Best Jay Sean Songs

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Down is an awesome song. It is a soothing song to me. I loove this song. I like the lyrics of this song too! Go Jay Sean! Write more songs Jay Sean! Do your best!
Even if the sky is falling down... The name of this song is down but the ratings can't be down
Down like she 'posed to be
She gets down low for me
Down like her temperature
'Cause to me she zero degrees

She cold, over freeze
I got that girl from overseas
Now she's my Miss America
Now can I be her soldier, please?

I'm fightin' for this girl
On the battlefield of love
Don't it look like baby cupid
Sent her arrows from above?
Don't you ever leave the side of me
Indefinitely, not probably
And honestly, I'm down like the economy
[Newest]Best of the best

2Ride It
being a romantic song its best among all others
Love it... Vote 4 it man... Its awesome.. The music is great and the lyrics are pretty cool... Its the best song ever... Make it number 1
Awesome Song.. Just Loved the Rhythm and mood of the song.
Music is also too good.
Hats Off the Guy
Deserve no. 1 position.
[Newest]It's the best of the lot.

How come they don't play stuff like this on the radio? This is just as good if not better than any usher song!
War is definitely one of Jay Sean's best songs. Obviously Down, Do You Remember and Ride It are classics and are unlikely to be challenged at the top but War is definitely one of the songs that you just love...
The question I ask to my self every time I listen to this song (is their is such a love like this or it gust words).
This word describe the real love and I love it so much love you jay sean
[Newest]I like this song it brings a different mood in the mind..

42012 (It Ain't the End)
Well it's a really hard choice... I mean Down and Ride It and DYR were some of the most successful songs of all time but with 2012 Jay Sean takes it to a new level it's so inspirational & Nicki Minaj is awesome :) and yes Jay Sean is hot and an amazing singer
an amazing song about believing in yourself and following your heart
This song is so soothing and so melodious... ! Really nice one and one of my favourites... ! Jay rocks
[Newest]Not good I guess

5I Made It
I made it should be #1 because me n my friends love this song
By far the best Jay Sean song out there because it's a mix of RnB wit Rap. It is also very catchy
He's a featuring artist in this song but its sensational
[Newest]Great song... Feels like a power booster

6Do You Remember
Its the best song of jay sean... Its really full of emotions and as you know jay has a very good voice quality... Very beautiful song... I love it!
this is the best song it should hit number 1 its so catchy and a happy song


Ths is just according to my emotionz.. I love this song mr than any other.. this a must watch song which gives you pleasure
[Newest]I do remember this song, and I remember it was one of the best! Sean Paul's West Indian rapping was epic!

7I'm All Yours
Down is the best jay sean's song, but that song is getting old
So I think this song deserve to be on the first place replacing down
This song's very good, and the beat is quite catchy
Hey jay! Awesome song man I ever heard... This song is awesome.. Feeling very very good... This song very suitable for parties because when I listing this song I'm dancing automatically! For that reason please vote to this song.. And ride it, stay, do you remember that songs are very good but that's are old. I <3 this son ever.
Hey, Jay Sean! You would be the best voice for Inky (from the Pac-Man series) and Pitbull would be perfect for Shadow the Hedgehog!
Jay sean's best song. Its awesome, feels like listening over and over again.
[Newest]Jay Sean would be a great voice for Inky the cyan ghost.

Also, Pitbull would be a great voice for Shadow the Hedgehog.

8I Won't Tell
What's happening guys? Didn't you hear this song? It's one of jay sean's most amazing song I've ever heard. But it's out of list! You guys must be joking.
Its the coolest ever song of Jay sean... He rocks!
In love with it literally!
[Newest]It such a nice song

9Sex 101
After listening to this song I feel that this guy should be compared with usher, chris brown, taio cruz
He's turning out to be a good music maker now
Best of luck for NEON and make your country proud
I just only want to say
[Newest]This is a song that is as a source of motivation to me, jay I love you... Ibrahim Ibrahim EL...

This song can replace down if publised properly, it's just an amazing song sung by beautiful voice with awesome music, thumbs up
Neon is best song with good music good to listen
Jay sean rocks again please take this to the 2nd or 1st it is the new one with good music and also beautiful voice
[Newest]A very good song.

The Contenders

11Worth It All
13? Really? It should be in top 10
Jay Sean would be a great voice for Inky from Pac-Man (most likely by Inky having the same voice as Jay Sean himself).
I thought it's a amazing mind blowing song.. If you have ignore this song & if you are a big fan of jay sean then be ashamed of it..
[Newest]What am I seeing!? It must be in top 5

The list maker has just seen billboard charts and made the list, come on songs like 2012 it ain't end, I made it shouldn't be in list, if you listen maybe you'll come to know that its jay sean's best song till now,... Listen to maybe and then decide that it should be at top or not
Nice One Jay. I love it. Should be given the number 1 spot. Awesome Song man...
One of the best of Jay sean. Should be listen by everyone once.
MAYBE... This will be in the top 5 if people actually listen to this amazing song! Definitely one of his best!
[Newest]It's the best heart touching song I've ever heard

This is one of my favorites. Jay sean has got a great voice. The beats of the song are really great. Jay sean has done a great job. This should be in top 5
I keep play this song every time I feel sad. Reaaly a good one
This is the best jay sean song and it will remain forever
it deserves to be in the 1st
[Newest]The best Jay Sean song, I can relate to this song so much that it's freaky!

14Like This, Like That
This is one of the best, most awesome song. I don't see why it's all the way down. Kudos to whoever posted this.
Birdman sucks and the music is just not enough lacks smething but jay sean takes the cake amazing voice makes it so likeable ALL OVER YOUR BODY YEAH jhoothi

Please vote this song. It's one of the best song in 2013.
From one of the best singers ever - Jay Sean, the best voice actor for Inky (from the creative, amazing and flawless Pac-Man World series).

And Rick Ross could voice King DeDeDe.
One of my favourite song! Love Jay Sean!
This song is one of my favourite song!

16Don't Rush
This song actually shows his talent. How come its so down... Should have been at least in the top 3!
Best song for jay sean it should be in top 5 people go vote for him!

17Lights Off
It's just awesome.. I don't know why it has been put on 15
This song's just Epic
Losing you is like somebody just turned the lights off
This song deserves not to be on the 1st position but should be beyond the list of top tracks of jay sean... Love this song!
Top class song... This song deserves to be at 1st position... Kindly reorder it...
[Newest]Why does this song have to be placed so low?! It's one of Jay Sean's best! Should be at least in the Top 10...

Adore this song
Nice song... I love it...

19The Way Love Goes

because is very good and I listen all the time
The guitar and the voice ♥ can't stop listening to the beautiful and amazingly well sung song! One of my top favorites!
Awesome song, with the retro beginning... Great lyrics!

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