unlike other artists, he actually showed talent in this song - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

In the future, I want this to be the only song people have from my generation.

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No one voted such a shame for what good song

Awesome song...!

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24Queen of Hearts
25Pick Up the PiecesV1 Comment

Its absolutely amazing I love this one the most

Damn I've been listening to this one for years and still in my favorite Playlist, can't believe it's at 27, best song from the best singer, love you jason

Seriously people this deserves top 10 - I m addicted to this song

Best song.. Deserves to be on top 10 list!

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27Kama Sutra V4 Comments
29Love Hangover

Love Hangover is an epic! Song I can't stop listening to it! It is so good I would always make this the top song. All Jason Derulo fans should know this song and enjoy it as much as I have

This song deserves to be on top 3! Come on guys

Good beats and just really catchy!

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30TonightV1 Comment
31She Flies Me Away

.. Why is this song here? It's the best song of jason... :o :o my favorite... Best lyrics and beat.. Certainly one of his masterpieces

It's a really nice song... And it's my lady jam that's why I like it so much!

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32Bleed Out

Such a beautiful voice. Exceptional singing ability especially in this song. The beat is incredible, too. The lyrics are great and not repetitive and meaningless. Go Jason DeRulo! Love you

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This song is perfect as its own name

34Side FX
35Rest of My Life

Don't know how this is 35, seriously listen to it, and garuntee you will want to hear it again. Get this up to the top 10!

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Nothing' better. Dude, Jason Derulo gets the roof spinnin'! His voice, his songs and his accent... Mind-blasting

37Get Ugly

Absolutely love Jason and his music!

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This is the song

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40With the Lights On
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