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I'm Yours
This music made me know the perfect singer that is Jason Mraz. I went in his show (in Brazil) only knowing this song, and just there I saw how perfect he was, and how his music was great! This is the best song just because my life without this music would be my life without Jason, and I can't see this kind of thing happening! He always sings with his heart, and all his lyrics have, somehow, something about your life, you identify with.

To conclude, I loove I'm yours and Jason Mraz! *__*
It's a cool song and one of my favourites to play on the guitar, all of above the meaning, that the song carries is the best part of it! Yeah for sure there's no need to complicate!
Seriously I'm Yours!
This along with lucky is the coolest song ever on ukulele. I can't stop listening/playing them. It ma
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2I Won't Give Up
I Won't Give Up is a song that is very meaningful and it is very beautiful... His voice is beatiful. It debuted at 8th last week, but this week it fell to 22nd. I should have stayed at 8, maybe even gone farther!
This is the first 2012 Single I downloaded in 2012!
I love how real this song is... So often love is portrayed as easy, a simple feeling. But, often its a choice made despite feelings, and the feelings the decision to love through the hard times and trust that the good times will arrive again.
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So damn A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
His and colbie's vocals go so well together
Soprano and bass just like alice and jasper
No words can explain the awesomeness of this song
"Lucky I'm in Love with My Best Friend... " I want that kind Of Beautiful and Balance life...
I like this song because it happen on my life. Haha laugh out loud :D
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493 Million Miles
You can always come back home, so true
Its the best songs about your mother and father you can always come back home
Great Lyrics and a tune that you can't get out of your head
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5The Remedy
This is song was when Jason Mraz introduced himself to the world this song has made me look at life different and not a lot of songs can make me do that.
Come on really this sould be 2 or 3 jason mraz at his best and this song sould have been higher on the billboard charts and this is the 3 highest for jason mraz so again come on
Way better than 93 million miles. Don't get me wrong I love new Jason, but we should be fair to his old stuff as well. For those of you who love new Jason, please try his old songs! You won't be disappointed (I do still think he was at his best with A Beautiful Mess and I'm Yours)
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6Living In the Moment
Great lyrics! This song made me to move on and let go things in the past, well done!
The answer to life... How can you not like a song that make you fell so free
Awesome song! Awesome lyrics!
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7A Beautiful Mess
God! This song is just so beautiful! Can't believe its at the 10th spot. Man, you GOTTA listen to it!
Great Lyrics, great music. This should be on the top spot.
Oh God its below 10? R you kidding? It deserve to be in number 1
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8You & I Both
This is a great song! Why is it number 9?
I always listen to this when the girl I love someone else
This is his best song, it has tremendous variety within itself.
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9The Woman I Love
I don't know why its not the 1st or the 2nd best song!
This song is the best!
This song deserves to be way on top... Amazing lyrics... Love it
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Why is this song in the 18th spot?! It is EPIC! I LOVE this song!

This is an epic song that beautifully showcases Jason's lyrical talent as well as helping to reflect what makes him unique as a artist. Wordplay helps display his sheer talent, never mind that it's catchy as hell. It's a shame that such an awesome song is eclipsed by his top radio hits.
This is a great song. It literally played on the words/ lyrics of the song! It moves the listener to the beat and makes you wanna dance when you listen to it. :)) just a happy song.
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The Contenders

How come this AT LEAST isn't in the top ten?!
The song is amazing!
I won't give up I LOVE THAT SONG GOOD JOB!
In My Opinion It's The Top One!
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12Sunshine Song
Maybe I'm yours is so Mraz's label. But for me Sunshine Song is speak so loud. About how many people feeling underestimated, jealous, how we can see everyone always brighter than us. Listen to the lyrics, you will know that Jason Mraz is a generous
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13Live High Listen to sample

1410,000 Mother******* (That'll Do)
Probabaly the best song ever written in the past ten years
What a song.. What a sarcasm... What a hope.. What a singer... Simply amazing

15Geek In the Pink
Its so obviously the best. THE MOST CATCHY OF HIS SONGS! Plus some of the others are too boring.
Beat - CHECK
Lyrics - CHECK
Vocals - CHECK
Because he's the geek in the pink
This song is the most catchy song I've heard from him... :-)
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16Life Is Wonderful
This song ought to be way up there.
This is one of the best song... Should be in top 3
The circle of life
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17Everything Is Sound
This is also a good song, makes me happy
Not the best but not the least.
It deserves 2nd position
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18The Freedom Song
This song should be in top ten.. I love it
Why only 20th? 0.6%?
I love this song very much!
Free style of melody and really feel good.
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19Detail In the Fabric
How is this 20th? I expected it to be in the top 5! Undoubtedly one of the best songs ever
This song means so much!
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Curl your upper lip up and let me look around
Ride your tongue along your bottom lip and bite down
And bend your back and ask those hips if I can touch
Because they're the perfect jumping off point of getting closer to your


none other than jason mraz can explain this thing in this way...
I love this! Upbeat, best vibes, flirty, funn! This song is awesome!
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21Prettiest Friend
This was my story, all wrapped up in one song
I love the songs of jason mraz!

22Common Pleasure
JUST LISTEN AND GET LOST IN PARADISE! Very quirky song, just not like others!
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23The Dynamo of Volition
Good god! This should be top 10!
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24Make It Mine
Listen to the live version, it's way better than the cd one.
This is one of the best songs of his! It doesn't deserve to be down here! You have to listen to this song! It's just one of those songs when you listen to you instantly smile
This is not the best one but it is also a good one... The starting of this song is great...
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25I Melt With You

This Is My Favorite Song By Jason Mraz

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26Absolutely Zero
I can't listen to this one enough times. When in my car I just keep playing it over and over and over and...
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27Be Honest
BE HONEST IS NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 10?! What?!? This song is so chill and groovy! It has a great meaning and rhythm and beat. I love this song so much that I would put this song as my 2nd favorite Jason Mraz song behind I'm Yours, of course. Be Honest is one of those song where you can sing along and it stuck in your head all day that you put it on repeat. This song literally never gets old to me.
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28Sleeping to Dream
Listen to the live version... It is much better than the studio version! This is one of my favorite songs by him!
This song is wonderful! Oh, come on! Vote!
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29The Rainbow Connection Listen to sample

30If It Kills Me
Why is this so far down? I love this song. It's all about emotions. Hidden and or expressed and ultimatelyfinding ways to make someone THE ONE. Please vote for this one.
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31Love for a Child
I cannot believe this has never made it to this list. This song tells of divorce and its effects it has on the child growing up, with beautiful lyrics, a gorgeous melody and vocals to leave you swooning.
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32Bella Luna
Just found out about this song recently listening to his old albums and loved it. It's so different from his other work and definitely one of my favourite songs.
This song must be the best song of jason mraz!
Awesome song. The best of Jason Mraz. So Smooth. Best love song of the 21st centuary
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33Try Try Try


My favorite song of his. All of his best songs are on the Live at the Eagle's Ballroom DVD

Easily is 2nd best song, Absolutely Zero should be here too. Basically anything on his Live at the Eagle's Ballroom DVD, was his best.

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35Mr. Curiosity
You must've not known this beautiful song. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful while the song itself provide you the touching sensation..
The greatest moment in his concert!
Its so impressive!
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36Rough Water Listen to sample

37The World As I See It Listen to sample

38Distance Listen to sample

39Please Don't Tell Her Listen to sample

40Who's Thinking About You Now Listen to sample

41Sleep All Day Listen to sample

421000 things Listen to sample

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