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Price Tag
Jessie J is one of the most talented artist of 2011. This song has a wonderful message that people should recognize. B.O.B also does a great job in the song with his verses but the real standout is Jessie J and her chorus.
Awesome message and love the tune! Also the fact that she sung such a good song with a great message is impressive as most of these rap songs the lyrics don't make sense so it was a good message with a catchy tune
That song is lovely. I listened to it more than twenty times. She is my one of the favourite artists
[Newest]Jessie has never disappointed us in all her songs, this the perfect one... One of a kind

This song ROCKS!
Many say she sounds like Katy Perry in it, well ya I thought so too.
But its a great song, easy to remember and sing to. Quite catchy and its got a nice beat to.
I absolutely love this song. I am going to record it on youtube if I can. It rocks and its really catchy I'm loving it every minute, I know it off by heart and I have a goo dance routine for this too. And I'm also thinking of doing a makeup tutorial for you I've got everything. Jessie J is the most talented woman ever I have got everything of dvd to some of the clothes.
This is her most catchiest and greatest song since Price Tag. The chorus and the beat blend extremely well together and that makes this a really fun and catchy track from the wonderfully talented Jessie J.
[Newest]Love this song so much. I agree that she sounds like katy perry. My friends said is that katy perry when I showed them the video, and the next day they made a dance to it. Jessie J rocks I also love price tag.

3Nobody's Perfect
This is one of my favourite Jessie J songs. I really liked it. I think it's really underrated and should have more attention. I love Jessie J too obviously. Brilliant song
Really really good, definitely my fave. This song has real meaning to it and I just really love it
If anyone ever thinks hat they can beat mastering music like a certain pop queen called jessie j well let me tell you now... It ain't happening! Carry on making the world a happy place!
[Newest]She's just so talented and this song is so amazing both lyrically and vocally!

4Do It Like a Dude
She shows a lot of attitude in this song that she doesn't show in Price Tag.
Love the strong and ferce attitude. She's real, one of the most honest artists I've heard. Her voice melts anything, even my cold cold heart
I like the song! It's original and it gives another point of view from here. It's different to the other songs I know! I love it! Yeah!
[Newest]The best of the world!

5Who You Are
This song has a great music...!
Jessie J sung really very well n In this song her voice seems to be very soft...!
The Lyrics Are Really Very AWESOME...!
The vedio of this song is really very Flawless...!
Her Dress in this song is very cool...!
This song is superb plez listen to it guys...!
This song makes me well up every time as soon as I hear the first few seconds, it's so emotional, one of my faves and her best slow song by far, really truly beautiful, just like her.
The lyrics are so true and remind me to be myself and stay strong but if you need to cry, they cry. The music is great, the lyrics are great and she puts so much feeling into it. It's just amazing
[Newest]I really love this song I think it should be number 1👍

6Who's Laughing Now
Fantastic song, one of my favourite, is very musical and have an amazing text.
My very favourite song! An anthem for victims of bullying! I could listen to this song over and over. Obviously sung deep from the heart and has a lot of deep emotional feeling!
Just brilliant! My favourit song from Jessie J.
Not just some song about love but has a story behind it and the tune and rhythm is excellent. Very addictive
[Newest]It made me cry every time! It's the reason I'm alive today through hard times this song would make me smile jessie j is my hero

This song is well better than good but its epically amazing I love you Jessie. Also I like the way she has sang the song whilst she's bold I think its sweet!
WHAT?! WHY ISN'T THIS IN THE TOP 10?! It is a magnificent song and really catchy. I mean how can it not be in the top 10? It is so upbeat and makes you want to dance. This definitely should be in the top 10.
"Wild" "Sexy Lady" "Conquer the World" "Gold" "Unite" and "Magnetic" are extremely underrated in my opinion especially Wild from Alive. Not dissing the other songs but the Alive album is extremely underrated and I feel it's much stronger than WYA.
[Newest]It's an awesome song... It should be no.2

8Mamma Knows Best
I love this song because it is so up beat I could literally listen to this song ALL day long. You should listen to Aanysa's version it is AMAZING as well!
My favorite song of hers HANDS DOWN!
This song gives me every aspect of her voice ability and
The beat is completely SICK! Love it
It is really great and has got a good rhythm but this one is just my favourite!
I L.O.V. E it and real catchy! It's the best in the world!
[Newest]Love this song so so so much. Talk about Groovy. I could listen to it all day. My Favourite

Best party song and reminds me of Titanium a lot from David Guetta and Sia. Has to be number 1 but it needs to be in the top tens.
I think that this song is amazing. Its definitely Jessie best song-the tune is catchy and you can hear the effort she's putting into it.Whenever I hear it I want to dance.this song should be in the top ten.
Its not her best and sounds like a cheapy version of David Guetta's smash hit 'Titanium' but it should be in the top ten because it isn't THAT bad

It is an awesome song and has a great message to people to light up and be happy with their life like a rainbow and a pot of gold. It has a great message
I love this song the lyrics the grass is greener on the other side everybody's on the yellow brick road and we're the colours of the rainbow make it so magical and her voice
It's so upbeat and happy to listen to nearly all of her songa have a good message to them! Shows that's shes been hrought quite a lot!

The Contenders

Jessie J is really passionate and that song really brought out another aspect of her voice. I thought that the song was very very good and that she is very inspiring.
I love her voice in abracadabra
I love jssie j

12It's My Party
Its my party is the best song in the world. Every one should vote this song it should be number 1 on the charts. How can it not be in the top ten and price tag was released ages ago butits my party was released in the summer although she has released new song after it's still amazing. I ♥Jessie J.
Upbeat song! Definitely top 5
This is a great Jessie J song and I think it should be rated higher.

13Stand Up
This is her best song, and her most proudest... I love it because it makes you want to just be happy and you can't help but just feel amazing love jessie xox
My favourite song EVER

14Sexy Lady

This rocks it's so catchy upbeat and I love it
Such an underrated song it deserves way more attention along with lazerlight!

This song is awesome! I like David Guetta's beats in this song, & Jessie J sang so awesome! Nobody else could've sang it like her. This song should be up in the top 10. Anyway I adore this song.
THIS is Jessie J's best song. It isn't much popular, that's why it's here, but what I know is that Laserlight is nothing compared to this one.

This song is so amazing. Her vocal range is astounding in this song.
Such an underrated song! Just watch her sing it live!
This is her her best song

18Bang Bang
My fave! How is this so down! Ariana and Jessie's powerful voices together is the best. And the lyrics are so sexy and fun! "Anybody could be good to you, you need a bad girl to blow your mind"! Perfect!
Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj duo. Probably is A Top 10 Favorite Hit.


Jessie, Ariana and Nicki. Need I say more?
[Newest]Best Jessie j song I ever heard.

19Big White Room

20Party in the U.S.A.
I just wanna know her real name so that I can write a letter to her so put your hands up butterfly fly away
It's a great song.

Good song. It makes me alive again!

22Silver Lining
Its just an amazing song

I just love this song, her amazing vocals along with the piano brings to life the beautiful lyrics, is completely flawless.


24Sexy Silk
Excellent rhythm, it!

Amazing its on my playlist for my workouts
It's on the kick ass 2 soundtrack
So powerful! Really uplifting

26Casualty of Love
Really love this song.. Make me feel so peaceful.. I like the genre of this song.. And the song lyrics is amazing.. This one is my favourite.. More and more love her.. Aww...

27Run Baby
Tell me what you think I think I love run baby the most

28My Shadow
Beautiful, strong, uplifting, nothing more to say, this song really just is uplifting, another reason jessie j rose to fame in the first place


30Burnin Up
Such a powerful, catchy song definite top 20
Its very wonderful song

31I Look So Good (Without You)

32I Need This

33I Miss Her
I really love the tone of her voice in this song

34Calling All Hearts

35Get Away

36Sometimes Dream Come True


38You Don't Really Know Me
I love this song. It really tells a story and I love it because it's so real and from the heart.

39Said Too Much

It's for the mortal instruments soundtrack

41Conquer the World


43Excuse My Rude

44Your Loss I'm Found
Jessie's back with a Bang! #SweetTalker

45Seal Me With a Kiss

46Ain't Been Done

Dramatic and feirce gives me goosebumps every time


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