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41 Say Yeah
42 If I Ain't Got You If I Ain't Got You
43 She Doesn't Mind
44 Walking Alone
45 Runaway
46 Hot Girl

This song is so amazing
But its a leaked one as of now
So its length is about 1 minute something and I can't get enough of it
Can't wait for it to come out, officially!

47 Tears In the Ocean

It's the latest track from The Mistress 2! Love It!

I love this song. I believe it belongs going in top ten. - songwriter

I think this song is one of the best! Love it

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48 Bebe Bonita Bebe Bonita

Its just so unfair, that people don't value stuff like this.
Because this - jay sean - is just epic.

Ps - also the song

49 Holding On

What a tune easily in the top 10! Can not believe its this far down :O!

Easily one of the best of jay's songs top 3 for sure! How is it this low what?!

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50 Call My Name
51 What Happened To Us

This is my favorite duet. it belongs in the top ten - songwriter

Did anyone else think Jay Sean nailed this one? Though slightly autotuned this song is not only kinda catchy, it's also a real tear-jerker and I commend Jay Sean for that. He really well captures the experience of losing a first love. Congrats to him. And, I like Jessica Mauboy. She's beautiful and can sing like a goddess. Overall simply beautiful.

52 Far Away

COOL Song ever. Really best song. WE don't even talk no more, the best line in this son. There is nothing to say about this. SO col song


53 Never Been In Love
54 New York City
55 Patience
56 Without You (Tere Bina)

Awesome song. Sing beautifully by jay sean.

57 Just a Friend

Try listening, no definitely listen this song when in a cozy bed with a god mood on ya, during night. And insatantly transport urself in a new world. Because this song is sothingly magical. Jay is magical.
He starts with his soft vocales which just goes with the mood of the song and kinda keeps it that way. Everything is so right in this song
And I m dejected that it rates so low!
4 all the jay sean fans out there, please accept my urging and hear this song. 4 your own good

58 Boom Boom
59 Sucka for You Sucka for You

So damn like the Jay sean best known!

60 Luckiest Man Luckiest Man

You rock jay sean. What an amazing song;This is one of his best song and deserves to be in top 10

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