Top Ten Best Jet Songs


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Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Converted me to a Jet fan years after it came out


Love it! One of the greatest songs of all time! And aussie!
Fantastic! Absolutley grea
Real Rock n' Roll... Today? Almost thought it was all over- thought wrong!
By far their best.
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BEST SONG EVER! I played it all day on my seventeenth birthday. So catchy. Definitely deserves to be in the top ten.
I love this song, I was never really into jet, this song made me become a fan.

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3Look What You've Done
The second best slow song I've ever heard..!
This is the best slow song I've ever heard..!
Can't get it out of my head, man!
Look what you've done. You've made a fool of everyone
Slow but very nice
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4Skin and Bones
Shine On needs more love. In my opinion it's their best album by far, their hardest and most "rocky", including its own deep moments as well. Skin and Bones is one of those songs that has the lot. Great rock track, with a really deep meaning for a lot of listeners. Give it a listen, it's a fantastic song.
Guys, lets get it to the top 3 because that's where it belongs.
Simply love it!
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5She's A Genius
Bloody legendary. I think I've played it a few too many times on my iTunes.
Best song ever! Never thought I would happily be addicted to listening to a song, but the way just makes this such an awesome song.
The intro is probably my favourite part
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6K.I.A. (Killed In Action) Listen to sample

7Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Amazing, couldn't stop listening to it! Didn't know that Nick's high pitch voice could be so sexy...
This is one of the best songs of jet, after are you gonna be my girl
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8Get What You Need
Pretty Underated Yet They Play It Live All The Time
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9Cold Hard Bitch
This is really catchy
Cold Hard Bitch, just a kiss on the lips. That was all I need.
Its stupid catchy. I mean this in a good way. Liked it the first time I heard it.
Vote for this, it deserves better
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10Rollover D.J.
When you first hear it, it would sounds like a cheap B-Side to Are You Gonna Be My Girl, but after hearing it again and again, it's actually the best of Jet
This is really the best!
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The Contenders

11Goodbye Hollywood
Not only one of my favourite songs on the Shaka Rock album, but one of my favourite songs ever. I highly recommend Shaka Rock!
A great song with an awesome guitar rift! This is why JET are one of the best Rock bands out. Love Shaka Rock!
Just a fantastic song by the boys from oz. Best song in Shaka Rock! This is probably my favourite Jet song, and I have 63 of their songs.
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12Rip It Up
It's a hardrock rock n roll song! Damn it's so rock!
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13Shine On
Great slower song by them, but Eleanor should be in the top ten too
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14Hold On
WOW such UNDERRATED SONG just because it is not an official song, doesn't mean its bad people. It was one of the best OST from Jet, and no true fan will know this song because they will never know EVERY SINGLE song form Jet, but it is the BEST SONG from JET.
I'm a big fan of Spiderman and when I heard this song in Spiderman 2, it introduced me to Jet, I want to thank Sam Raimi
I hear this song from spiderman 2 movie...
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15Holiday Listen to sample

16Black Hearts (On Fire)
Listen to this song then tell me you don't want to dance
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17Bring It On Back Listen to sample

18Move On Listen to sample

19Come On Come On Listen to sample

20Get Me Outta Here Listen to sample

21Hey Kids
I can't believe that no one has voted for this song
Great song
Listen to this, if you haven't yet!
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22Walk Listen to sample

23Falling Star
One of the best song... That touch my heart... Really impressive
Missing jet
I wish jet will be back again shortly
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24Start the Show Listen to sample

25Sgt. Major Listen to sample

26La Di DA Listen to sample

27Eleanor Listen to sample

28Come Around Again Listen to sample

29Shiny Magazine Listen to sample

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